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2020 Classification Tour
Amnesty Clause Information
Performance Horse Auction
2020 Land Rover Horse Of The Year Show Bonanza
New Principal Stallion Announcement
Equine Environmental Impact Study
Dual Registration Rule Update

A message from the President

Dear Members

Welcome to the December Newsletter - it is hard to believe that we are in the thick of the festive season all ready!  Most of you will have your lovely foals on the ground by now, or they will not be far away - and re-breeding the mares in full swing.  When-ever I take a mare to Equibreed for insemination there seems to be a never-ending stream of horse trucks there from top competition riders and breeders - showing me that the breeding of sport horses in New Zealand is going in a good way and not appearing to be slowing down! 

We are welcoming back the German Assessor Matthias Werner to our shores for the 2020 Classification Tour.  The tour will begin on the 14th of February and run through till the end of the month.  If you are interested in this Tour, please fill out the form attached in this newsletter which you can also find on the website.  Remember it is the last time you can get horses assessed under the Amnesty clause.  Once the Amnesty ends your horse will need a much higher score to move onto full papers if it is by an unlicensed stallion. 

There has been great discussion within the Committee on our rules for dual registration of horses - we have fine-tuned the rule again as it is not the intention of the NZWA to stop a Warmblood Derivative from having papers from other non-warmblood breed societies it is also a partbred of.  Nor is the rule intended to stop horses being registered with a Society based on the horses colour eg NZ Golden Horse Society.

The NZ Warmblood Assn are supporting a study on the environmental impact of horses on farmland.  You can read more about this in the newsletter here.

The Equitana Auction has come and gone - although no horses were sold in the ring under the hammer it was a great success for all concerned in terms of marketing and exposure, and some horses sold straight after the Auction with more in negotiations as this newsletter goes to print.

I am excited to say the NZWA Bonanza is back at the 2020 Land Rover Horse of the Year Show - so make sure your competition horses who are eligible are Registered with the NZWA.  $5000 in total prize money is available!

It is exciting to have another stallion upgraded to Principal Status due to his performances in sport - Congratulations to Golden Strike and his owner Rebecca Kerr on some great performances to achieve 3 star Status.  If you are a stallion owner and believe your stallion may have reached one of our Performance Criteria (these can be found on the website) simply let us know and we can check his performance records against the criteria and upgrade him.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable Christmas and holiday season.

Jody Hartstone, 
President, NZWA


The NZWA is delighted to have international warmblood assessor Matthias Werner back in New Zealand - he last assessed for us three tours ago.  The tour will run from the 14th of February until the 29th of February 2020.

Matthias lives with his family in a small village one hundred kilometres north of Frankfurt, Germany. His family have been horse breeders for several generations, whilst Matthias himself has ridden from a young age, competing in dressage and showjumping up to M class.  Matthias rode Gondola 2 successfully whom his mother later put in foal to Kostolany to produce none other than the world super-sire Gribaldi, sire of Totilas.
Gribaldi himself was the 1995 champion of the stallion selections and the 1996 Champion at his stallion inspection in Neumunster.  In 1997 he was the winner of the four year old stallion competition in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and according to jury member Albert Voorn, “a horse that gives you a dream feeling as a rider”.  Gribaldi enjoyed an international Grand Prix dressage career with Edward Gal, and was one of the leading dressage sires in the world.  His sons Painted Black and Moorland’s Totilas were among the very best dressage horses.
Matthias has been classifying for many years, most recently under Lars Gehrman who is the Trakehner Verband Breeding Director and CEO.  He is well respected internationally and has worked with many of the senior classifiers for the Verband.  He is on the district mare committee for Hessen and is an official FN-Judge for Germany. In this role Matthias also judges other breeds.  His skills are in demand internationally.
Click here to register your horses for the 2020 Classification Tour
What is the Amnesty Clause and how does it work?

Following the 2015 AGM the New Zealand Warmblood Association put in place an Amnesty Period on registrations of Warmblood horses who may in the past have not been eligible for Warmblood Studbook registration.

The Amnesty Period runs from January 2016 until March 31st 2020 (or the 2020 Autumn Classification Tour if held after 31st of March) after which time the regulations of the stud book will be reinstated again.

Horses that are by unlicensed Warmblood stallions, stallions who have failed their licensing, and imported stallions that have not been licensed can apply to be upgraded from their grey Derivative Register papers by way of classification / inspection by an international assessor at a NZWB classification day. An international assessor will also be accepted from other stud books eg Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Trakehner, etc

Mares aged three years and over whom pass classification by the overseas classifier will be permanently entered into the Mare Stud Book (Pink Papers)

Stallions aged three years and over may be put forward for classification and licensing into the Stallion Stud Book

Youngstock under three years and geldings may be inspected by the overseas assessor and if they meet the criteria will be accepted permanently into the Warmblood Register and then after they have reached three years of age they will be eligible for elevation into the studbooks by the usual process.

