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Are you interested in running for the Board of Directors?
Great time to help influence the future of the club!
To be able to run for a Directors position
all candidates must be a stock holding member.
Candidates must also be a member for 3
consecutive years prior to running.
Bios to be turned in by October 7th.  Bios can
be turned in to the business office or pro shop.
Board members serve 3 year terms.
Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of
each month at 5:30.
For more information contact 
Nick Eatmon at 252.342.0951.

Both full and afternoon/social memberships are open.
Join for no initiation!

The fastest growing membership has been the afternoon/social.

Afternoon/Social members receive:
Full golf privileges after 12:30.
 Members play 18 holes for $16 with cart, walk for no charge.
After 3:00 play 18 holes for $6 with cart.
Visit the clubhouse or pool any time!
Have access to social functions and tournaments!

Afternoon/Social members Dues Rates:
Families under the age of 40.....$375 quarter dues ($125 month)
Resident membership.....$575 quarterly dues ($191.66 month)
Non-resident membership.....$475 quarterly dues ($158.33 month)


Resident membership.....$490 quarterly dues ($163.33 month)
Non-resident membership.....$433.75 quarterly dues ($144.58 month)

Additional $25 a quarter to have unlimited use of the driving range.
Click here for full membership rates & application
Call Nick Eatmon at 252.342.0951 for more information
or send email to:


Club has now gained over
$350,000 in lifetime memberships!

All money raised is going to clubhouse project.
More information on lifetime memberships can be found below

Take advantage of this limited time offer. 
With a one-time fee you pay no dues life!

Lifetime membership fee:
$12,500 ~ Over 69 years of age
$17,500 ~ Ages 56-69
$25,000 ~ 55 years of age and under


Cart path work for the week continued by the back tee on #7
and on hole #6.  Cart path will be completed on #6 early next week.
Next the crew will be moving to the back 9.  Working on
the 10th & 16th holes.

Club Championship results.
There is a new champion, congratulations to John Oliver. 
Corey Lewis run of 15 straight club championships comes to an end.
Corey playing in the group in front of the leaders came
out hot with a -4, 32 on the front nine on Sunday.
John didn't flinch, making birdies on 13 & 15 and prevailed
by 3 strokes over Corey and David Cook.
Congratulations to John for 2019 and for Corey's unbelievable run as club champion.
15 years in a row, wow!  Safe to say 15 in a row will  never be duplicated.
Corey was the first one to walk out on the 18th green and congratulate John.
Good job guys!

Championship Flight
Black Tees
Low Gross

1st  John Oliver  74-76   $300
T2nd  Corey Lewis   81-72   $187.50
T2nd  David Cook   77-76   $187.50
4th   Vann Parker   76-79    $75

Low Net Scores
1st  Bryan Carithers   73-76   $150
2nd   Doug Lewis   79-71   $75

Men's Regular 
Green Tees
Low Gross

1st   Brian Wronko   80-81   $225

Low Net Scores
1st   Brandon Matthews   75-71   $135
2nd   Julian Johns   76-78   $90

Men's Senior Championship
Blue Tees
Low Gross

1st   DeWayne Rennwald   71-78   $250
2nd   Chuck Knorr   80-81   $175

Low Net Scores
1st   Jeff Norris   70-78   $100
T2nd   Randy Davis   75-76   $37.50
T2nd   Jeff Jones   75-76    $37.50

Men's Senior First Flight
Low Gross

1st    Jeff Jerguson   80-80   $250
2nd   Tom Giblin   82-87   $200

Low Net Scores
1st   Bob Kass   66-71   $125
2nd   John Rickabaugh   79-69   $100

Men's Super Senior Championship
White Tees
Low Gross

1st   Brian Schultz   78-74   $250

Low Net Scores
T1st   Ron Perry   66-72   $138.50
T1st   Mike Morelli   72-66   $138.50

Men's Super Senior First Flight
Low Gross

1st   Bobby Ham   75-83   $250
2nd   George Asmar   82-82   $175

Low Net Scores
1st   Miles Bossard   66-71   $100
2nd   Wic Southern   70-71  $75

Men's Super Senior Second Flight
Low Gross

1st  Edsel Davis   86-81   $250

Low Net Scores
T1st   Frank Potter   67-78   $58
T1st   Richard Lackman   70-75   $58
T1st   David Wagner   74-71   $58

Men's Super Super Super
Low Gross

1st   DK Fann   78-78   $225

Low Net Scores
1st   John Yurko   67-70   $135
2nd   Carl Marsh   73-70   $90

Women's Championship
1st   LeAnn Domitrovits   80-78   $75

Women's Senior Flight
Low Gross   

1st   Sue King   87-83   $160

Low Net Scores
1st   Barb Chambers   68-65   $125
2nd  JoAnne Bolt  73-77   $90

Payouts determined by number of players per flight

 October 18th-20th
Seafood tournament & social

Limited to 60 teams 
Member/Member teams & Member/Guest
teams take priority over Guest/Guest teams.
Tee times from 8:00 to 1:00 on Saturday & Sunday.

