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The history of Taiwan’s railroad development manifests the modernization of the city. Ever since its Taipei - Keelung section was completed in 1891, the railroad has facilitated the expansion of the city, delivered raw materials across the island, and thus connected Taiwan with the world.

The “Taipei Railway Workshop” (TRW), now located at the CBD Xinyi District, was designated a site to manufacture and repair trains in 1935. Since then, industrial settlements have burgeoned along the railroad. As time goes by and the industrial settlements have died out, however, the old railroads became axis that link the memories of Taipei City. In recent years, the industrial sites along the railways have gradually been renewed to become cultural settlements, while the lines have turned into cultural corridors. The “TRW”, therefore, plays a key role in this transformation.
For this year’s CET, parts of its wall adjacent to the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park will be open for all citizens to visit during the time of the exhibition. It is a demonstration of what the historical workshop in a city center is like, and it invites the general public to outline the blueprint of a railway workshop-turned national railroad museum.
Next stop: TRW Railway Museum
The spatial layout of this year’s CET employs the concept of “Boundary as Space”, breaks the boundaries that has long separated the citizens from each other, and retrospects to the TRW on its platforms.
Moreover, the TRW as a key component of the exhibition presents the skylines of different times through “landscape, data, and sound” from a perspective of the new age, and implies the different possibilities for the TRW at different times.
Concert on the railway: Trains-formation

Music band A Root, with the sound of railways, corresponds to the transformation and interprets the collective consciousness embedded in Taiwanese music, invites voice artists to join their performance that integrates soundscape and electronic music, letting the instrument, music and sound be transcribed into historical trajectory with the old workshop as the backdrop.

From April Rain during the Japanese Rule to the locally-conscious presentation of Marching Forward released after the martial law, Taipei Main Station in pop music has always signified young people’s pursuit of dreams. Now, with the release of the song Diu Diu Train, the Taipei Railway Workshop has gone through history while witnessing and linking up the changes over time.

Date: 4/28 SUN & 5/5 SUN     
Time: 16:00
Train coming into station:Starlight show
The “Train coming into station: Starlight show” is exclusively launched during CET in addition to installation exhibitions.

Wedogroup, which has organized many light environment shows in Taiwan, expresses the hustle and bustle of railway stations in the past with light beams and uses various kinds of light setting to searchlight the vision of TRW Railway Museum while reflecting on all possibilities of cultural asset preservation. 

4.24 WED - 5.05 SUN
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4.24 WED - 4.28 SUN
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