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From the Carolinas PGA
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Two people are permitted to ride together in a cart if they live
in the same household without a facial cloth covering.
If two people who do NOT live in the same household are sharing a cart,
a facial cloth covering is 

Due to the recent proclamation and number of carts
each team in the Member Member tournament is limited to one cart.
Players are required to 
wear facial cloth coverings when riding together.
Players may also decide to alternate with one riding and one walking 
while having both players bags on the cart.

Players will not be charged for carts during the tournament.

Day to day operations beginning 6/26 at 5:00.
Players are to pair two to a cart when possible.
When riding two to a cart wearing a facial cloth covering is required.
An alternative and to allow players to social distance the club is reducing cart fees
for those that desire to split riding and walking with both players bags on the cart.

When in the clubhouse and not at your table 
all are required to wear facial cloth covering. 

When at the pool and unable to social distance with those from other households
your are required to wear a facial covering.

Click for Executive Order 147 Phase -2 

If you have symptoms including but not limited to fever,
cough or shortness of breath please do not visit the club. 

 Please adhere to social distancing guidelines of maintaining a distance of six feet from others. 
Also please continue frequent hand washing and hand sanitation.
All staff will be screened daily to further assist in safety.
Furniture inside and outside will be placed to ensure social distancing.


  • Snack bar is only to be used to order and pick up food.
  • Inside bar & ballroom is open to members only.
  • Inside bar capacity is 6
  • Ballroom capacity is 28
  • Pool is open to members and their guest.
  • Pool capacity is 176 with a limit of 60 in the pool at a time.
  • Families must social distance from other families.
  • Pool fees are waived for guest using the pool grill.
  • All lounge chairs by the pool and tables inside and outside must stay where they are located.
  • Low chairs used in the pool may be moved, however they must stay a minimum of 6 feet apart.

Click here for Phase II guidelines for pools
Click here for Phase II guidelines for clubhouse

 The effects of this pandemic are changing daily if not hourly.
The policies and procedures shown will change in time.
As they do we will keep you updated through email, facebook and
Thank you for your understanding and let's all do our part
to ensure the safety of others while also working to get back to normalcy.
If you have questions or concerns please contact Nick Eatmon at 252.342.0951


  Member Member Golf Tournament
$125 per player 
            $100 per player optional team buy in

Format:  Tee times with 6 Teams per flight with full field.
Tee times starting at 8 am. 
Flighting based on team handicap.  
60% of A player combined with 40% of B player.

Entry fee includes:  
Practice round and tournament rounds
Lunch each day

Tournament Formats:
Saturday ~ 1st Nine       Best Ball
           Saturday ~ 2nd Nine      Texas Scramble
 Sunday ~ 1st Nine         Superball
             Sunday ~ 2nd Nine      Alternate Shot 
Best Ball 
Each player will receive 100% of their adjusted course handicap. 
Players will play their own ball on each hole taking the best net score.  
Ball to be played down.

Texas Scramble 
Both players tee off.  The best tee shot is chosen. 
Players then play their own ball until the ball is holed with the best score being used.
Tee shot can be moved 6 inches no closer to the hole without changing
terrain with the exception of the putting green.  All other shots are to be played down.

Best shot is used for each shot with each player playing from the
chosen ball until the ball is holed.  Ball can be moved 6 inches no closer to
the hole without changing terrain with the exception of the putting green. 
One ball rule applies.   

Alternate Shot
Players will make a decision who will tee off on either the odd or even holes.  
From the tee shot on players will alternate shots until the ball is holed.  
Ball to be played down.  If player A hits a ball out of bounds or in a
hazard player B will hit next from the spot player A hit from.  
Under no circumstance will a player hit two shots in a row.

