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This annual survey will help us understand how the Society’s tools and resources are assisting you to achieve your research goals. Your opinion is important to us. Please, take a moment to complete this brief survey and share your thoughts with us. Your feedback will help us continue to develop the Québec Genealogical eSociety to ensure it meets your needs.

Fundraising Event

The Québec Genealogical eSociety is holding a fundraising event at Chapters in Pointe-Claire, QC to help bring the Drouin collection to you. The Drouin Collection includes the original source documents which are essential in satisfying the Genealogical Proof Standard when validating your research plus much more.

Your purchase of any Chapters' item on November 5th between 4 pm and 9 pm accompanied by a Québec Genealogical eSociety voucher issued in the store will direct 15% of your purchase value towards the Society's fund raiser.

Start your Christmas shopping early and help fund ancestral research in Quebec, at no cost to you!

If you live in the Montreal area,  please drop in to see us.

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Genealogy Software -

Are you a member or former member of the database? If so, how does it compare with BMS2000 and PRDH? I have been a member for a long time but I have not been as successful in my research as I have been with BMS2000 and PRDH. I also find it not that easy to use. I would like to know your opinion and if it would be useful for our members to have access.

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New Member Orientation


Date and Time: Monday, 11 November 2019 - 19:00 EST

Presenter: Johanne Gervais

This webinar is scheduled for the second Monday of every month. Join us to help familiarize yourself with all the features of the eSociety including using the Resource Links, Members' Forum, and the PRDH, BMS2000, and Fichier Origine databases.

To register for this webinar, go to our Upcoming Webinars page on our Website.

Fenians in the Neighbourhood


Date and Time: Thursday, 28 November 2019 - 19:00 EST

Presenter: Heather Darch

Missisquoi Museum curator and a projects director for the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network, Heather Darch will
discuss the community of Missisquoi County that lived close to the border during the Fenian Raids of 1866. While attention has been given to the Fenian soldiers, the Canadian and British militia units as well as the home guards during the Fenian Raids conflict, the citizens of the border region were also involved and directly affected by the military action that took place in what was a relatively quiet region in Quebec. From court documents, letters and diaries, the voices of those who lived along the border add another element to a fascinating local story and an important part of Canadian history.

Click here to register:

Don't forget our Past Webinars page on our website has recorded webinars that you can view at your leisure.

Resource Links
Administrative Region 09 - Côte-Nord

Côte-Nord, French for "North Coast", is the second largest administrative region by land area in Quebec after Nord-du-Québec. It covers much of the northern shore of the Saint Lawrence River estuary and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence past Tadoussac. The region's economy is based on mining, lumbering, aluminum production, and tourism. At the 2011 census, the population amounted to 94,766, slightly more than 1% of the province's population, spread across 33 municipalities, various Indian reserves, and a Naskapi reserved land.

The major communities in the region are Baie-Comeau, Chute-aux-Outardes, Fermont, Forestville, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Les Escoumins, Pessamit, Pointe-aux-Outardes, Pointe-Lebel, Port-Cartier, Sacré-Coeur, Schefferville, and Sept-Îles. The towns of Baie-Comeau and Sept-Îles combined amount to a little more than half of the population of the region.

 Below are some of the resources that could help you with your family history research that have been added over the past weeks to the Resource Links page of our website.
Births, Marriages, Deaths

Originis website

From the Originis website, we have added baptisms, marriages, and deaths for the Côte-Nord region. Here you will find indexes in alphabetical order that when selected will display the transcription of the record. The following is the index for 13 burials in the region and a transcription of a burial record.

Having trouble finding information about the death of your ancestors? Gravestone transcriptions are a very valuable source of genealogical information as they frequently include dates of birth and death as well as the names of spouses, children and other family members. If you can’t find the person you are looking for on one resource link, try another. These transcriptions are usually performed by volunteers; consequently, some resource links may be more up to date then others.

Manicougan Regional County Municipality
  • 14 cemeteries are listed for this regional county on the Les cimetières du Québec website.
  • St-Joseph Manicouagan Cemetery transcriptions
Duplessis District Cemetery Transcriptions
  • Includes transcriptions of 19 cemeteries in this electoral district
Côte-Nord Cemetery Transcriptions
  • Includes transcriptions for about 13 village cemeteries, such as Kegaska, Chevery, Harrington Harbour, and Alymer Sound to name a few.
Find A Grave

Includes 31 cemeteries in the Côte-Nord region with photographs of gravestones and sometimes portraits, biographies, and stories of the deceased. The following is an example of a transcription from the Saint-Joseph-de-Manicougan Cemetery in Baie-Comeau.
Genealogical and Historical Societies
The Gulf Historical Society - Sept-Îles

The Society’s main objectives are to research, safeguard, conserve, recall, and disseminate the history of the region and the richness of its heritage.

