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Newsletter n. 4  December 2016

Towards the end of the year, we are delighted to present to you the issue n. 4 of the CALRE newsletter. In this edition we would like to highlight some contents related to the CALRE 2016 Plenary Assembly and the latest news from the European Institutions.
Gallery of the event    
The consolidated versions of the outcome documents are available
CALRE 2016 Declaration en | it
Document on “A Strengthened Role at European Level of Regional Authorities and Associations representing European Regions and Territories” en | it
Resolution on the outcomes of the “Brexit” Referendum en | it
Markku Markkula on the CALRE Plenary Assembly 2016
Interview with the President of the CoR, Markku Markkula on the CALRE Plenary Assembly 2016
Juan Pablo Durán Sánchez, President of the Andalusian Parliament since April 2015, was elected President of CALRE 2017. He will serve one year as President of the Conference and take over duties in January 2017. After being elected, President Durán highlighted the importance of 2017, with the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the 20th Anniversary of the CALRE Declaration in Oviedo, and thanked the President of CALRE, Mr. Raffaele Cattaneo and all the members of the Conference for the trust in him as presidential candidate.
President Durán expressed his commitment for an activity programme of the Conference for 2017 based on "dialogue and consensus".
Interview with Juan Pablo Durán Sánchez, elected as CALRE new President for 2017
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> CALRE 2016 Plenary assembly - “Regional parliaments are key actors for regional democracy,” says Congress Secretary General LINK to the news
Handover to the President of the CoR of the document on a strengthened role at European Level of Regional Authorities and Associations
On the occasion of the Second Session of the Assembly an interactive debate took place with some representatives of the Associations of European Regionalism about the European profile and future perspectives of Regions and Associations. The debate opened with the formal handover to the President of the Committee of the Regions of the document on “A Strengthened Role at European Level of Regional Authorities and Associations representing European Regions and Territories” endorsed by CALRE Plenary Assembly. Consolidated version of the Document it | en


The winners of the first edition of the CALRE Award "Stars of Europe", chosen among the 14 submitted projects, were awarded during the second session of the CALRE Plenary Assembly - Friuli Venezia Giulia, Wallonia and the Parliaments of Galicia and Azores won the 2016 award with a common project. Honourable mentions were awarded to the projects submitted by the Conference of Legislative Assemblies of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces; Parliament of Canaries and Parliament of Galicia. 
We need a lot of good work and best practices” President Raffaele Cattaneo said while awarding the winners. “In our legislative assemblies laws are approved and positive initiatives are undertaken in favor of territories. It is therefore important to know these laws and initiatives, to share them on the networks and also to take inspiration from the ones that have been able to stand out for their innovation capacity and practicality in solving problems. It is important that the Regional Councils of Europe can compare to each other and work well together in order to improve their activity.” 
More on the ceremony | Discover the 14 competing Regional Parliaments Best practices!  
CALRE Award 2016 - Compendium of the Regional initiatives
During the European Committee of the Regions Plenary Session members approved recommendations and opinions on following major topcis: Migration | REFIT | EFSI 2.0Collaborative economyPosting of workersNew Skills AgendaAudiovisual Media Services DirectivePrice volatility of agricultural productsTourism | FisheriesMore... 
A Letter from CALRE President 2016, Raffaele Cattaneo
Dear colleagues and friends
As my term as CALRE President comes to an end, allow me first of all to wish you a blessed Christmas and heartfelt New Year greetings, before expressing my gratitude for all the support you have given me over these last 24 months for the goals that CALRE has pursued and accomplished.
When I took office as President, I identified the following priorities for CALRE: increasing its representativeness and strength, assessing the contents of the EU Commission programme, pursuing subsidiarity as a strategic priority, sharing a set of best practices, strengthening the relations with the CoR and investing on inter-parliamentary dialogue and on a deeper cooperation with civil society and other regional Associations. We have worked together to give Regional Parliaments an enhanced voice at European level and a strong, positive institutional impact on our territories and I am hugely grateful for the contribution that you have all made to our joint work over the last two years because not only have we fostered the values of the political project of the European integration but we also affirmed the prerogative of the different levels of territorial government through a multilevel governance and the subsidiarity as a founding principle of inter-institutional relations.
It is thanks to our work and steady efforts that the Conference of the European  Regional Legislative Assemblies is now a partner with the Committee of the Regions,  as well as with the main Associations of the European regionalism and various sub- state legislators and institutions outside the European Union. I am glad that we have  achieved so much.
In my work as CALRE President I have always been particularly and consistently  committed to strengthening the quality of the contribution of the European Regional  Parliaments towards the European institutions, because I firmly believe that the quality of the representation of regional interests is strongly linked to a positive and constructive outcome in the way citizens relate to institutions. It is necessary not only to make the EU closer to the citizens, but also to make citizens as close to the EU as we can. And to achieve this regional and local dimension shall be given a central role in EU policy making and in the construction of a European Union able to communicate with the Europeans.
The participation of the Regional Parliaments in the European dialogue represents indeed a necessary starting point to strengthen the European Union, giving it a greater democratic legitimacy and defining a way to overcome the European citizens’ perception of a democratic deficit and their distance towards European institutions. We need to fill the confidence gap we all perceive and go back to breed our ideal passion for building the Europe of regions as a common European home. It is essential that we do not lose sight of the original vision of the European Union as the Union of peoples and territories, which share a comprehensive synergy, which need a balanced and integrated development, which are united in their diversities on the basis of the principles of cooperation, solidarity, simplification, proportionality, subsidiarity and better regulation.
Even if my days as President of this unique Association of Legislative Assemblies are nearly through, my days of service are not: in the years ahead, and especially in the next year as vice President, in a spirit of true collaboration with all CALRE members and CALRE newly elected President, I commit myself to continuing to give a strong contribution  to the achievement of the goals of our Conference by putting forth my best efforts to meet the challenges that await us in the future.
With thanks and appreciation.
Raffaele Cattaneo
from the Conference of European Regional
Legislative Assemblies (CALRE)
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CALRE Newsletter
Issue n. 4, December 2016
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