Minimum pass mark for youngsters and geldings is to be 65%

Horses / Youngstock who have been successfully classified / inspected into the Studbook / Register by the overseas assessor will be immediately eligible for the NZWA Brand.

After the 2020 deadline any horses not already inspected can still be elevated onto full blue papers (or into the stud book)  with a pass mark of 75% and no mark less than a 6.

To be eligible the horse:
• Needs to be 25% Warmblood or more
• Needs to Contain less than 7% of blood that is not Warmblood / TB / Arab in its 5- generation pedigree
• Needs to be parent verified by DNA
• Needs to be already registered in the Warmblood Derivative Register

The 2020 Classification Tour is your last chance to upgrade your Derivative horses onto full papers by way of the Amnesty Clause so get your entries in now!

Performance Horse Auction - Equitana

The inaugural Performance Horse auction at Equitana Auckland was held on Saturday November 23rd 2019.

Although none of the 13 lots sold directly through the Auction ring, some were sold to bidders later that day, and negotiations to sell are still being undertaken on around 50% of the horses.

The horses were all of very high quality, were well presented and were well regarded by the great number of people who viewed them. There was a good amount of interest in all of the horses.

This was a premium auction of beautiful horses. The vendors were all wonderful and went into it knowing it is a new concept for buyers and sellers in New Zealand.

The NZWA worked very hard in conjunction with Equitana Auckland to get this Auction off the ground at it could not have been better run, nor could we have wished for a better range of talented, well-bred horses.

The auction ring was well presented and safe and a good crowd was present to see the horses put through the ring. However, as was predicted, New Zealand buyers were slow to put their hands up to buy at Auction, preferring instead to deal afterwards, away from the public eye.

That said, there were bids on a good number of the horses, with one being passed in once the bidding reached $40,000. This horse was sold for an undisclosed sum to the leading bidder at the end of the day.

The vendors got tremendous value for money in terms of their advertising dollar - each horse got great exposure and the networking between sellers was fantastic too. Each and every young horse behaved impeccably in the big atmosphere and will have grown and matured through the experience.

It is the intention of the NZWA to keep running this auction format as we know it will be a future avenue for breeders of quality horses. These were not cheap horses - it was not a dispersal sale of bargain bin horses!

Full credit to Sheena Ross from Sterling warmbloods for all her hard work in securing horses and registered bidders, plus Jill Russell for all her hard work behind the scenes.

The NZWA is excited to announce we will again be running the Sweepstake Bonanza at the 2020 Land Rover Horse of The Year Show.


Congratulations to Bec Kerr and the NZWA licenced German Riding Pony Stallion "Golden Strike" (Imp Germany) for reaching Principal Status in Sport. Golden Strike is now a 3 Star stallion in the Studbook which recognises his performances as a competition stallion. Well done to all the connections of this very special pony.

Photo by Kristel Mack Saunders


NZWA is pleased to be supporting new research to better understand the impact of horses on the environment. Increased concerns on the negative impacts on water quality has meant the focus is now on all land uses including equestrian properties. Initial work has been led by NZ Thoroughbred Breeders Association and has found how little is known of the environmental impacts of horses in the pastoral environment. The is because in New Zealand most the focus has been on the impacts of cattle and sheep both of which are ruminant animals with quite different grazing habits to horses which are hindgut fermenters.
For NZWA being involved and supporting this research is about future proofing our members businesses and ensuring an ongoing social licence to operate. Being involved means that NZWA will be able to have input into developing the agreed equine environmental practices that will result from this research to minimise our impacts on the environment but still allow members operations to develop and grow.
The research is being led by Assoc Prof Chris Rogers Massey University with Sally Linton, Sustainable Options Project Manager. Other supporting groups include NZTBA NZTR, Trainers Assn, Harness Racing, ESNZ, RAS, Waikato Regional Council and Environment BOP
Dual Registration Rule - The NZWA Committee have voted on another tweak to this rule to try and further explain the current intention of the rule. The rule now reads:  
4.6 Dual Registrations:
4.6.1 The NZWA will not Dual Register any horse already registered with another Warmblood Breed Association, regardless of whether or not the association it is a member of the WBFSH or is currently inactive or has closed down.

4.6.2 Papers issued by other warmblood breed associations (whether currently operating or not) will be taken as a true and correct record when horses on these papers are Classified into the Studbook or are used to produce NZWB registrable foals. However, the NZWA Committee reserves the right to DNA test any horse or investigate its parentage and documentation further.

4.6.3 NZWB horses who are also eligible for papers with a non-warmblood breed association, coloured horse association, or "type" association may be issued dual registration – a NZWB UELN number will only be issued if no UELN has been issued previous.
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