Welcome to all our HANT Member / Supporters and our apologies for not sending out a Bulletin since the last one in February 2020

Covid has meant that activities at with HANT and at Dounreay have been affected by the restrictions but HANT’s campaign is still relevant as the NDA has stated that the activities below give the current understanding of the updated plans and but are subject to change:

  • 2019-2020 Completion of delivery of all in reactor DFR (Dounreay Fast Reactor) Breeder Fuel to Sellafield.
  • 2020-2022 Complete delivery of all fuels from DFR. 2020-2022 Integrated Waste
  • Transport of 12 shipments of nuclear waste from HMS Vulcan at Dounreay to Sellafield – timescale to be confirmed by MOD

The current UK Government and the nuclear industry won’t accept that the future for energy in in renewables and not nuclear, which is not carbon free, creates waste with no solution to its disposal, requires uranium which destroys the environment and local communities and risks its bi -products being used to produce nuclear weapons

Also, the climate crisis campaigns have included opposition to carbon fuels but has also resulted in the nuclear industry (and other organisations) claiming that nuclear is carbon free and should form part of an energy mix

HANT will actively oppose these positions and argue that the future is in renewables and not in nuclear of any kind including SMR’s (Small Nuclear Reactors) – the new nuclear fantasy!  


Despite Covid HANT has been able to be represented on several UK-wide NGO Forums including those organised by NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, NFLA (Nuclear Free Local Authorities) and ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation)

Also HANT held its AGM by Zoom on 15 May 2020 which was attended by several Member / Supporters including John Finnie (Scottish Green MSP) who agreed to ask Questions in the Scottish Parliament about implementation of the REPIR (Nuclear Emergency Planning and Response) Regulations which relate to emergency planning around nuclear sites including Dounreay in the Highlands

The Questions asked and Answers provided will be included at the end of the next Bulletin

After the AGM there was a screening of the film “The Atom – A Love Affair” produced by Vicki Lesley and which HANT contributed towards – it’s a documentary which charts the history of the West’s relationship to Nuclear power

Can still be hired from Vimeo for £9.99 for a 48hour streaming:

Unfortunately, we were unable to attract any new Committee Members at the AGM despite initial interest,  

SO, we still need new Committee Members – you do not have to live in Ross-shire or near Inverness as we meet by Skype – usually bi-monthly for 1 hour only

And although HANT’s original aim related to the nuclear transports from Dounreay to Sellafield we are also keen to support renewable development as an alternative to nuclear and we also recognise the links between nuclear power and nuclear weapons so support any campaigns to abolish nuclear weapons

Currently the HANT Directors are Tor Justad (Chairperson) and Donnie Macleod (Management Committee Member) – you can find out more about them on the HANT website: – under Contact

 So if you support all or any of these campaign issues please get in touch with Tor Justad our Chair who’s e mail is or the HANT e mail which is


HANT Leaflets and car stickers /Website / Facebook (and Chair’s Facebook ) :

HANT is about to reprint its leaflet and copies can be made available to Supporters for use at relevant meetings or events and car stickers are also available

HANT’s website is still active: – so anyone can look at it to read about HANT’s aims, the views of HANT’s Committee Members and a long list of FAQs’

HANT is also on Facebook : but we have been struggling to keep this updated so if anyone could take this voluntary role on please get in touch

HANT’s current Chair Tor Justad also posts a lot of nuclear material on his own Facebook ( and anyone is welcome to read the posts



HANT has again been successful in having several Letters to the Editor published – mostly in the Press & Journal which has a readership of about 10,000 throughout the Highlands & Islands and beyond and online

The Letters related to several issues including recent concerns raised about strandings of beaked whales with investigations ongoing into whether this could have been caused by sonar used in a recent Joint Warrior NATO military exercise in the north of Scotland

This exercise also involved live bombing of 1000 lbs at Cape Wrath – destroying wildlife and leaving behind dangerous metals and chemicals in the sea and on land

Other concerns have related to the breaching of the main power cable to the Western isles and investigations are ongoing in to whether this could have been caused by a NATO submarine taking part in the exercise


HANT’S Chairperson, Tor Justad is a Co-opted Public Member of the Dounreay Stakeholder Group and normally attends quarterly meetings in Thurso

However, due to Covid all meetings have been online, and papers are circulated in advance to allow HANT to comment and then to ask questions at the Zoom meetings – which HANT’s chair frequently does!

The last meeting attended was in March 2020 and the next scheduled meeting is in March 2021 with a meeting of the Site Restoration Subgroup (of which TJ is a member) being held in January 2021

Matters discussed include site safety/security and current activity on the site as well as NDA investment in local socio-economic projects

Those attending include representatives of NDA, ONR and SEPA (Scottish Environment protection Agency), KIMO (European Local Authorities Environmental Campaign Group), HIE (Highlands & islands Enterprise), Local Councillors and Civil Nuclear Police and the three Island Councils   



The NDA held a recent briefing about its new Strategy coming into force in 2021 and HANT commented on the need for meetings of the various stakeholder groups (including Dounreay Stakeholder Group) to be more open and accessible and conducted in ways which encourage participation

There is also a need to make these stakeholder groups more representative of environmental and other campaign groups

A recent UK Government report from the national Audit Committee which stated that nuclear sites cost taxpayers “astronomical sums” – a total of £132 billion over a period of 120 years!

The NDA has just taken the operation of nuclear sites inhouse after a flawed tendering process costing £140 million!


The ONR holds regular Stakeholder Forums with HANT represented at ones in June and November 2020

At the June meeting there was discussion on the ONR Chief Inspector’s report, update on a project into the effectiveness of site stakeholder groups and an update on a report by two NGO members for the charity : Children with Cancer – looking at the effects of radiation on children

The Chief Executive of ONR Adrienne Kelbie has a background of work with the voluntary sector so lays emphasis on inclusion and accountability


HANT continues to co-operate closely with the NFLA as their Members are all local authorities in the UK and Ireland – but sadly not Highland Council despite HANT’s efforts to encourage them to join

On 4 December NFLA is holding an online webinar jointly with Mayors for Peace European Chapter, NFLA and ICAN (International campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons called “EUROPEAN PEACE AND SECURITY THROUGH THE 2020S HOW DO WE CREATE A SAFER, MORE PEACEFUL CONTINENT FREE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS ?“ at which HANT will be represented

Speakers include the Mayor of Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui


We hope that this gives Member / Supporters a flavour of the activities HANT has been able to carry out despite Covid since February 2020

We are grateful for your continued interest and support and will endeavour to keep you update in 2021

In the meantime, we wish you an enjoyable Festive Season and a HAPPY NEW YEAR when we all hope there may be a return to some form of normality

The HANT Committee      

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