Happening Soon!!! Pop up Demo: Inverness Railway Station : Saturday 1 September: 10:00-10:45

Together with the Cromarty Peace Group HANT will be involved in a “Pop UP Demo” at Inverness Station on Saturday 1 September 2018 from 1000 to 1045 to highlight the risks involved in the nuclear trains from Dounreay to Sellafield which pass through Inverness Station on a regular basis




We are getting some postcards printed which will have a petition as follows :

I, the undersigned, call on the British Government and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)  to halt the transport of nuclear waste from Dounreay to Sellafield by rail and as we believe it poses unacceptable risks to communities and the environment HANT and the Cromarty Peace Group hope that this event will again raise awareness about the issue amongst people in Inverness and the travelling public.

This event is in line with HANT’s policy of working with groups with similar aims both within and outwith the Highlands

Inverness College UHI Fresher’s Fayre : 12 September 2018 : 1000-1400

For the second year running, on 12 September 2018 from 1000-1400, HANT will be having a stall at the Fresher’s Fayre at the Inverness College UHI Campus in Inverness.

The stall attracted a lot of interest last year and many students and staff signed the HANT petition – it was encouraging to experience the concerns that young people had about the issue raised by HANT.

NFLA (Nuclear Free Local Authorities) Seminar for International Peace Day : Thursday 20 September 2018 : 100-1530 : Clydebank Town Hall

HANT will be represented at this event and the details are here:

CND: Nae Nukes Anywhere : Demo at Faslane Nuclear Base : Saturday 22 September:

HANT will also be represented at this International demo – further details:

Scottish Green Party Autumn Conference : Glasgow : 20 and 21 October 2018

HANT plans to have a stall at this event – more details on:

Any Member / Supporters will be welcome to visit HANT’s stall at events or joining HANT in demos and other events



Nuclear Train goes through red signal near Kinghussie

In July 2018 a train carrying nuclear waste from Dounreay to Sellafield jumped a red signal near Kinghussie and this incident received considerable press coverage including this from the Badenoch & Strathspey Herald :

Tor Justad, Chair of HANT said :

“The incident occurred on Friday night and brought instant condemnation from anti-nuclear campaigners.

Tor Justad, chairperson of the Highlands Against Nuclear Transport group said: "This should concern everyone in Scotland.

"The main reason that this incident should be of concern is that it is one of a number of such incidents involving the movement of nuclear spent fuel and waste from Dounreay to Sellafield.

The nuclear materials being removed from Dounreay as part of decommissioning are highly radioactive and moving them from a secure site by sea and rail creates unacceptable risks."

The local SNP MP Drew Hendry stated :

“We must be thankful that nobody was hurt or directly affected but make no mistake this is an alarming incident and further underlines the dangers of operating nuclear facilities and moving toxic nuclear waste.

"For DRS to say that there was no risk is simply not acceptable.

Stop signs are there to indicate the danger of proceeding, usually of a train coming the other way. It is unthinkable to imagine if that had been the case.

Disappointingly, this incident reaffirms the significant risks around nuclear transport and the urgent need for a review of procedures.

I am calling for an open, transparent inquiry into this incident and a stop to all shipments until it is complete.

"This cannot be allowed to happen again."

HANT will be following up this incident and will report further when details of the proposed inquiry are relieved


Grounding of cargo ship on Pentland Skerries

Another worrying incident was a Dutch cargo ship on the Pentland Skerries in calm clear weather

This is the same waters in which ships carrying nuclear waste from Dounreay to Barrow regularly sail and if this had been a nuclear ship the consequences could have been disastrous

HANT made this point in a Letter published in the Press & Journal after the incident

Again, HANT will be following up the Inquiry which will be held by the UK and Dutch authorities

Cromarty Film Group : Screening : The Man Who Saved The World

HANT was invited to attend the screening of this film which attracted an audience of about 20 in Cromarty

Stanislav Petrov was in charge of a Soviet nuclear early warning centre when there was a report of five American nuclear missiles heading towards the Soviet Union. Rather than retaliate, Stanislav followed his gut feeling and went against protocol, convincing the armed forces that it was a false alarm. His decision saved the world from a potential devastating nuclear holocaust.

