January 31, 2017

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Queens College Recognizes Pro-Life Student Group, Doesn't Change Policies

A college in New York City decided recently that it would not grant official recognition to a local Students for Life chapter. Last week, Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit against Queens College on behalf of the student organization.

Yesterday, the college decided that it would recognize the student club.

That isn't enough.

If you want to know why that isn't enough, read what ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox had to say:

"While Queens College has done the right thing in recognizing the Students for Life club, the college still needs to change its egregiously unconstitutional policies. Under those policies, the college will continue to deny funding to Students for Life from its members’ own student activity fees and violate the First Amendment freedoms of other students as well. Our lawsuit will continue until we ensure that Queens College’s policies respect the constitutionally protected freedoms of all students."

Schools should not discriminate against pro-life groups simply because they are pro-life.

Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

In the midst of the March for Life last week—and the media's coverage of it—you may not know much about some of the legislation being considered that is aimed to protecting the unborn or, in this case, the recently born. The Born Alive Survivors Protection Act is designed to guarantee that, if an unborn child survives an attempted abortion, he or she will receive medical care.

For more about the bill, check out this panel discussion that Alliance Defending Freedom hosted:

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