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You might ask.....


How does she do it?

Well let me take some of the mystery out of it for you.

First I stretch the silk on a PVC frame. I start with a diluted mixture of silk dye and allow that to dry over night (in the image to the left you can see the under layer of light brown and yellow dye).

 I then lay out my design and in this case its peacock feathers. I use melted wax and a paint brush to create the feather.

Now it's time for some fun... This is where the beautiful vibrant color comes in. After I cover a section of the silk with amazing jewel tones (silk dye) I sprinkle silk salt over the color. Continuing until the scarf is covered.

The salt works it's magic (see image below) It's exciting to watch.

I let this dry over night and remove the salt and the silk from the frame. I remove the wax with an iron and newspaper.  The scarf is then steamed for 3 hours to ensure the dye is set and colorfast.  

And now it's ready to adorn your lovely shoulders.

Mystery Solved.....
This image shows the process of the silk salt pulling the dye toward itself. Intriguing right?

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PS. I have made several videos of how to wear these amazingly beautiful scarves.

I hope you find them helpful.

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