  First Flight          
8:00 Wooten, Reid Green     Milton, Jeremy Green
8:00 Simson, Paul Green     Armistead, Robbie Green
8:10 Debnam, Charles White     Dixon, Tom White
8:10 Bradshaw, Mike Green     Hall, Ethan Green
8:20 Parker, Vann Green     King, Brad Green
8:20 Wynn, Will Green     Jernigan, Brooks Blue
  Second Flight          
8:30 Burnette Andy Green     Burton, Doug Green
8:30 Lewis, Corey Green     Lewis, Dick White
8:40 Howe, Joe Blue     Paxton, Coulter Green
8:40 Carithers, Bryan Green     Jackson, Chris Green
8:50 Harrell, Joanne Red     Beaird, Carol Red
8:50 Fann, Kent Blue     Fann, DK Gold
  Third Flight          
9:00 Kelly, Pat White     Ellis, Charles White
9:00 Davis, Jay Blue     Paylor, Jimmy Blue
9:10 Waters, Don Blue     Waters, Darrell White
9:10 Mason, Jimmy Blue     Mason, Garrett Green
9:20 Perrine, Rick Blue     Norris, Jeff Blue
9:20 Gann, John Blue     Foster, Andrew Blue
  Fourth Flight          
9:30 Amerson, Robert White     Gaskins, Charles White
9:30 Davis, Chuck Blue     Bennett, Tom Gold
9:40 Johnson, Mike Blue     Rennwald, DeWayne Blue
9:40 White, Terry White     Koontz, Quinn White
9:50 Walker, Win Blue     Parker, Chuck Blue
9:50 Marsh, Carl White     Perry, Ron White
  Fifth Flight          
10:00 Pearce, Bert Blue     Smith, Charlie Blue
10:00 Pitts, Elizabeth Red     Barrus, Juliet Red
10:10 Ogburn, Steve Blue     Wright, Dick Blue
10:10 Jurgenson, Jeff Blue     Mercer, Jimmy Blue
10:20 Coyte, Steve White     Willis, Randy White
10:20 Hinson, Donnie White     Jones, Jimmy White
  Sixth Flight          
10:30 Cuthrell, Mary Lee Red     Cuthrell, Wayne White
10:30 Taylor, Brandon Green     Whitt, Cole Green
10:40 Schultz, Brian White     Hollister, Don White
10:40 Scales, Waighty White     Ivey, Bob White
10:50 Geltz, Norm White     Campbell, Ben White
10:50 Webb, Robbie Blue     Yeomans, Jason Blue
  Seventh Flight          
12:00 Sloan, Kirby Blue     Townsend, Nick Blue
12:00 Giblin, Tom White     Hickman, Curtis Blue
12:10 Chisenhall, Lonnie Green     Mayer, Kyle Green
12:10 Blount, Michael Blue     Calamos, Jeff White
12:20 Gould, Cathy Red     Warren, Sholar Red
12:20 Mitch Oakley White     Betsy Oakley Red
  Eighth Flight          
11:00 Chambers, Barb Red     Bolt, Joanne Red
11:00 Shore, Penn Blue     Stroud, Don Blue
11:10 Harris, John Blue     Varner, Danny Blue
11:10 Kass, Bob White     Renfrow, Jim Blue
11:20 Waters, Kathy Red     King, Sue Red
11:20 Ham, Bobby White     Miller, Johnny White
  Ninth Flight          
11:30 Southern, Wic White     Davis, Edsel White
11:30 Copeland, Tom Blue     Stallings, Adam Blue
11:40 Cas Cader Blue     Keith Henry Blue
11:40 Moore, Bryan Blue     Williams, Bryan Blue
11:50 Davis, Randy Blue     Rowland, Mitch Blue
11:50 Woodard, Jerry White     Potter, Frank White
  Tenth Flight          
12:30 Goodman, Helen Red     Ericksen, Dell Red
12:30 Panzarella, Phil Blue     Harvell, Elizabeth Gold
12:40 Turnage, Mike Blue     Horne, Tim Blue
12:40 Bossard, Miles White     Bossard, Chris Blue
12:50 Ritter, Bull White     Mayer, Mike Blue
12:50 Cummings, James Blue     Varner, John Blue
  Eleventh Flight          
1:00 Tysor, Pam Red     Bell, Joy Red
1:00 Wilson, Tim Blue     Davis, Walter White
1:10 Small, Mike White     Guthrie, Sammy White
1:10 Morel, Matt Green     Johns, Julian Green
1:20 Decker, Josh Green     Weeks, Jonathan Blue
1:20 Turner, Lyn White     Morris, Tommy White
  Twelfth Flight          
1:30 Dorsett, Bill White     Dorsett, Gwen Red
1:30 Stallworth, Peggy Red     Hicks, Diane Red
1:40 Smith, Justin Blue     Smith, George Gold
1:40 Wohlfert, John Blue     Sloan, Temple Blue
1:50 Yopp, David Blue     Elvers, John Blue
1:50 McCall, Rick Blue     Cieslak, Bobby Blue
  Thirteenth Flight          
2:00 McLaughlin, Pat Blue     McLaughlin, Sean Blue
2:00 McLaughlin, Pat Blue     McLaughlin, Sean Blue
2:10 Miller, Pete White     Blewett, Bob White
2:10 Leary, Alan Blue     Monette, Michael Blue
2:20 Porter, Rich Blue     Kangas, Mark Blue
2:20 King, Bill Blue     King, Charlie Blue


