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A Busy Farm is a Happy Farm

Hi Farm Friends,

First off, thanks to all the new subscribers. I made a stink over on the social medias (a.k.a. the corporate-controlled internet), and said you'd get the straight scoop if you start receiving this email. And it's true! I do a long-form, overly-detailed breakdown of what's happening with TrailBale Farm, plus I talk about other fun projects like my Meacham Urban Farm in downtown Tampa. And best of all, no comments section! You get to read this, and then you don't have to shake your head at the unique opinions of everybody and their cousins. Your comments are appreciated, of course, and I'll respond to your emails in a mostly-timely manner.

So, now that I made a fuss about the newsletter, I have to say that there isn't much news this week. So I'll recap what we have going on. Our Thanksgiving Turkeys are growing like mad, and will be plump and delicious in time for your big dinner. They are free-ranging and mowing down every blade of grass and weed on the field. Watching them eat plants, it really makes you wonder how healthy they could be in big barns or cages. Plenty of freshly-frozen turkeys available over in the webstore.

Chicken season is well underway, and we have birds still available this week. Nothing fresh, but frozen from last week. Large whole chickens, some half chickens, and limited parted stuff too. Plus the Kelly Broth Packs for all you soup lovers.

And pork. Hoo-boy, plenty of chops, sausage, roasts, ground, even bacon! Our pigs get moved to a fresh spot of land every Monday, and they graze and till the soil like you wouldn't believe. Plus they get a whole bunch of a great organic, soy-free feed. This pork is really good, for serious.

Plus, we sell Providence Cattle's grass-fed and -finished beef. Joe don't like sitting at markets, and I'm still a little scared of raising cattle, so it's a perfect match. And this stuff is gourmet, as evidenced by his restaurant list on his website.

And speaking of restaurants, our chicken and pork just got picked up by Restaurant BT, BistroBT and Pickford's Counter! So feel good about eating out.

We make it easy to get our stuff by having retail at the St Pete Saturday Morning Market, at Meacham Urban Farm in downtown Tampa, and straight from the farm just outside Temple Terrace. The last option is pre-order only, and pick-it-up in the farm store freezer. We also love giving tours, but it's by appointment please. Your old farmer is busy these days, and needs a schedule to make anything happen.

And for Meacham news, all I can say is that we are off to an amazing fall season start. The fields are looking great and starting to produce. The first cucumbers are in! Plus we are bringing in Little Pond Farm's and Frog Song Farm's organic produce to supplement. It's a fully-stocked store in downtown Tampa on a picturesque farm. What's not to like? Open Sat 9am to 1pm, Sun 10am to 1pm. I sit in the store on Sundays, so come out and give me your Facebook comments personally. Maybe even a thumbs-up or a smiley-face.

It's going to be a great, big season for TrailBale. We are raising more animals than ever. I just bought 9,000 packaging zip-ties, so yeah, it's serious this year. Keep checking this email, and keep it out of your spam folder, and I'll have more news for you all year.
I must be sitting on their favorite grass
As always, the online store inventory will be updated Tuesday at 8pm.

Here's how we are getting it out this week:

Boozy Pig, on Cypress. Whole chickens in the meat counter and the freezer. Legit
Restaurant BT, on MacDill. Chicken and ground pork, being dealt with by experts
Pickford's Sundries, on Hillsborough near Armenia. Ground pork is in that breakfast sausage, and now chicken salad is with gourmet chicken

Meacham Urban Farm. 1108 E Scott St, 9am to 1pm. Order online for pickup, or come and browse.

St Pete Saturday Morning Market, 1st Ave S and 1st St, 9am to 2pm. Order online for pickup, or show up and shop.

at TrailBale Proper: Now every week, all the time. Self-serve pickup of orders.

Meacham Urban Farm
. 1108 E Scott St, 10am to 1pm. Order online for pickup, or come and browse. The old man himself will be holding court.

Sweetwater Market. 9am to 3pm. Now at the cafe on Comanche and Hanley. Check out the self-serve freezer with all your favorites.

at TrailBale Proper: Now every week, all the time. Self-serve pickup of orders.

Deliveries. Sorry, but we've discontinued home delivery. Please try and make it to one of our convenient pickup locations.
Travis, Jamie and Hank Malloy
TrailBale Farm
8913 Bowles Rd
Temple Terrace, FL  33637
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