Online Registration

Entry:  $175 per player.  Optional $200 team buy in
Includes 2 tournament rounds with cart
Format:  2 Person Best Ball
Flights determined by handicap and tees of play.

Friday social:   Serving heavy appetizers.
Band party with Breakfast Club.
Open to player and 1 additional guest.
$20 for additional guest eating from appetizer bar.
No charge for those attending and not eating.

Saturday social:  Serving flounder &  shrimp.

Breakfast & lunch both days
Member receive complimentary practice round.  Guest pay $16 cart fee.
Use of range Friday through  Sunday

Tees of play:
Under 50 years of age.  3 & under handicap ~ black tees
Under 50 years of age.  4 to 9 handicap ~ green tees
Under 50 years of age.  10 & Over handicap ~ blue tees

50 to 64 years of age.  9 & under handicap ~ green tees
50 to 64 years of age 10 & over handicap ~ blue tees

65 years and older.  14 & under handicap ~ white tees
65 years and older.  15 & over handicap ~ gold tees

Women under 65.  14 & under handicap ~ gold tees
Women under 65.  15 & over handicap ~ red tees
Women over 65.  Red tees 

Players can request to move to a more difficult set of tees


Seafood golf tournament social open to
tournament players, members not in the tournament
& guest of players and members.
Friday, October 18th

Serving heavy appetizers from 6:30 to 8:30.
Band party with Breakfast Club (playing from 7:00 to 10:00).
Tournament player and 1 additional guest
entry included in tournament entry fee.
$20 for additional guest eating from appetizer bar.
No charge for those attending and not eating.
Regular menu available until 8:00 in clubhouse bar.

Members online registration for non tournament participants.

Ladies Golf Association
Tuesday, October 22nd 9:00 am
(Rain date Tuesday, October 29th 9:00 am

"Girlfriends day"!!!
Members bring your friends to play for $30 (same fee for members and guest).
This will not be a tournament, but there will be prizes for
closets to the pins and straightest drive.

$30 fee includes greens fees, cart, lunch and prizes!
To register send a check, payable to MCCC LGA, to
Kay Jaenike at 111 Edwards Drive, Morehead City, NC 28557 by October 15th
along with your approximate handicap and contact information.
For additional info:  call Anna Stewart (757) 284-8717
Lifetime memberships.
Limited number of spots available.

Your support for lifetime memberships will assist
in beginning the much anticipated new clubhouse!


These are truly exciting times to be a member of Morehead City Country Club.
Your continued support has allowed the club to grow to where it is today.
The mission is simple.  Management and the Board of Directors are striving
to provide members with unmatched membership value.

Phase 1 improvements transformed the course to one of the top courses in all of eastern North Carolina. 
The course provides enjoyment for all levels of golfer, while providing a memorable playing experience. 
MCCC now has a spectacular course that can be enjoyed for a lifetime!

Phase 2 aquatic center construction brought a complex with superior views.
There is no better pool area in Carteret County to bring the family.
Delicious food and ice cold drinks complement the pool at the Tee-Ki bar!

Phase 3 clubhouse will bring a new level of dining and entertainment options.
Your new clubhouse will have unmatched views of golf, Newport River and spectacular sunsets.

Below is information on Phase 1 of Morehead City Country Club’s Capital Campaign;
a campaign that will be instrumental in construction of the clubhouse.

The time is now for a vision to become a reality!



For the first time in club history
Morehead City Country Club is offering lifetime memberships!
Act fast, this is a limited offer.
If you are interested in a lifetime membership please contact
Nick Eatmon at 252.342.0951
or by email:

Lifetime membership categories:
Lifetime memberships are family memberships
Under 55 years of age $25,000
55 to 69 years of age $17,500
70 years of age and over $12,500


Youth Legacy Lifetime Membership:
Members can purchase this membership
for any child under the age of 10.
Cost is $5,000.

Youth Legacy Lifetime Membership allows the child to be a single member of the club for life.
Once married, if the individual would like to change from a single membership
to a family membership there will be a $5,000 reduction in initiation fees.
This is also a limited offer.

