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Hey girls, Mikey here. Thanks again for signing up for the Derpletter! We’re so glad to have this more personal way to talk. In case you just came here for the goods, here’s a link to download the I M U R alarm clock that we made especially for you email list subscribers.

The instructions for how to make that into your new alarm clock are written HERE.
If you have only just come to know I M U R you may be wondering whether we are a 2 or a 3 piece band. The answer as of September 13th 2016 is that we are a 3 piece band! Consisting of Jenny on vocals (which are live looped and insanely on point now that we have in-ear monitors for our shows), keys, and effects. Myself on live beat composition, guitar, and sampling, as well as lip syncing every word that Jenny sings while on stage and harassing our third member with thrusting movements and obnoxiously intimate stares… Amine Bouzaher! Who plays bass guitar on some songs, violin on others (both of which he live loops) and he also has some fucking bad ass DJ effects that he’s been throwing down on the live remixed versions of our songs.

What’s that? You didn’t know that we remix our own songs when we play live? That’s totally chill, because you can win a pair of tickets to see us play live on Dec 31st at the Anza Club, Vancouver with the Groundwerk squad at the end of this newsletter!  See, look at you, you’re so happy you signed up for this shit!

Now that we’re all up to speed on WHO exactly makes up I M U R, I wanted to talk about WHAT exactly makes up an I M U R. We had a few responses from the last email newsletter asking about how we got our name. It’s a question that I love to answer because it is constantly evolving. I M U R is pronounced : I am, you are. For me this is spoken from the first person, and acknowledges that the self is constructed not only of what you do, but how others perceive and react to what you do. That the self is actually rooted in the network that you surround yourself with as opposed to just the actions that you do. Similar to Namaste : The divine light in me recognizes and appreciates the divine light in you.

When we had this name for the band among a list of others (one of which was Suspicious Moon Emoji, another was Jenny and the Jizz Sock), we knew that it had the most potential and went for it without considering what it could come to mean. At first it was just about how Jenny and I were coming together with a collective vision about what our sound and performance could look like. But since then it has become about how we can make sure that everyone who comes into contact with us, our music, whether it be in live shows, this newsletter etc, knows that WE ARE all a part of this thing that is I M U R. There is absolutely nothing without the people on the receiving end, you. Just as there is no way to prove that you are alive if you are completely  isolated and all you do is post mean comments on YouTube. This is all about WE ARE I M U R. The whole lot of us.

So for a chance to win those tickets to see us play the Anza on NYE this year, please respond to this email with whatever I M U R means to you. Because it will strengthen our definition of how to move forward with this project and probably provide some lols. It doesn’t have to be long or profound just anything and we’ll randomly select a winner. Thanks guys!

Much Love, 


Oh and the other request from last newsletter was for nudes so hear you go :
Top Photo by Kyle James Patrick, luh you bb.
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