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Registration is now open for our May 9th Excellence in Teaching Day. Register early to get a free book!

ETD Registration Open

We look forward to seeing you in person on Monday, May 9 for this year’s Excellence in Teaching Day. Starting with two sets of concurrent breakout sessions, followed by a lunchtime keynote and hands-on workshop, ETD this year explores the question, “Who is the Classroom Built For?” Find program highlights below and full ETD details and registration information on the CTE website.

The first 25 people who register get a free copy of Sara Hendren’s book What Can A Body Do? How We Meet the Built World.

Keynote: The Agency to Build

We are excited to host Sara Hendren (Associate Professor of Arts, Humanities and Design at Olin College of Engineering) as our keynote speaker. Her talk, “The Agency to Build: Ideas for the Convivial Classroom,” considers how we can bring a spirit of agency to our classroom encounters—whether in the seminar, the studio, or the laboratory. Hendren’s talk will walk us through some unusual laboratory-studio classroom encounters and offer ideas from many thinkers and domains about building a big generous house for nurturing young builders, in every corner of the university campus.

Book Discussion: As a warm-up to Hendren’s talk, you’re welcome to join us Tuesday, April 26 from 12:00 - 1:00 for lunch and conversation about the first chapter of Hendren’s book. Register online to join the book discussion.

Breakout: Supporting Autistic Students

Jordyn Zimmerman, a BC grad recently named to President Biden’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, is a nationally-recognized advocate striving to ensure that every student is able to access effective communication and exercise their right to a truly inclusive education. As a nonspeaking Autistic student who was denied access to effective augmentative communication until she was 18, Zimmerman has personal experience challenging the educational status quo (an experience featured in the 2021 documentary, This Is Not About Me.) At ETD this year, she will be joined by LSEHD professor Kristen Bottema-Beutel for a session titled “Faculty As Gatekeepers: Challenging Assumptions Around Access,” which will address ways instructors can support Autistic students, particularly those who are nonspeaking.

Documentary Screening: If you’d like to learn more about Zimmerman prior to ETD, you can register to attend a screening of This is Not About Me in the CTE on Thursday, April 28 from 2:30 - 4:00.

Workshop: Re-imagining "the Who" of our Classrooms

Following the ETD keynote, Associate Vice Provost for Design and Innovation Strategies Sunanda Bhattacharya will be joined by Maria-Isabel Carnasciali, a Visiting Fellow in the Engineering Department to lead an interactive workshop on “Design Thinking and Re-imagining ‘the Who’ of our Classrooms.” Focused on connecting our understanding of who our students are to the learning environments we create, this session will invite attendees to share, collaborate, listen, reflect, discern and discuss the next gen learner’s mindsets, habits, and outlook in the context of the future of learning. Participants will have the opportunity to take away ideas to build upon, with the ultimate purpose of exceeding student, societal, and industry expectations.

Space is limited, so register early to hold your spot in the ETD workshop.

CTE Search: Finalist Workshops

The CTE is in the final stages of our search for a new Assistant Director for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, who will lead the CTE’s educational technology efforts. We’ve invited four finalists to interview on campus in April. During their visits, candidates will offer a workshop demonstration open to all instructors at BC. Follow the links below for further details and registration information.

RSVP for Dr. Sally Chamberland’s workshop
“Utilizing Digital Whiteboards to Support Retrieval Practice”
Friday, April 8, 10:00 - 11:15

RSVP for Dr. Matthew Schwartz’s workshop
“Connecting Ideas and Fostering Critical Thinking Using”
Monday, April 11, 10:00 - 11:15

RSVP for Dr. William Duffy’s workshop
“Google Jamboard: An Engagement and Reflection Tool”
Tuesday, April 19, 10:00 - 11:15

RSVP for Dr. Nirmal Trivedi’s workshop
“Using FeedbackFruits to Enhance Student Learning through Peer Review”
Wednesday, April 20, 10:00 - 11:15

New Faculty Seminar: Purposeful Tech

The final New Faculty Seminar on Teaching will meet on Tuesday, April 12 from 2:00 - 3:00. Focusing on “Using Tech Purposefully,” the conversation will consider the role of technology in the classroom. What affordances do our tools offer to enhance learning, and what do we want them to do for us?  How are our students -- and how are we as teachers -- shaped in turn by the tools we use?  This session will review researched practices and points to consider, and offer a chance to share insights and questions with colleagues. Please RSVP to “Using Tech Purposefully” online.

International TAs/TFs in the Classroom

A group of international graduate students joined CTE facilitators Matthew Goode and Hilary Nwainya for a workshop last week on “Teaching in the U.S. Classroom” (with an additional offering happening yesterday). The session gave participants a chance to share the strengths they bring to the classroom as international instructors, discuss potential challenges, and identify solutions and resources. International graduate student instructors and those that support them can take a look at our International TA/TF Resources to see some of the information shared in the workshop and identify additional BC resources.  

Preparing for Finals

Classroom Assessment Techniques

As final projects and exams approach, it can be helpful for you and your students to get a clearer sense of what students know and where they are struggling. Our resource on Classroom Assessment Techniques can help you identify strategies that can give you a better sense of what to review with students and enable students to figure out where to focus their energy in the final weeks of the course.

High-Stakes Exams in Canvas

For instructors who are administering exams through Canvas Quizzes and need to require the use of a secure browser or remote proctor, BC supports LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.  See our new resource, Get Started with LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor, and email with any questions.

Consultation Services

If you’re looking for a thought partner as you design your finals, CTE staff are happy to meet with you in-person or on Zoom. Email to schedule a consult.

Summer Courses Available in Canvas

Instructors can find Summer course sites on their Canvas Dashboards, by scrolling down past current courses to the Unpublished heading at the bottom.  Please contact with any questions.

Supporting Students During Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem to those observing! As Muslim students, faculty, and staff observe Ramadan from April 1 to May 1 in Massachusetts this year, many participate in fasting, increased prayer and charity, and may have less flexible schedules as they take part in those practices. Fasting students might experience lower energy levels and may need time to pray and break their fast around sunrise and sunset.

Instructors can support student learning and meet students’ right to religious accommodation under Massachusetts Law by acknowledging that Ramadan is occurring and signaling your willingness to work with students who are observing. Accommodating students might look like providing extensions or alternative times for exams, especially exams that might be scheduled for late afternoon when students’ energy and focus might be at its lowest, and clarifying that students are welcome to leave class to pray.

Queer Scholars Conference

Members of the GLBTQ+ Leadership Council (GLC), part of the Undergraduate Government of BC, are inviting Queer-identifying faculty to a "Queer Scholars Conference," a panel featuring BC faculty, on April 20th from 5-7 pm in 245 Beacon Street in room 107. The panel will be followed by a social meant to connect Queer professors and students ahead of course registration.

The GLC is also putting together a brochure of courses that will be taught by Queer instructors in the Fall 2022 semester. If you would like to have your course listed in the brochure, send your course information (title and code, description, time and location) to Jack Smith or Aneesa Wermers. 

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