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Newsletter n. 1  April 2016

Raffaele Cattaneo, President of the Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies (CALRE) opening message
Welcome to CALRE NEWS first Issue!

Dear Readers,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the first edition of CALRE NEWS. With this issue numbered 1, CALRE is launching an electronic newsletter that will keep you informed on a quarterly basis about the activity, new initiatives and updates concerning the Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies.
What you will find in the pages of CALRE NEWS is a collection of the most prominent news directly pertaining to CALRE activity and purposes. In every issue there will be a section on the Conference activities, a section on the news from the Working Groups, a space for agenda and upcoming events, and a section on what are the news and the most relevant events occurring within European Institutions. Moreover, throughout each issue CALRE members will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the Newsletter in a section designed to host the news coming from Legislative Assemblies and to be the space intended to get know better each other, our best practices facing the EU strategic policies.
The aim of this newsletter is thus not only to advise you of future initiatives and report on previous events, but also to encourage you to share your views and opinions with other CALRE members, as CALRE NEWS is intended to contribute to strengthening the network of relationships among our Legislative Assemblies. As this publication is for you, suggestions, comments, ideas to share, any feedback on conferences attended, items of interest, publications that you have found useful or problems that you may have encountered are most welcome.  
Furthermore, another goal of this publication is to involve also other Institutions, Associations and European bodies interested in sharing our objectives and participating in our activities, and I believe that with this new information channel we are heading in that direction.
Only with a mutual confrontation on the European policies that most affect our regional legislative processes, and with the awareness of the importance in the European Union stage of the regional territories we have the honor to represent, we will be able to play a more prominent role in a real Europe of peoples and territories.
It is my sincere hope that you will find this e-newsletter a valuable resource in collecting useful information, and an entertaining way to keep up to date.

Greetings and a warm welcome to our very first issue of CALRE NEWS!

Raffaele Cattaneo
Highlights of the First CALRE Standing Committee Brussels, April, 20th 2016

The First CALRE Standing Committee validated CALRE Activity Program and the work program of the Working Groups.

  • Strengthening of the relationships with European Institutions and Associations
  • Analysis and proposals about the European Commission’s 2016 Work Program and approval of the Motion for Resolution after the terrorist attacks
  • Strengthening of the relationships with the Associations of the European Regionalism
  • Creation of a working platform among Legislative Assemblies for experiences and best practices sharing

Head of Cabinet of the EU Commissioner for Regional Policies Nicola De Michelis and the Director for the legislative works of the CoR Thomas Wobben attended the First Standing Committee.

After the First Standing Committee, CALRE paid tribute at Maelbeek metro station and laid a wreath of white flowers to honor victims of the Belgium attacks.
In the picture, CALRE President Raffaele Cattaneo 
with Fouad Ahidar, First Vice-President of Brussels Parliament
at Maelbeek Station, Brussels - 20.04.2016
CALRE First Standing Committee approved indeed a Resolution after the terrorist attacks.


During the First CALRE Standing Committee the First edition of CALRE Award "Stars of Europe" has been presented and launched. The initiative will reward one of the Regional Parliaments, members of CALRE, for improving an aspect or sector of the economic, cultural and social life of their territories and communities, while underlining the positive impact of the European Institutions in regional realities. Enter the contest!
2016 CALRE Working Groups' Activity Programs have been presented by the Working Groups' coordinators.
On 23-24 October 2015 the Regional Council of Lombardy hosted the "World Forum of Regional and Sub-National Legislative Assemblies - Regional and Local Representation for a True Global Democracy". Conference proceedings are available.
This section will collect news coming from Legislative Assemblies, highlighting the most prominent events, suggestions, updates and initiatives coming from CALRE members. All members' contributions are welcome in order to implement this section, intended to get know better each other and to share our best practices facing the EU strategic policies.
April, 20 | 1st Standing Committee | Brussels
July, 14 | 2nd Standing Committee | Brussels
October, 27 | 3rd Standing Committe | Lombardia
October, 28 | Plenary Session | Lombardia

June, 1-3 | UNALE Conference | Brasil
August, 8-11 | NCSL Legislative Summit | Chicago, Illinois
December, 8 | Summit PCL (Philippine Councilors League) | Manila, Philippine


Held in Brussels (7-8 April) the Plenary Session of  the European Committee of the Regions
During the CoR's plenary session members approved 11 opinions, mostly concerning the implementation of the EU Urban Agenda, the protection of refugees in their areas of origin, the Structural Reform Support Programme, and environment protection as well as economic issues. In the plenary session the upcoming 7th European Summit of Regions and Cities was presented: it will be held on 8-9 July in Bratislava, after the CoR signed an agreement with the City of Bratislava and the Bratislava Region. Read more...
Economic and Monetary Union reform: “This process has to start and end in the cities and regions” – rapporteur Paul Lindquist says
The members of the European Committee of the Regions adopted the opinion on the Five Presidents' Report during their plenary session on 7 April in Brussels. The opinion by the rapporteur Paul Lindquist addressed social, economic and territorial disparities and inequalities, highlighting the importance of their reduction through a regional dimension cohesion policy. Read more...
The 8th CIVEX Commission Meeting

On April, 19 the CIVEX Commission adopted the opinion “Combatting Radicalisation and Violent Extremism: Prevention mechanisms at local and regional level” by the rapporteur Bartolomeus (Bart) Somers. Furthermore, during the 8th meeting of the Commission a debate took place on migration and integration policies, and the Subsidiarity Annual Report 2015 was presented. Read more...
The Committee of the Regions encourages European Union to support conflict zones refugees, stressing the importance of the involvement of local and regional authorities
The report by Hans Janssen, adopted on 8 April, suggested that European local and regional authorities can play a more decisive role in refugees’ living conditions improvement, by giving support to host countries local administrations and by providing them with experience and training. The Committee of the Regions fosters local level solutions to improve the quality of the support offered to refugees. Read more...
Thematic coverage of the 118th Plenary Session of the CoR
The 118th Plenary Session of the Committee of the Regions will take place on 15-16 June, 2016. The main topics of the meeting already available concern the implementation of the EU Urban Agenda, economic and monetary themes (Trade and Investment Strategy, Economic and Monetary Union) and the improvement of EU environmental law. Also the Directives on waste and related proposals discussion and approval are on the agenda. Read more...
EUROPEAN COMMISSION 2016 WORK PROGRAM - CALRE First Standing Committee discussed and endorsed the Draft Resolution on the priorities of the European Commission’s 2016 Work Program
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CALRE Newsletter
Issue n. 1, April 2016
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