Over the years, members have collected more than 1,400 period photos from the local and regional population illustrating life in the past in the Sept-Îles area.


Regional Museum of the North Shore - Sept-Îles
  • Located in the centre of the North Shore and in the heart of Sept-Îles' cultural life, the Musée régional de la Côte-Nord is a Museum of History and Archaeology, which is dedicated to the conservation, study and enhancement of the heritage of the Côte-Nord region.

Small chapel of Tadoussac (Indian Chapel)
  • A national historic site, this little chapel, built in 1747, is the oldest wooden church still in existence in North America. The first mass was celebrated here by the Jesuits in 1750. A multimedia projection on the chapel ceiling recounts missionary life in New France.

Chauvin Trading Post - Tadoussac

Established in 1600 by Pierre de Chauvin de Tonnetuit, the Tadoussac trading post bore witness to the birth of New France. Here, Aboriginals and Europeans not only traded goods, but they also shared knowledge and values.

Rivière-aux-Graines - Minganie

Philippe Henley (left) and his son Michel Henley
The small village of Rivière-aux-Graines was founded in 1895 in Minganie, and was the cradle of several Côte-Nord families. On this website you will find memories, anecdotes, video testimonies, information on the pioneer families, lots of family photos, and much more. Among the first families to arrive in Rivière-aux-Graines are Poulin, Langlois, Ringette, Henley, Maher, Girard, Pinette, Chicoine, Boyld, Cotton, Vollant, Ellement, Bacon, Langevin, Germain, Bond, Ferguson , Duguay, Tremblay, Dubac, Smith, Sweeny, Hamon and Lelievre.

The following digitized newspapers have been added to our website for the Côte-Nord  region:

Baie Comeau
  • Journal Cote-Nord 1974-1976
  • Journal la Cote-Nord 1967-1968
  • L'Aquilon 1951-1967

  • Nouveau Quebec 1959-1961
  • L'Avenir Sept-Iles Journal 1935, 1954-1961
  • L'Avenir Week-End 1975-1978

Stay tuned for our next issue where we will be concentrating on administrative region 10 - Nord-du-Québec !

If you have found an interesting resource link that is not on our website, please let us know and we will add it.
In the News launches English language site and facilitates access to 1.5 billion names from French Records

Dick Eastman · October 23, 2019

The following announcement was written by Filae:

Filae’s French collection opens the door for non-French-speaking people to discover their family stories online; 40 million people in the world (excluding France) claim French descent.

Paris, France – September, 18, 2019 –, the world’s largest online resource for accessing French official records, today announced the launch of its first foreign language international sister-site:

With more than 40 million people in the world claiming French heritage, the launch of an English language version of gives all of them an unprecedented and exclusive access to more than 150 million images of French Census and Vital records (birth, marriage, death) which have been indexed by As with Elvis Presley, Alec Baldwin, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Kurt Cobain, Warren Buffett, Hillary Clinton and with many other celebrities, 4% of the US population, 17% of Argentinians and 14% of Canadians have French roots!


« The launch of is just the beginning of a more global strategy whose aim is to facilitate access to the largest resource of French records and to help people with French descent tracing back their ancestry whatever their language is and wherever they live! We are thrilled to share information we digitized and indexed with family history fans all over the world.» said Toussaint Roze, CEO and founder of

Starting as early as 1500, Filae’s French historical collection features records such as Parish registers, Civil records, Census and vital records, Passenger lists, Military records (Napoleonic wars, WWI, WWII), Indexes provided by French societies, Directories and many other historical records (French revolution, etc) also provides its users with easy-to-use tools to build their own trees or import their gedcom files, upload photos and documents and share them with other members.


Launched in December 2016, is the first and largest resource for French digitized and indexed records online.

The service was created by Toussaint Roze, a French serial- entrepreneur dedicated to genealogy who previously created successful online services like, and gedlink. hosts and indexes more than 150 million digitisations of French original records for the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries.

NOTE: is in French while is in English.