This drama documentary was released in 2015 and highlights the risks involved in countries possessing nuclear weapons which are ready to fire at any time

It is very relevant to HANT’s campaign as it demonstrates that computers can fail or provide false information which can put the whole world at risk

HANT would recommend any individual or campaign group to view this film as the story of this brave individual should inspire us all to work harder for the abolition of nuclear weapons

Dounreay Stakeholder Group

As an example of business conducted at this meeting this is the Minute of the March 2018 attended by HANT’s Chair; Tor Justad who is one of three c-opted Members of the Public on the DSG :

As can be read in the Minutes the role of a co-opted Member provides opportunities for Tor Justad to ask questions of concern to HANT Members and the General Public

The DSG meets quarterly with the next meeting in September 2018 – subjects cover all aspects of the operation of the Dounreay Nuclear Facility and the neighbouring HMS Vulcan which is also being decommissioned. It was previously used to test nuclear reactors used in nuclear powered submarines

Report for Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust

HANT was very pleased to receive a grant of £1000 from the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust in July 2016

Like all grant funding the funders require a report on how the funds have been spent, how they have benefited HANT’s campaign and how the grant helps to implement the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trusts aims which are :

To work for a just and democratic society and to redress political and social injustices. It is a wide ranging remit for reform, but the Trust will prioritise groups or individuals that are ineligible for charitable funding because they are considered too political or radical to come within the Charity Commission’s guidelines

The report which HANT submitted shows that HANT has met all the requirements and the campaign has achieved a lot since the grant was received :


Summary of original objectives in applying for the grant.

HANT’s original objectives in applying for the grant were :

“To apply for funding of £2000 so that a small campaign group based in the north of Scotland may continue to ensure local communities are aware of the actions and plans of the NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) to transport nuclear waste, and to voice opposition to such movements”

The £1000 grant was spent on materials and events that supported the campaign and this included hiring meeting premises, buying DVD’s, paying travel and subsistence costs for travel for Members to events / meetings / conferences and publicity materials

Since July 2016 HANT has also been successful in a Crowdfunder Campaign which raised approximately £800

Additional information can be viewed on HANT website ( where HANT’s position and FAQ’s are covered in detail + external contact and HANT facebook

Why we believe we have been successful and can demonstrate this through :

  • Recruiting 300 + supporter members who receive the HANT e Bulletin
  • E mailing the E Bulletin to 300 + supporter members
  • Holding public meetings with invited speakers including John Finnie (Scottish Green Party MSP Highlands & Islands) and Sean Morris (General Secretary of NFLA : Nuclear Free Local Authorities)
  • Producing a full colour leaflet which has been distributed at events such as the Green Party Autumn Conference (Edinburgh: October 2016) and Inverness College Fresher’s Fayre (2017)
  • Distributing HANT leaflets at Scottish Green party Spring Conference : Glasgow March 2017
  • Held a Demonstration at Scrabster Harbour where ships load nuclear waste from Dounreay which is transported to Barrow-in-Furness : March 2017, which generated prominent media coverage
  • Held a well attended Public Meeting in Ullapool focused on sea transport of nuclear waste with invited speaker Tim Deere-Jones (Marine Pollution Consultant from Wales) and input from Noel Hawkins : Living Seas Communities Officer : Scottish Wildlife Trust Living Seas Project (2017)
  • Attending quarterly meetings of the Dounreay Stakeholder Group as a Public Member / Community Representative (2016 & 2017)
  • Held an Awareness Raising Day (poster attached) at Inverness Station to protest against nuclear trains passing through the station an downwards to Sellafield – this was linked to a national Day of Action
  • Participated in Media Training provided by Highland Scottish Green Party which has made us more effective in interviews etc.
  • Attended Nordic Forum Conference & Nordic Horizons Forum:: Edinburgh  - HANT stand with distribution of leaflets and lobbying Ministers and officials from UK and Nordic Countries
  • HANT leaflets distributed at Friends of the Earth Scotland / Cromarty Rising Public Meeting related to opposition top proposed oil transfers in the Cromarty Firth
  • HANT stall at UN House Conference at Scottish Parliament related to ICAN (International campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) : November 2016
  • Had a HANT Street Stall collecting signatures on Petition : Inverness High Street : July 2107
The monitoring evidence includes :
  • Bi-monthly Committee Teleconference meetings when all activity is reported and financial position reported
  • Regular news coverage in Scottish and local press , radio & TV
  • Active engagement of member supporters who have attended public meetings & film screenings
  • Regular e Bulletins circulated
  • Meeting with UN Special Rapporteur on Toxic Wastes : UN human Rights Council in Stirling (January 2017) and subsequent inclusion in report highlighting the risks of nuclear transport and the need for improvement in UK Government’s consultation process

