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86 the Thanksgiving Turkeys

Hi Farm Friends,

Our turkey reservation list is full, and new reservations are not being accepted. If you missed the boat, please send me an email to get on the waiting list. I oversell almost every year, mainly due to disorganization and a little optimism that farming will go perfectly. Well, this year I'm organized and pessimistic. We actually have reserves, and if all goes decently there will be some more available. But, it's a waiting list situation. If you can find a good turkey elsewhere, you probably should. Sadly, I don't have recommendations for other farms doing organic-fed, soy-free free-ranged birds. It seems to be pretty niche.

Otherwise, chickens not this week but probably next week. Soooo much pork. And lots of Providence beef, including the return of chuck eye steaks and flat iron steaks. Grab them up in the online store.

TrailBale's veggie alter-ego, Meacham Urban Farm, is kicking off our season with a big market this Saturday. Freshly-fried donuts and and coffee will be available, and Mark of M&M Sharpening will be putting new blades on your knives and tools. Come see the farm in its wonderful fully-planted beauty.

Sweetwater's market has started back up too. And while I'm there in spirit, my body can't make it there. Luckily, we've got a lil' freezer who does my job almost as good as I do. Go check it out for steaks, hotdogs, etc. Sunday noon to 3pm.

New Regular Newsletter Column: What's in Travis' Car Right Now?

My car could have its own sitcom, I think. I just switched out the 2008 Honda Fit for a 2012 Honda Fit (thanks Tara and Scott!). It fits as much junk as the old one, and I'm taking full advantage. I'm introducing the column this week, but from here on out, this will just be a list of all the junk in that tiny car. Please feel free to disregard. Stop encouraging me.

5 feed barrels
1 regular shovel, one trenching shovel
Cardboard box full of tools, various
Cardboard box full of rags, clean
120' of rubber water tubing
1 shirt, nice
1 shirt, farm
1 hoodie
1 skateboard
2 big empty cardboard boxes
Hey pig!
As always, the online store inventory will be updated Tuesday at 8pm.

Here's how we are getting it out this week:

Boozy Pig, on Cypress. Whole chickens in the meat counter and the freezer. Legit
Restaurant BT, on MacDill. Chicken and ground pork, being dealt with by experts
Pickford's Sundries, on Hillsborough near Armenia. Ground pork is in that breakfast sausage, and now chicken salad is with gourmet chicken

Meacham Urban Farm. 1108 E Scott St, 9am to 1pm. Order online for pickup, or come and browse.

St Pete Saturday Morning Market, 1st Ave S and 1st St, 9am to 2pm. Order online for pickup, or show up and shop.

at TrailBale Proper: Now every week, all the time. Self-serve pickup of orders.

Meacham Urban Farm
. 1108 E Scott St, 10am to 1pm. Order online for pickup, or come and browse. The old man himself will be holding court.

Sweetwater Farmer's Market. Noon to 3pm. If you don't know where, you better ask somebody. Check out the self-serve freezer with all your favorites.

at TrailBale Proper: Now every week, all the time. Self-serve pickup of orders.

Deliveries. Sorry, but we've discontinued home delivery. Please try and make it to one of our convenient pickup locations.
Travis, Jamie and Hank Malloy
TrailBale Farm
8913 Bowles Rd
Temple Terrace, FL  33637
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