Specialty dinners for the week will be served from 5:30 to 8.
Takeout, dine in or dine outside by the pool.
Regular menu also available.
Regular menu shown below. 
Clubhouse number 252.726.4917 ex.3


Panko crusted mahi with cheddar grits 
veggies and a tomatillo cream sauce.  $20

 Online Registration

2017 course architect Randy Wilson is coming back!
Randy will be back to assist with additional course improvements.

Current estimated start date is end of July working into August.
The course will not shut down.

New Bunkers:
#1 right side of fairway
#8 right side fairway
#10 left side fairway

Tee work: 
New green tee on #1.

Black tee will become green tee on #6.
New black tee will be built on #6.
New blue tee on #6 will be moved to
the right of current cart path.
Potential new green tee on #10.
Blue/green tee will be expanded on #12.
New green tee on #18.

Mounds will be placed left of the cart path on #9  between the green and pond.

Mounding will also be placed across the cart path
providing a border for the back left of the 9th hole.

#8 Pond will be brought in slightly to make room for future clubhouse entrance road.
#8 pond will have additional overflow to prevent standing water in-front of #8.

Additional irrigation is also going to be placed on #1,9 & 11.


Club is currently working with Country Club Run town home developers
to have a drainage ditch to move standing water to the right of #17 green.

Sod will be finalized on #6 and sod will be placed
on back side of bunker on #7.
Right side of #11 by cart path will also be sodded
in the next few months.


Club is considering additional course improvements in the fall.
Potential improvements include further work on driving range,
continued cart path renovation and landscaping, tree program 
and new bridge construction on 18.

Don Farese has agreed to work with the club on a new

clubhouse video.  Don completed the original club video in 2017.
New clubhouse video will show exterior along with select room interiors.
Video will highlight rooftop areas!
Video to be completed no later than October.

Club is continuing to work with Lee Dixon and Coastal architecture.
Clubhouse interiors completed include kitchen design.
Lee currently working on structural design.
Site-work on clubhouse is on pace to begin by the end of the year.


Club hasn't forgotten about the pool!
Pricing is being gathered for heating the pool.
Additionally club is looking at a surround sound system.
New umbrellas will be here any day.


Membership support while navigating through an
uncertain time has been nothing short of unbelievable.
Because of their support the club is poised to realize
tremendous improvements through 2020.

Regular hours of operation
Pool hours of operation:  7:30 am to 8:30 pm each day of the week.
Grill hours of operation:  11:00 am to 8:00
Pool attendants on duty:  11:00 am to 7:00

Members are asked to sign a waiver for pool use.
Waivers will be available at sign in.
Please review waiver.



