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Further Comments on Arlene's Flowers
Why The Left Is Going Bonkers On InterVarsity’s Affirmation Of Marriage
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Further Comments on Arlene's Flowers

Yesterday we pointed you to the video of the oral arguments in Barronelle Stutzman's case.

Today, we share with you ADF Senior Counsel Kristen Waggoner's comments following the oral arguments:

This is what Kristen Waggoner had to say in the video, in between chants of "Barronelle":

"Our government was formed to be freedom's greatest protector, not its greatest threat. But we are here today because the state of Washington and the ACLU are coming after Barronelle Stutzman's freedom and literally everything she owns. Barronelle created custom flower arrangements for Mr. Ingersoll dozens and dozens of times for nearly ten years.


"What this case is about is crushing dissent. That is what this case if about. And in a pluralistic society like ours, there must be room for people with differing beliefs to coexist peacefully. It is wrong for the state to force any citizen to support their neighbor's view of marriage or anything else. Freedom of speech and religion and not subject to the whim of a majority, they are our constitutional guarantees, and they secure our committment as a nation to intellectual, political, religious, and cultural diversity for all people."

And, from Barronelle Stutzman herself:

"The court will decide whether the government has the power to separate my creativity from my faith. By demanding that I create something to celebrate something that is totally against my conscience, to enforce that separation, they will have to violate, take away my free speech and expression.


"To me, marriage is a very sacred event. Art, like faith, comes from the heart. And I am who I am, and I couldn't deny my faith without denying the very principles that I live my life by. The government is asking me to choose between my affection for Rob and my faith. The government is telling me there is one choice: I either give up my faith and my freedom, or I lose everything I own."

For their full comments, watch the video here.

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