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Y'all are the best a farmer could ask for

Hi Farm Friends,

Maybe it's the late-afternoon Guinness talking, but I wanted to say some nice things about you. It's been a long few weeks. Turkey season is always stressful around here. My personality doesn't skew towards organization, and there have been years when I've found turkey reservations on the back of business cards in my wallet the Saturday before Thanksgiving. But this year, I didn't oversell. That is, until I had something break out with the turkeys, and lost a few. And then had to process the rest right away, ruining the chance of getting a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving. A lousy situation for sure, mostly out of my hands.

But you, wonderful farm friends, rolled right with the issues. You adjusted and took frozen turkeys, smaller turkeys... and even those of you who understandably cancelled were nice and sympathetic. And everyone reading this email, even if you didn't order a turkey this year, I'm sure you would have been just as nice. This crew, the people who support my little endeavor, are just great. You are allowing me to do my minor part to fix a couple of broken societal/environmental issues, and I appreciate it immensely. I don't have much to give in way of thanks right now. But if you'd like a turkey foot, please, let me know. Heck, you can have two.

Okay, back to business. Don't expect that kind of praise until next Thanksgiving.

Wednesday! Meacham Urban Farm Pre-Thanksgiving Market! 2pm to 7pm! Get your veg for your big meal, plus I'll have a full selection of available cuts, beef and pork, including a few of those smoked cured hams. It should be a relaxed fun afternoon on the farm, and I'll probably be finishing off this sixer of Guinness, if you'd like one. Or, you know, bring your farmers a beer. They like that.

Then, this weekend, Meacham will be closed. But St Pete Saturday Morning Market is open as normal. Feel free to pre-order, or just swing on by.

We are still out of chicken, but we'll be processing next week, the Thursday after Thanksgiving, so look forward to that.

What's in Travis' Car Right Now?

Week four. A nice, non-offensive week.

1 bucket, empty
1 ratchet strap
1 box, empty
0 boxes of Clif bars. Yes, I ate through four boxes of Clif bars in two weeks. No, I don't think that I should be doing that
1 hoodie, 1 flannel, 1 jacket, 1 t-shirt, 1 sock hat
0 sunglasses and 0 pocket knives
When turkeys have you stressed, you should tow a trailer full of coolers and fridges through rush hour traffic, followed by Joe hauling a too-heavy tractor. That'll calm you right down
As always, the online store inventory will be updated Tuesday at 8pm.

Here's how we are getting it out this week:

Restaurant BT, on MacDill. Chicken and ground pork, being dealt with by experts
Pickford's Sundries, on Hillsborough near Armenia. Ground pork is in that breakfast sausage, and now chicken salad is with gourmet chicken

Meacham Urban Farm. 1108 E Scott St, 2pm to 7pm. No online ordering this week, just come and shop.

Cancelled: Meacham Urban Farm. 1108 E Scott St, 9am to 1pm. Order online for pickup, or come and browse.

St Pete Saturday Morning Market, 1st Ave S and 1st St, 9am to 2pm. Order online for pickup, or show up and shop.

at TrailBale Proper: Now every week, all the time. Self-serve pickup of orders.

Cancelled: Meacham Urban Farm
. 1108 E Scott St, 10am to 1pm. Order online for pickup, or come and browse. The old man himself will be holding court.

Sweetwater Farmer's Market. Noon to 3pm. If you don't know where, you better ask somebody. Check out the self-serve freezer with all your favorites.

at TrailBale Proper: Now every week, all the time. Self-serve pickup of orders.

Deliveries. Sorry, but we've discontinued home delivery. Please try and make it to one of our convenient pickup locations.
Travis, Jamie and Hank Malloy
TrailBale Farm
8913 Bowles Rd
Temple Terrace, FL  33637
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