Who has the grant benefited and how the grant benefited and how it helped HANT carry out the work – “a flavour” :

  1. Greater public awareness of the issues – benefit to general public and HANT member supporters
  2. Informing and influencing decision makers – MEP’s, MP’s, MP’s and    Councillors – benefits to elected members as HANT can provide detailed information and highlight the concerns which busy politicians may miss due to immediate priorities 
  3. Scrutinising the activities of the NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority), MOD,  DSRL (Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd) and Nuclear Regulators and attempting to hold them to account – benefit the public’s understanding of issues hidden by the NDA, MOD and other agencies
  4. Making links with other relevant organisations, such as SEPA (Scottish     Environmental Protection Agency) and ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation) and requesting facts and figures relevant to the campaign- benefit to regulatory authorities as it makes them aware that there are concerns in local communities and wider afield
  5. Gaining a full understanding of all the agencies involved in decommissioning Dounreay and HMS Vulcan (testing of reactors for nuclear submarines adjacent to Dounreay) – benefit to supporter members and the public as HANT can interpret the role of the complex range of bodies involved in decommissioning


and :


  1. The advancement of citizenship or community development through raising awareness of the issues in the Highlands & Islands , UK and internationally.
  2. The advancement of human rights, conflict resolution or reconciliation – through highlighting issues related to freedom of information to reduce unnecessary secrecy within the nuclear industry
  3. The advancement of environmental protection or improvement – through proposing alternative storage of nuclear waste thus reducing the risks to the environment 

The benefits, as set out in HANT’s Application to the Trust

How does the grant-making activity advance the Trust’s objects :

  • To work for a just and democratic society and to redress political and social injustice
  • HANT approaches this through its awareness raising and highlighting issues which the UK Government and NDA etc. wish to keep secret .
  • The Trust will prioritise groups or individuals that are ineligible for charitable funding because they are considered too political or radical to come within the Charity Commission’s guidelines
  • This applies to HANT and in areas like the County of Caithness in which the Dounreay. nuclear site is situated is generally pro-nuclear so to oppose aspects of the decommissioning is often regarded is working against the economic interests of the area
  • This also applies to Highland Council – HANT has attempted to persuade the Council to join NFLA (Nuclear Free Local Authorities) – so far without success
  • Projects operating on a more local basis that have a potentially wider impact.

HANT covers the Highlands & Islands as a campaign but has managed on very limited resources to spread its message across the UK, EU countries and established contact with anti-nuclear groups in US and Norway

As a general rule, the Trust provides either specific project funding or start up grants for a limited period to enable campaigns to get off the ground and attract alternative sources of finance

The Trust grant has enabled HANT to kick start a number of initiatives which has enabled it to maintain the momentum of the campaign.



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