Blackcurrant Beauty
Newsletter #16

Lazy days of summer scream for ice cream, so we have recipes not only for our truly scrumptious Blackcurrant & Vanilla ice cream, but also a refreshing Blackcurrant Leaf Sorbet.  Blackcurrants have more vitamin C than an orange, are jam-packed with antioxidants and nutrients and are berry good for you.  Enjoy!

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Joanna and all the team at Radnor Preserves

If you take a handful of blackcurrant leaves, scrunch them in your hands and then breathe in the aroma, your senses will be hit by an intense blackcurrant scent.  You can capture this heady blackcurrant flavour in a delicate sorbet.  It's the perfect accompaniment to our rich Blackcurrant & Vanilla Preserve Icecream.

Blackcurrant Beauties

Our Blackcurrant & Vanilla Preserve is a gorgeously glossy jam packed full of whole blackcurrants. 

The provenance of our ingredients is extremely important to us.  The blackcurrants we source are grown by second generation blackcurrant farmers near Ross-on-Wye (see previous newsletter), who are passionate about their fruit.   Blackcurrants have been revered for several centuries for their many medicinal qualities.  During the 1940's, after the supply chain of fresh oranges was disrupted, blackcurrant cultivation was encouraged in allotments and gardens, and free blackcurrant cordial given to children as a vitamin C supplement.  Ribena (so called after the name of the blackcurrant bush Ribes Nigrum) rode the crest of this taste for blackcurrants and rapidly established itself as a popular British brand.

Blackcurrant & Vanilla Preserve

In our Great Taste Award-winning preserve, the sharpness of the blackcurrant is tempered by the softness of the vanilla.
This combination produces the most delicious preserve which is delicious on buttered toast, is perfect stirred into porridge or yoghurt, and is marvellous in macarons.

Did you know?

Vanilla, which grows like a climbing vine, is the only fruit bearing plant of the orchid family?  Fresh vanilla beans have no taste nor aroma, and the flavour only develops as the bean dries.

Inside our Recipe Book 

Big Ben

The James Hutton Institute in Scotland developed the modern blackcurrant disease-resistant varieties recognised by the ‘Ben’ prefix, so named after the Scottish mountains.  It has recently trialled a new cultivar called Ben Lawers which can be grown through milder winters.  Blackcurrants normally require a cold winter chill to produce good berries the following summer: over 10,000 tonnes are harvested every year during July and August in the UK, so it is hoped this new strain will mitigate any risks posed by climate change.

Blackcurrant Nursery

The 'Ben' varieties are then propagated at Welsh Fruit Stocks, which lies at an altitude over 1000 feet amongst the Radnorshire hills, for the blackcurrant farmers and other nurseries. Due to the climate and soil conditions on the Welsh borders blackcurrants thrive.  And thus, we are able to bring you the very best fruit in our beautiful Blackcurrant & Vanilla Preserve!
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