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Mikey here. I wanted to start with a recap of who the hell I M U R is and how we started so that we can start getting to know each other better. 
Jenny and I met on a bright and windy fall day in October 2014 here in Vancouver, BC. I was doing hip hop production for another local group (still do occasionally) called The People North West. The rapper, Evan Young Butter (Budda? Buddah? Butta?) Elman, had met Jenny through a mutual friend and wanted to bring her on for a hook. The track we were recording was about some lil thug who’s gangster life was really missing some smooches from a beautiful babe (so relatable). One of J’s lines was “Oh no, and I’m on the block // Already got three strikes and a loaded glock”. Not exactly personal experience rap but Jenny’s smoky voice fit perfectly. Here’s the only remaining evidence of this track besides an Ableton set on a dusty hard drive somewhere.
The track never actually went anywhere, dunno why, it’s flames. But Jenny and I got along really well so whenever I had a track that needed something other than rap I would send it to her in Nelson via carrier pigeon. It sucked because a lot of the time the beats got eaten by larger birds of prey.

Jenny would send back the track with macbook microphone scratch vocals overtop and say “I dunno, I wrote them in like 10 minutes and its probably garbage and I need to work more on them and I’m a totally terrible songwriter but here it is anyways.” Of course they were actually fantastic.

Two songs that we started this way made it onto our first EP : Bad Neighbourhood and Wilkins.

April came around and Jenny had a little stash of songs that she had written while travelling in Costa Rica and some dinero in the banko from winning the Music BC Emerging Artist Award. J offered to pay me $500 to produce the single for the EP with the intention that I would produce the rest given the single worked out. At the time, I was packing my bags for a “Holy shit I finished UBC engineering” surf trip to Nicaragua, so I thought : $500 to make beats!? FUCK YEA, that’s my plane ticket!

So while I was down south and it was too hot to surf, I'd hide out in the shade and work on this track.

After finishing this track, Jenny and I were convinced we had something. I had ideas about how we could turn our new found sound into a live performance. Jenny had been GRINDING in Nelson on her singer/songwriter tip and had booked a daytime set at Shambhala’s Amphitheater stage. She reached out to the stage manager about bringing me on board and gave him our demo. He sent me a contract. Shit got real. Quick. We didn’t even have a name at the time.

I moved into a house in East Van with a spare bedroom and a walk in closet that I set up as a production studio. Jenny moved to the city from Nelson and found a place just a few blocks away. From June to the beginning of August we locked ourselves away in the studio producing Slow Dive, all while playing as many live shows as we could to ready ourselves for our festival debut. By August 4th, we were packing the Spaceboat (Gold Dodge Caravan) up for Shambhala with 100 physical copies of Slow Dive in tow… Amongst other things…

Alright this concludes I M U R's Inception. But yo, this is being sent to your personal email address, so I’d personally like to know what we can provide for you in this email newsletter. Are you interested in how we produce tracks? How I make beats? How Jenny thinks of vocal melodies (still a mystery to me). Are you interested in knowing how much money I spend at Matchstick Coffee? Because I frankly am not. But regardless, we want to hear from you, so please hit that reply button and say wuddup. 

Much Love, 

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