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Friday, January 11th
6:00 to 10:00
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$20 includes heavy appetizers & $5,000 in playing chips.
Members guest $40.

Bar opens at 6:00
Appetizers served from 6:30 to 8:00
Raffle prizes announced by 10:00.

$10 for additional $5,000 in playing chips.

Every $1,000 in chips cashed in at the end of the night
will receive a raffle ticket.  For each participant
$10 will be put into the raffle pot!
Limited to 150 players.
Games to include:
Blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, bingo &
wheel of fortune. 


Top 10 things to expect for MCCC in 2019
From Nick Eatmon

Morehead City Country Club has experienced unprecedented growth
in 2017 & 2018.  Membership has grown from just over 600 to 900!
2017 growth stemmed from a renovated golf course.
2018 growth continued by adding a new pool complex.
Read below to see how MCCC plans on continuing the momentum.

1.  Clubhouse progress:
Numerous floor plans have been considered with the design
below being the one taken to lenders.  Please realize exterior
concept along with floor plans are not finalized and may be
altered.  You'll notice the clubhouse is very similar to what
has been advertised in the concept video over the last 2
years.  Great consideration has been taken into building a
clubhouse that will not only suit the clubs membership,
but one the club can afford.


Floor plans:
Detail from the floor plans may be difficult to read.
Large sheets are available in the golf shop.  The
clubhouse interior is 76x76.  Heated space shown is
11,552 sq.ft.  A 10 foot porch wraps around the building
with an additional porch on the water side of 18x48. 
Additional porch is 864 sq.ft.  With the current design
there is not a dedicated ballroom space.  On the second
floor the bar and restaurant space is designed to open up
to one large room when needed for member parties. 
This room would be just shy of 3,000 square feet.

The first floor has locker rooms for both men and women
along with multi use rooms for both men and women.
These rooms can also be opened into one room and
can be used for additional space for larger parties.
Below is a site plan showing an area that would 
allow for a 3,600 square foot area for a tent.
  The tented space is located for easy access to the
downstairs portion of the clubhouse and bathrooms. 

1st Floor

2nd Floor

Site plan: 
The club has been working with Arendall Engineers and have
developed several site plans for the clubhouse and
parking lot.  Below is a concept being taken to Arendell
Engineers to update for an outside gathering spot
and future cart barn.  

The biggest question is when will the club break ground.
The answer is unknown.  The club is currently working
with financial lenders specifically Richard McIntyre and
Sound Bank along with Doug Spear from Spear Consulting 
to navigate the loan process.   The club is also in constant
contact with architect Lee Dixon along with Simpson Construction.
The club hopes to begin construction drawings in the first half
of 2019.  Answers on the timing of the loan process hope
to be answered in the next couple of months.
Throughout 2019 you will be updated on progress. 

Please do not hesitate to ask for more information.
I can be reached by phone at 252.342.0951
or email at

2.  Financials:

The rumor mill

In many cases the rumor mill swirls around financial questions. 
Questions seem to stem from a concern of a dues increase or
club assessment.  As it is hard to believe a club can make millions
of dollars in improvements and look to make millions more in
improvements while not increasing dues or implementing a
substantial assessment.  At the same time it’s hard to believe a
club can have such great prices from cart fees, golf shop merchandise 
and food & beverage items.  The goal for the club for a number of
years has been to provide the membership with the utmost in value. 
Without question the club is of great value and the clubs value
has increased in recent years.  Take note at this point in time
the Board of Directors is not looking to increase dues or have
an assessment.  The board over the years has been consistent
in not raising dues or having assessments.  In fact the club hasn't
raised dues since 2006 despite inflation being approximately
25%.  It is the staff and Board of Directors job to look at all options. 
If the club does have a dues increase in the future or assessment
it will be only to provide the membership with greater value.

Can the club afford a new clubhouse?
There are a couple of points to consider.  The club as it stands today
has a budget that can afford the yearly payments for the clubhouse
along with the course renovation and pool construction.  However,
the clubs goal and as stipulated by the bank is to make a minimum
of 25% over what potential combined debt payments would be for
golf course renovations, pool and clubhouse.  Financials will need
to improve slightly.  Below is how the club plans to continue to work
towards improving financially.

Changes in 2019 are to include credit card processing fees
up to 2.5% on dues and member charges.  This coupled with
going to paperless billing will save the club over $3,500
a month on average.  Paperless billing and credit card processing
fees will begin in April.  Those wishing to change their payment
preferences from credit card to bank draft will need to contact
the business office by March 31st at 252.726.4917 ex. 2.

You pay dues for a reason and the club believes in offering
the best food & drink prices found anywhere.  However, prices
have been under review and some items have already
been increased.  The club is working towards 50% food
& beverage items with payroll accounting for just fewer
than 50%.  This does not include entertainment budget for
parties and events such as the complimentary New Years
Day brunch.  Normal restaurants operate on 60% to 65%
total for the two items.  Morehead City Country Club
operates differently with dues offsetting margin loss and
up to $50,000 in entertainment cost.  This is the same as
the club offsetting losses in daily golf operations. 
The club actually supplements golf approximately
10 times more than food and beverage.

Dues, range, initiation & stock fees are expected to be
greater than $1.75 million in 2019.  As a comparison in
2014 total revenue for the entire club was $1.73 million.
A goal for 2019 is to increase the social/limited golf
membership by 50 along with keeping full membership
capped.  This alone would lead to an approximate
additional $100,000 in revenue for 2020.  

If the club can increase the membership by 50, while implementing
credit card processing fees and improving food and beverage
margins the club will exceed the 25% overage needed for total
debt payments. 

What happens if  the club doesn't reach these goals?  
Let’s say for example the club needs to increase revenue by
$80,000 a year through dues.  With 900 members your dues would
need to increase by 25 cents a day. 

