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Monday Motivation for You!
May 13, 2019

Hi to everyone this Monday morning!

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Last week, I showed you the first Q&A video - an overview of the best ways to learn English.

This week, Q&A video #2 is about categories of "difficult sounds" in English - and a quick explanation of each one.  

What are these categories? There are many reasons why non-native speakers mispronounce American English, and I show you what these categories are and the correct way to say these words.

Silent Letters - like business (biz-ness) & chocolate (choc-lat)
Clear & Reduced Vowel Words - like men & women (wi-min)
D vs T (American vs British) - water (wa-der) and button (but-n)
Noun/Verb Words - REcord & reCORD
Long E vs Short I - beach (beech) and sheet :P

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If you are an American speaker, you probably know all these "rules" or general practices and don't even think about why we say words the way we do.

But if you are learning English as a second or third language, you will tend to say words the way they are written, phonetically, or using your language's rules or tendencies. I can almost always tell what language is a person's mother tongue by the way they speak English, because of these tendencies. 

My goal in "accent reduction" (I used to teach adult evening classes using a book called "Clear Speech") is to help a non-native speaker become aware of these and correct them as needed to be more clearly understood by listeners, not to "get rid" of their accent, as well as to understand native speakers and the way they heard American English spoken all around them.

Over the years, as I moved from adults in a classroom setting to private one-on-one students, I have noticed common questions students have for me regarding English and its pronunciation, and I use my background in phonics to help them understand English speakers and how to speak in a more fluent way so they are understood, and can participate in REAL conversations with native speakers.

And the Q&A series is just starting! 

So...if you have American English questions - anything you want to ask -
now's the time to send them to me - reply here to have your question added to the list of questions I have to highlight in each week's newsletter!
I will pick one question each week and you could be featured! :)

So two action steps for anyone with questions for me -
1) ASK me questions by replying to this newsletter! I could feature your question in the future!
2) Watch each Q&A as it comes out weekly on Monday mornings! Great way to start your week, right?

And for my American friends - or anyone with other suggestions - how do YOU learn a second language best? What have you tried that has worked for you?? Please reply and let me know! :)

That's all for this week! Hope you enjoyed it - pass it on if you did :)


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