The Venture Phase

A New Horizon for CoCreateX


CoCreateX is growing up. We’re advancing from Adventure to Venture, the entrepreneurship process we’ve defined by living it. In conclusion of our Adventure phase, we are finalizing our mission, and in preparation for the Venture phase, we are defining our vision of how we will shape the world by sharing our culture.

Over the past year, each of us has had the opportunity to discover our unique talents and what we each can contribute to that vision. Everything we are creating reflects our community and team orientation, which will enable us to build something special with the help of all our Catalysts and community members. As we begin our Venture phase, we will be thinking big, starting small, and growing sustainably.

As you stay tuned for the official release of our mission and vision, please join us for our open house on February 7th, in congratulating Will Flanagan of Brine+Barrel, and in celebrating the 6th Annual MN Entrepreneur Kick-Off.

CoCreateX is hosting an Open House on Sunday, Februrary 7th from 1-4pm (1137 Burns Ave. St. Paul). Stop by to check out our workshop, eat some World Famous CoCreate sandwiches, and chat with great people from the community.
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Congratulations to Will Flanagan and his recent Brine + Barrel pickle company success!

We've been working with Will to help him find success in his small batch craft pickle company and fulfill his creative dreams! Brine + Barrel is now in six restaurants and markets and they're moving over 1,000 pickles every week! You can buy your own crisp delicious pickles at the Wedge Community Co-op or you can get your hands on some at the CoCreateX open house on Februrary 7th.

6th MN Entrepreneur Kick-off

CoCreateX hopes you'll join us at the Sixth Annual MN Entrepreneur Kick-Off on February 23rd, coordinated by Lois Josefson and Paul Taylor on behalf of all 26 MN Entrepreneur Network (MNEN) host partners. The Kick-off is focused on "bringing together entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, and the organizations supporting them to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Minnesota in an unparallelled statewide event." Get your tickets to the Kick-off and be part of growing our MN E-ecosystem; you'll be supporting fellow CoCreators and meeting some very influential entrepreneurs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area at


CoCreateX appologizes for failing to recognize, in our previous communication, the 26 MNEN Partners who are the collaborative hosts of the kickoff. We're sorry for the mistake, let's celebrate entrepreneurship together at the kickoff.
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How can we help you realize your creative dreams?

The core of our mission is to help others find success in realizing their creative dreams. What are your goals? What do you hope to accomplish in 2016? What are the resources, people, or skills you need to advance in your current adventure or venture?
Whatever it may be, we want to help! We can open access to a network of relevant people, machining/fabrication tools and expertise, design consulting, business consulting, and much more. Reply to this email or send an email to and let us know how we can help you find success!

Thanks for helping us CoCreate a better world for innovation!

We want to thank all of you for your contributions to the collaborative culture we're trying to help build. It takes an attitude of openness, collaboration, and gratitude to create a meaningful culture of helping each other.
If there are individuals who have helped you accomplish your goals or further your creative dreams and you want to recognize them, post on to show them your appreciation and inspire others!