THE COMMON AMENITIES:  MOREHEAD CITY COUNTRY CLUB (“Club”) and any of its Declarants, Agents, Owners, Directors, Officers, Employees, Volunteers, Vendors, Representatives, or Participants (hereinafter the “Releasees”).

Risks: I acknowledge that access to and use of the Common Amenities may not be supervised, may carry with it the
potential for death, serious bodily injury, illness, disease, mental anguish, and property loss or damage. Any risks may
include, but are not limited to exposure to unsanitary, viral, bacterial, or other conditions conducive to contracting or
spreading COVID-19 and exposure to actions, negligence, or carelessness of the Releasees and other users of the
common amenities. To further protect all Releasees and other users of the common amenities, I certify that to the best
of my knowledge that the individuals identified herein are free of any condition that might create undue risk in me/us or

Parent / Guardian Certification: I hereby certify and warrant that I am the adult parent or legal guardian of the minor
child/children identified herein, and I consent to his/her/their participation in the Activities. I understand and
acknowledge that I am fully aware of and assume the risks of said minor child’s/children’s participation in the Activities. I recognize my responsibility to ensure that said minor child/children does/do not have any medical condition that might create undue risk for themselves or others. I understand that the Releasees shall have no responsibility to pay for damages, injury, medical treatment and/or any COVID-19 related costs or damages if said minor child/children are
injured or harmed in any way arising out of the Activities.

Assumption of Risk: In consideration for permitting me and/or the minor child identified herein to participate in any of
the Activities, and knowing the risks, which are not limited to those described above, I agree, personally and on behalf of
the minor child/children named or referenced herein, to assume all the risks and responsibilities surrounding my and the minor child’s/children’s participation in the Activities. To the fullest extent allowed by law, I waive, release, hold
harmless and agree to indemnify the Releasees, from and against any present or future claim, cause of action, loss or
liability for injury to person or property, which I or said minor child/children may suffer, related to my or said minor
child’s participation in the Activities, resulting from or arising out of COVID-19, and regardless of fault. This agreement
shall bind my heirs, executors, assigns, legal representatives or any other person who may assert the released claims.



Pool rules:

1.  No one is allowed in the pool area except during hours of operation.
2.  Everyone using the pool facilities must register at the gate before entering the pool area.  Guest fee $5.  Members must register their guest(s) by full name  on the registration form.  1 warning for the member for member’s guest not registering.  2nd offense $50 fine per guest.  3rd offense will result in a season ban. 
·   Children and grandchildren under 21 or while a full time college student are allowed unlimited visits at no charge.
·   Babysitters have unlimited visits while babysitting children under 12 years of age.  Babysitters are required to sign in each visit.
·   Members can request up to a 14-day guest pass for house guest or family members.  This allows the guest to visit without the member, but they are subject to the $5 guest fee.
·   All other guest allowed to use the pool area up to 3 times a season.
3.   No children under the age of 12 will be allowed in the pool area unless attended by an adult sixteen year of age or older.
4.   All babies must wear a swimming diaper.  If a baby causes the pool to be shutdown for not wearing a swimming diaper the member will be fined $1,000.
5.  No running allowed in the pool area and no horseplay in or around the pool.
6.  No inflatables allowed with the exception of inflatables for babies.  No hard rubber balls, frisbees, etc will be thrown in the pool area.  
7.  No outside food and beverage is allowed in the pool area.
8.  No glass objects in the pool area.  No littering.
9.  All members and guests are required to follow the instructions of the lifeguards. Anyone who fails to cooperate with the lifeguards will be reported to the pool supervisor, who will take appropriate actions.
10.  Pool attendees must wear appropriate attire before entering or exiting the pool areas, i.e. cover-ups or shorts, shoes, etc.  There are no Brazilian cut, thong, low rise or lingerie inspired suits allowed.  Cover-up is required when going to and from the pool area.
11.   All sales and food and beverage guest fees must either be paid by credit card or by member charged with a 15% gratuity added.
12.  Before any parties are held management must grant permission.  Guest fees are waived for parties ordering $500 or more in food before 7:00 or a $1,000 or more in food after 7:00.  Otherwise a $5 guest fee will be assessed for all non-members.
·   Parties limited to 50 participants from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Reminder.  Section with stools is considered an adult area.  Only those over 18 are allowed to utilize this area.  There will be select times notated by staff where.  children will be allowed to use this area.  An example would be Thursday movie nights.