Lifetime memberships will assist in funding the clubhouse project.
Lifetime memberships can become effective as early as July 1st of 2019.     
Lifetime Memberships:  Lifetime memberships are available to those resident and non-resident members that elect to pay for their dues in a lump sum.  The dues shall be in such amount as may be set by the Board of Directors. Members shall become a member in this classification by request of the member and approval by the Board of Directors.  There shall be no more than 50 lifetime members at any one time.  There shall be no refund of any lifetime dues paid for any reason, including but not limited to:  resignation, or death of member or if the member shall be terminated or suspended pursuant to these bylaws.   
The Board may establish different dues payments for different age groups and set any conditions or limits on such lifetime memberships in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors, and such payment amounts and terms and conditions may vary over time.  Lifetime members will be exempt from the regular periodic payment of dues paid by the other classes of members, but will still be required to pay any special assessments, capital/building fund fees, range or handicap fees, member charges or any user fees the club may establish.  A lifetime member shall be required to be a stock holding member and shall be entitled to one vote per share and be entitled to vote as other shareholders pursuant to these bylaws.
Youth Legacy Lifetime Memberships:  Youth Legacy lifetime memberships are available to those current Resident and non-resident members that elect to pay a one-time fee, in such amount as may be set by the Board of Directors, for a family member under the age of ten (10) to receive a lifetime individual membership.  Members shall become a member in this classification by request of the current member and approval by the Board of Directors.  The Board may set the limit on the number of Youth Legacy lifetime memberships available.  Youth Legacy lifetime members will be exempt from the regular periodic payment of dues paid by the other classes of members, but will still be required to pay member charges or any user fees the club may establish.  Upon reaching the age of twenty-five (25), the Youth Legacy lifetime member will be required to pay any special assessments and/or capital/building fund fees as set forth by the Board of Directors.  In the event the Youth Legacy lifetime member requests to transfer his/her individual membership to another classification (subject to approval by the Board of Directors), the Youth Legacy lifetime member will be given a credit of the amount of the one-time fee initially paid for the membership to be applied against the initiation fee in existence at the time of the request.  The Youth Legacy lifetime member would then be responsible for the regular periodic payment of dues for the classification of membership in existence at the time of the request.  Youth Legacy lifetime members shall be Class C stock holding, non-participating, non-voting members.
Frequently asked questions:
What is the scope of the capital project?
The project entails a new clubhouse, which will have restaurant, bar, kitchen, golf shop, locker room for men and women, office space and storage.  Wrap around porches will allow for ample outdoor space.  Site will allow for a new parking lot and an extension to our current driveway to reach the new parking lot and clubhouse. The new building will be located in the clearing between the 9th green and the 18th green. The new parking lot will be located in front of the new clubhouse and extend down alongside #10 tees.  Parking location allows easy access to the clubhouse for everyday and provides ample spaces for any additional events being held at the facility throughout the year.
                                                                                                          Conceptual Rendering
Why is the club starting a capital campaign now?
Morehead City Country Club has long needed investment in its capital infrastructure having operated out of aging facilities for years.  The original capital improvement plan was broken down into 3 phases. Phase 1 was to renovate the golf course.  Renovations were needed to improve aging greens, add teeing options,  along with improving bunker design.  The course renovation and new course layout allowed space for a new pool and new clubhouse.  Phase 2 added the pool and pool bar.  Now that Phase 1 and 2 are complete, the club is ready to move to Phase 3 – The new clubhouse.  The club’s current clubhouse does not meet the needs of the clubs diversified and growing membership. 

How much are you trying to raise in this campaign?
Based on anticipated cost of construction and the current loan proposal, the club is looking to raise a minimum of 1 million dollars.  Just like home buyers the club is required by the bank to have a down payment to secure the loan.  Lifetime memberships are Phase 1 of the capital campaign and will assist in raising money for the down payment.  Additionally, the club is looking into the possibility of naming rights for different aspects of the clubhouse along with potential hole naming rights. 

Will there be an assessment or dues increase?
It has always been the policy of our Board of Directors to work to avoid dues increases and assessments.  This policy is reflected in the fact there has not been a dues increase since 2006, despite an increase in inflation, a recession and most recently extensive losses from Hurricane Florence.  Completion of Phase 1 and 2 brought over $3 million in improvements with no assessments or dues increase, which is unheard of in the club industry. 

If you are concerned about an assessment or dues increase please bring your concerns to Nick Eatmon.  He is glad to show how the club is working to avoid substantial dues increase and assessments.  Nick can be reached by phone at 252.342.0951.  

What is your timeline for completing the clubhouse?
The soonest the club can begin construction will depend on money raised and completion of construction drawings.  A realistic goal is to break ground in 2020.  The clubhouse may take up to 18 months to build.  Take note, current construction cost due to Hurricane Florence have risen by more than 20%.  Any plans to start construction before next year when costs are anticipated to normalize would have resulted in a cost exceeding budget.
The club has changed to paperless billing.
Those wishing to receive a paper statement
can do so, but must contact the business office by phone
at (252) 726-4917 ex. 2

Click here to update email.

Reminder anyone paying by credit card for
dues and member charges will be charged
a 2.5% processing fee

You can check your statements and or 
pay your dues online through the following links.
Click here to view your itemized statement.
Click here and go to bill pay tab for online payments.

If you have already registered your account:
Simply type in your username
and password and click "Log In."
Click on your name in the top right hand corner
and then click on "Member Statements."

Members who have not registered your account:
Click on "Member Registration." 
Use the name shown on your statement
along with your member number
to register your account.

Once your account is validated,
you will create your username and password.
Click on your name in the top right hand corner
and then click on "Member Statements."
Your statements will be uploaded and
available to view within the next 24 hours.

Past weekly emails 
be viewed by clicking here

Calendar of Events

Mailing address:  PO Box 2400, Morehead City, NC 28557
Physical Address:  2900 Country Club Road, Morehead City, NC 28557
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