Month Of Aries 2020


Welcome to a new world.

The next 28 days represent an open invitation to connect with the fire element within and around us.

Will we simmer or explode? Digest or destroy? Will we act with courage or compulsion?

Is our inner warrior noble and composed, ready to defend a benevolent cause? 

Or rushing sword-drawn into a random battle with a wild war cry, lacking all tact?

Now is the time to notice. And to choose.


— Video: Aries Moon, Saturn and Jupiter go retrograde

— Important Dates

— Meditation Preparation: Embodied Courage

— Journal Kernels: suggestions for contemplative writing 

— Active Invitations: what can you do?

— Announcements

— OFFER: 33% off all appointments
Click the image above to watch a video of me speaking about the energetics of this month, including a few suggestions for how to better understand ourselves and our cycles.

Recorded April 19, 2020, on the Isle of Erraid, Scotland.
Important Dates:

— Wednesday, April 22: New Moon in Aries

— Friday, April 24: Mercury moves into Aries. No longer debilitated in Pisces, where we have been drowning in an overwhelming flood of unverifiable information, this Aries transit promises more journalistic vigor and discernment, but may involve some explosive testimony as well.

— Monday, May 4: Mars moves into Aquarius. The warrior spirit is alive within the masses. Power to the people.

— Thursday, May 7: Full Moon in Libra. Counterbalancing the individualistic tendencies of Aries, how do we meet our personal needs without burning others? Can we negotiate instead of going to (metaphorical) war?

— Sunday, May 10: Saturn turns retrograde in its own sign of Capricorn. Deeper reflection on that which is truly essential. Saturn turns direct again September 28, 2020.

— Thursday, May 14: Jupiter turns retrograde in Capricorn and will re-enter its own sign Sagittarius on June 30. This might mark the nadir of the economic collapse, for now. Jupiter turns direct on September 12, and re-enters Capricorn on November 19, when we can expect the stock market to encounter another big stumbling block that will last until November 2021.

— Friday, May 22: New Moon in Taurus. The moon’s place of exaltation, we’ll address the stability and stubbornness of Taurus next month.

Meditation Preparation

Here is a link to a 20-minute guided meditation designed to honor and integrate the qualities of this moment in time.

Conscious awareness of our habitual tendencies can help us observe, choose and then act, as opposed to the fire, ready, aim approach that often happens when we operate on auto-pilot.

Meditation helps tremendously in the cultivation of the awareness necessary to apply the true power of our innate free will. Then we can wisely choose our course through all the uncontrollable circumstances that inevitably arise in life.

Journal Kernels

Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, the warrior planet who is willing to fight for survival and defend the king or queen (you) with great courage.

— From what are you appropriately defending yourself? Against what are you necessarily on guard? How might you honor the noble warrior whose discipline and determination keep you safe from harm?

— Where might your inner Warrior be overactive or excessively aggressive? In what area of life might love and diplomacy be a better tactic than waging war?

— Describe an experience where you demonstrated courage in a noble way. What happened? How do you know it was courageous? How did it feel in your mind and body? Where does the memory live within you now? Can you feel that courage in your body?

Active Invitations

Aries rules the head, brain, face and muscular system of the body.

— Give yourself a long head massage. Use one of those conical head scratchers, or just use your hands to explore what feels good — does your head want scratching or soothing? Hard pressure or gentleness? Your arms will get less tired if you’re laying down.

— Spend ten minutes consciously releasing tension in your temples and jaw.

— Lay flat on your back and ask a beloved friend or family member to simply hold your head in their hands.

— If it is part of your yoga repertoire, practice headstand this month.

— Exercise vigorously for short bursts — check out @TheTayloredFit on Instagram for some excellent HIIT (high-intensity interval training) demonstrations.

Become a moon watcher. Notice as her changing phases reflect changes within you. I would invite you to visit Freedom Cole’s website for a free download of the beautiful, detailed planner he created. It contains a month-by-month schedule of major astrological events and plenty of detail about the daily cycles of the moon. This way you can track her movements  and start the note the similarities month to month.


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If you would like to discover and discuss how all this movement is impacting you personally, I am happy to chat.

Just go to and book a Free Consultation. In the notes, mention this newsletter and you’ll receive 33% off when you book any appointment.

Until next month, please take care of yourself, your loved ones and your community as best you can. Let’s stay connected and we’ll find our way through this together.

Many blessings,

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