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D.C. Advances on the Culture of Death
Trinity Western University Law School wins legal battle in B.C. court
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D.C. Advances on the Culture of Death

Last month, we told you that Washington D.C.'s Health and Human Services Committee voted to move the "Death with Dignity Act" forward. We made this point about the dangers surrounding similar bills:

"If you've considered similar bills in the past, there isn't really anything new here. If you want to read a bit about how this played out in California (hint: not well), check out this post from last year.

"We've previously pointed out the dangers of physicians becoming arbiters of death rather than life, and we've pointed out that many doctors have no interest in killing their patients.

"But the danger is not limited to the current issue, which is for terminally ill patients asking their doctors to kill them. In Canada, for example, some bioethicists argued recently that 'Doctors must put patients' interests ahead of their own integrity.' No, really."

Well, Washington D.C.'s city council has now voted 11-2 in favor of the bill. Over at The Daily Signal, Ryan Anderson rightly says that the mayor should veto the bill:

"Too many people view physician-assisted suicide as a purely private matter between an autonomous adult who desires to die, and another autonomous adult who can provide medical assistance in death.

"But no man is an island. Allowing doctors to prescribe deadly drugs to assist in the suicides of their patients is not simply a one-off interaction between two consenting adults. Changing the laws that govern how doctors operate will change the entire ecosystem of medicine. It’ll change how doctors relate to their patients and how much patients can trust their doctors."

This is but the latest step towards fully codifying a culture of death. After all, we've already heard a report of a woman being offered death pills instead of medical treatment by her insurance company. As we suggested in that post: Let's let doctors be doctors, rather than forcing them to participate in the killing of their patients.

When we speak about a culture of death, we mean a culture that does not value life. In the case of physician-prescribed death, the reality is obvious: Any culture that says it is better for you to end your life than to find a way to live is a culture that does not value life appropriately.

When it comes to abortion, the reality is even clearer: A culture that opts to describe abortion as a "choice" is one that treats the life of the unborn and the death of the unborn as an insubstantial difference.

Over at Public Discourse, Constance T. Hull argues that a proper understanding of the grief associated with miscarriages could help build a culture of life:

"By acknowledging the tragic reality of miscarriage and supporting those who grieve, we can build a culture of life and encourage our society to recognize the humanity of the unborn child."

The contradiction in society of mourning a miscarriage and describing abortion as a "choice" is glaring. The post walks through personal tragedy, and you really ought to read it.

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