Downsizing Your Collections While Preserving Family History

October 24, 2019


Modern men and women tend to collect keepsakes, souvenirs, and other items of interest. When you begin decreasing the contents in your home, follow these steps for downsizing your collections while preserving your family history.

My mother collected bears and salt and pepper shakers. My mother-in-law collects dolls and things from her travels. I collected Russ Troll Dolls (which you can see here). Our collections defined us during different parts of our lives BUT our children don’t want our entire collections.

Penny Geiszler’s bear collection. (Among other things)


In fact, I told my mother I didn’t want her bears and salt and pepper shakers so she got rid of them. Years later I kick myself for not taking time to preserve her life by photographing each item and then record the stories behind each piece. Within each piece are elements of her personal history which I no longer have access to.

DON’T let that happen to you.

Photograph the Collections Before Downsizing

Before you begin downsizing your collections, grab a digital camera and photograph the entire set of teaspoons, shot glasses, china, historic flags, and so on exactly where they appear in your home. Photograph the collections from following angles:

  • How you saw them– on a shelf as you sat on the couch, at eye level as you walked down a hallway, on the window sill as you sipped your morning beverage of choice.
  • From the best angle to see all the details – this may involve stooping down or climbing on a ladder.
Read more

Vintage Halloween Costumes Your Grandparents Wore
FamilySearch Blog
October 24, 2019  - by  Briana Taylor




If you’ve never asked your grandma or grandpa what they wore for Halloween, you’re missing out. Sometimes we think that all those old photos are stiff and unsmiling, but hidden among your ancestors’ memories, you might find some great ideas for vintage Halloween costumes.

Many people today put a lot of money and effort into their costumes, but our grandparents and great-grandparents often did costumes the old-fashioned way—by hand and with great care.

Some of the old costumes below are very authentic looking, while others are fun, cute, or silly. Whether you are looking for costume ideas or just a fun Halloween read, we hope you enjoy these costumes we found in FamilySearch Memories!

18th Century Vintage Costumes, about 1900

What is more vintage than a costume from the 1700s? If you like colonial and old European styles, you will appreciate the effort this couple went to for their Halloween parties. Evelyn and her companion sported these delightfully authentic, vintage Halloween costumes at a Halloween party and masquerade ball around 1900.


Prize-Winning Costumes, 1920s

If you’re going to go all-out on your Halloween costume, you ought to be rewarded. Both of these ladies from the 1920s won prizes for their lovingly-made costumes. Dressing up in avian splendor and impersonating “Night” itself, each shows off her creativity and attention to detail.

Read more

So, now’s the time. If you want to know what your ancestors wore for Halloween, ask your mom, dad, grandparents, and other relatives if they have pictures—and don’t forget to take some of your own!


Stop Hiding Your Old Family Photos! 14 Ways to Put Them on Display

Family History Daily
by Kate Jackson
27 October 2019

If you’ve been itching to dig out those dusty old shoeboxes and piles of inherited photo albums but you’re just not sure where to start – read on. It’s time to think outside the frame and discover some new and exciting ways to display old family photos around your home.

From photo-based keepsakes perfect for celebrating the holidays to artful creations you can display all year long – we’ve put together a collection of unique ideas for showing off your family tree in photos.

Let’s get right to it!

But first, an important reminder…

Old photographs can be very delicate and, as they are irreplaceable, please remember the best practices for preserving your heirlooms – you can read them here. Because most of these projects should be done using copies of your special photos (for the sake of preserving the originals), you’ll want to scan any photos you will be using ahead of time, whether your project requires a printed photo or a digital copy of the image.

And, if you want to learn more about how to easily scan and digitize your old family photos, we’ve listed some resources from Family History Daily below:

  • Use Your Phone to Turn Old Negatives and Slides Into Photos
  • The Fastest Way Ever to Scan Old Family Photos for Free
  • Digitizing Family Photos and Records: What’s the Best Format to Use?

14 Ways to Show Off Your Old Family Photos


1. Old Family Photo Ornaments


There are many different ways to use your old family photos to create Christmas ornaments or other holiday decorations. From enclosing the photo in a clear plastic ball, or simply hanging a photo mounted on burlap or pretty paper, most of these crafts are pretty basic.

However, if you’re looking to get invested in something a little more complicated – and impressive – you could try your hand at making your own family photo heirloom ornaments, shown above, to hang on the tree this year or display in other ways if you don’t celebrate Christmas. 

Read more

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