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Cooler Weather's Greetings

Hi Farm Friends,

Still no chicken, still no eggs. BUT! Last week, due to a warm response to the idea, I processed some turkeys and parted them out for small cuts. It all sold, and since we're putting the first small turkeys into the freezer later this week, I figure we'll do it again. So this weekend, more turkey cuts! They are up in the store, check them out. Breast, both boneless and bone-in, thighs, legs, wings, broth packs... you know, cuts.

And if this is your first time checking out the newsletter, Thanksgiving turkeys are still available through the online store. We've got more available, but our fresh-for-Thanksgiving birds are sold out. The frozen turkeys come out amazing, I mean it. Organic-fed, soy-free, really-truly free ranging just outside of Tampa. These turkeys are delicious and come with a story. So you have something to talk about at dinner besides politics and the Detroit Lions.

St, Petesters, welcome Eli to the farmers market this weekend. She will be running the TrailBale tent, and we're both very excited about it. Be nice, show her that my people have some class. Her and I will be switching out some for market days. Because this weekend, I'll be at Meacham both Saturday and Sunday. So come say hi there if you'd like.

I had one of those nice inter-connected local food weekends, and figured I'd share. The missus and I went to Bistro BT for dinner Saturday night. Chef BT has started using our pork and chicken, and dinner was amazing. Cortney took great care of us, and made it a wonderful evening. The next day, Cortney came to Meacham, and loaded up on meats and veg (she's a Meacham CSA member, it wasn't a big surprise). Later on Sunday, Stacy, the founder of Backyard Feed Co, came in to get meats and veg as well (and a bag of chicken feed, but that's a confusing side-story).

It really hit me, we are shopping and supporting each other. We are keeping our money in the community, and getting it to each other so we can continue to build up the local food resources. I doubt Ron Wal-Mart is going to roll through any time soon. And maybe Octavius Publix the Third will buy something from your solid gold remote control company, but I doubt he'll shop anywhere else you'll see him. When you shop with TrailBale (me, us), you can rest easy that I'm going to spend most of it in the community, and on positive food-forward businesses. And a little at Wawa, sorry but I'm too busy to plan lunch.

Thanks for supporting your local farmer. I hope to spend my earnings on your passion project when margins are a little better. We're getting there.
Portrait of your farmer, by the ever-inquisitive Dean and his wonderful mom Stacey
As always, the online store inventory will be updated Tuesday at 8pm.

Here's how we are getting it out this week:

Boozy Pig, on Cypress. Whole chickens in the meat counter and the freezer. Legit
Restaurant BT, on MacDill. Chicken and ground pork, being dealt with by experts
Pickford's Sundries, on Hillsborough near Armenia. Ground pork is in that breakfast sausage, and now chicken salad is with gourmet chicken

Meacham Urban Farm. 1108 E Scott St, 9am to 1pm. Order online for pickup, or come and browse.

St Pete Saturday Morning Market, 1st Ave S and 1st St, 9am to 2pm. Order online for pickup, or show up and shop.

at TrailBale Proper: Now every week, all the time. Self-serve pickup of orders.

Meacham Urban Farm
. 1108 E Scott St, 10am to 1pm. Order online for pickup, or come and browse. The old man himself will be holding court.

Sweetwater Market. 9am to 3pm. Now at the cafe on Comanche and Hanley. Check out the self-serve freezer with all your favorites.

at TrailBale Proper: Now every week, all the time. Self-serve pickup of orders.

Deliveries. Sorry, but we've discontinued home delivery. Please try and make it to one of our convenient pickup locations.
Travis, Jamie and Hank Malloy
TrailBale Farm
8913 Bowles Rd
Temple Terrace, FL  33637
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