To assist the staff, ensure safety, protect course conditions 
and assist with proper pace of play you are asked to abide by the following guidelines:

Check in with the golf shop before play.
Abide by cart rules for the day.
No fivesomes before 2:00

No one under the age of 16 is to drive a cart anywhere on site.
Golfers are not to tee off on their second nine before 9:00.

All handicap golfer are to present handicap tag or doctors note to staff.

Be mindful of pace of play
Pace of play is to be 3 hours & 45 minutes or less. 
Allocations allowed for cart path only days & tournaments.
If you have an open hole in front of your group at any time you are to let faster players through.

Please take note:
Violations of the rules above will result in a warning.
Additional violation to result in a $100 fine.
Next violation to result in temporary suspension of club.
Further violations will result in actions determined by Board of Directors.

Click here for USGA
Rules and Handicapping Guidance During COVID-19

Click here for handicapping FAQ during COVID-19 

Club has reached membership capacity.
Club has received over 70 applications in just over a month!
To be at the top of the wait list please turn in an
 to the business office as soon as possible. 

All applications turned in today before 5:00
will be reviewed at tonight's Board of Directors meeting.

Membership options include full membership & social/afternoon golf memberships.
Social/afternoon golf includes membership rates for golf after 12:30.
Both full and social/afternoon membership categories have options including:
junior (under age of 40), non-resident & resident memberships

No initiation options also available.
All memberships are family memberships.

Full membership pricing shown at the end of this newsletter.

For more information call Nick Eatmon at 252.342.0951

or email

Click here for membership application

Full Membership Rates:

With $1,000 Initiation  
Resident Membership (Carteret County and Havelock): 
Stock Certificate (One Time Fee)            $100.00 
One (1) Quarter Dues                                $665.00 
TOTAL:                                                       $1,765.00 

Non-Resident Membership: 
Stock Certificate (One Time Fee)           $100.00 
One (1) Quarter Dues                               $608.75 
TOTAL:                                                        $1,708.75


No Initiation Options:

Resident Membership (Carteret County and Havelock): 
Stock Certificate (One Time Fee)            $100.00 
One (1) Quarter Dues                                $750.00 
TOTAL:                                                        $850.00

Non-Resident Membership: 
Stock Certificate (One Time Fee)         $100.00
One (1) Quarter Dues                                $650.00 
TOTAL:                                                       $750.00

Junior Membership, Under 40 
Stock Certificate (One Time Fee)        $100.00 
(1) Quarter Dues                                    $550.00
TOTAL:                                                     $650.00

Social/Afternoon golf membership rates
Includes full use of the golf course after 12:30
Full use of pool and clubhouse throughout the day

With $1,000 Initiation
Resident Membership (Carteret County and Havelock): 
One (1) Quarter Dues                              $490.00 
   TOTAL:                                                      $1,490.00 

Non-Resident Membership:
One (1) Quarter Dues                              $433.75 
TOTAL:                                                      $1,433.75

No Initiation Options
Resident Membership (Carteret County and Havelock): 
One (1) Quarter Dues                             $575.00

Non-Resident Membership:
One (1) Quarter Dues                           $475.00

Junior Membership, Under 40 
(1) Quarter Dues                                      $375.00 

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