  Assessment is widely considered the worst word in country clubs. 
The Board of Directors does not take any potential assessment no
matter how small it may ultimately be lightly.  At some point the
club will need to come up with money to complete the loan process. 
The club is looking into an optional capital campaign that may offer
such items as naming rights for the clubhouse along with different
options such as lifetime membership privileges.  Take assurance
the club is working towards minimizing or avoiding assessments. 
Answers will come into focus after  capital campaign, cash flow
management in 2019 and timing on when money will need to be
put down for the loan. 

Bottom line.  The club is in a great position.
If you have questions on financials please ask.
The membership, staff and Board of Directors
all want what is best for the entire membership
and the future of the club.  Let's all work together
to do what is best for MCCC!  

3.  Golf course will continue to mature:

The grounds crew has had their back against the walls
throughout 2018.  Poor weather started last winter and continued
throughout the year culminating with the hurricane and record
yearly rainfall.  In 2019 the crew will be fighting to combat 2018’s
poor weather.  In the winter the crew will be working on several
drainage projects.  For 2019 the chemical/fertilizer budget has
been increased.  The crew will be aggressive in eliminating weeds
and pushing greens and fairways to reach their full potential. 
Additionally the crew will be adding new practice such as
aerifying and verticutting fairways.  Just before the hurricane
the course was hydro seeded with love grass in a number of
areas.  The hurricanes rain destroyed these areas.  You will
see these areas seeded again late spring/early summer.  Plans
were put into place for the larges pine straw spread the course
has seen for late 2018.  Hurricane delayed these plans.  The crew
has been busy working to clean the course and you will be
seeing the pine straw plan come to fruition in the
spring of 2019.  Expect to see the course flourish in 2019. 


4.  Improvements at the pool:

The pool was a home run in 2018.  Club is shooting for a
grand slam in 2019.  Improvements will include the purchase
of more umbrellas.  Expect to see more kid games by the pool. 
The bar will increase frozen drink options while offering the
best prices.  The club looks to open in May and have the pool open
into October.  Don’t forget the pool is available for private parties. 
Parties not only for kids, but adults as well!  


5.  Communication:

With so many improvements and proposed improvements
it comes as no surprise that the rumor mill is in full swing! 
As a reminder the third Tuesday of the month the Board
of Directors holds a meeting open to the membership at 5:30. 
Understandably many are unable to attend these meetings. 
Please take note I am available to answer your questions. 
I can be reached by phone at 252.342.0951 or by email at  Additionally the club
will be starting a section in the newsletter to try to answer
select questions brought to me and the Board of Directors. 

Additionally the club will be adding a link to calendar of 
events.  Yearly event calendar will be available in the 
coming weeks.

We want your input on golf and social!  Pay attention to club
newsletters for dates to discuss both golf and social events. 
Even if you can’t make it on select dates to discuss potential club
events please email your ideas to 

If you are seeing this post from the club
website or on facebook and would like to have
future post sent to you through email click here.

Lastly Facebook has been a huge asset for communication.
Event registration and daily special are advertised there
Numerous pictures covering all aspects of the club 
are shown more often on Facebook than 
anywhere else.  Well over 2,000 follow MCCC on 
Facebook.  If you're on Facebook and not following the
club please do so by clicking here.

6.  Club events & specials:

The Seafood tournament & Pro Am will be back in 2019! 
The Seafood tournament will be a two man event.  With the
success of the Member/Guest and Member/Member tournaments
we hope members and their guest will fill out the Seafood tournament. 
Members and their guest will have the first opportunities to register
over guest / guest teams.  The pro am will be August 5th & 6th. 
Yamaha has stepped up and donated $2,500 to the pro am. 
The club is excited to bring some of the best club pro’s in the
Carolinas to compete with MCCC members on the new course. 
The club will also be offering smaller events such as the ABCD
tournament and par 3 challenges.  The Wednesday night shootout
will be continued with hole in one incentives to go along with
skins game and team prizes.  Additional new two man shootouts
will be put together by Nick, John & Andrew.  This will be a great
opportunity to play with the pros.  The club will also look to 
begin weekend skins game with hole in one incentives during
the prime season.

F&B:  Food & beverage staff will be offering daily specials. 
Come spring the club will be offering new Friday night specials. 
More memories and more laughs for all in 2019.  The staff will focus
on a variety of new events targeted at different demographics
of the club.  Expect everything from formal events, to date nights,
to bounce houses by the pool.  Stay tuned!


7.  New Golf Carts: 

Yamaha golf carts will be delivered in January.  In May they
will be upgraded with new tires and rims along with a state of the
art GPS system.  No course will have a nicer fleet!  Yamaha has a
new breaking system and tow bar holder.  Carts will have same
features as the past fleet with USB ports and custom seats. 
There are plenty of surprises with the new carts in their styling. 
Pictures will come as soon as they arrive!

8.  Golf Clinics & Lessons:

In 2018 Andrew Collins introduced Operation 36 for juniors.  Expect
Operation 36 to take off for juniors beginning this spring. 
Elements from Operation 36 will also be introduced to ladies
and beginning golfers in the spring.  The staff is looking to push
clinics and lessons for all levels of golfers throughout the year. 
Be on the lookout for lunch lesson specials!

9.  Hurricane recovery:

The club took a substantial hit to clubhouse roof, pool bar and
golf course.  Cleanup on the course began  immediately
after the storm.  Clubhouse and pool bar are still under repair. 
Roof is the main holdup with the clubhouse and the Board of
Directors are working on roofing options.  The bad news is insurance
only covers a fraction of loss of income and damages on the course. 
Even with insurance coverage the club is looking at a loss of over
$100,000.  With course renovation and construction of the pool a
portion of those payments were to be paid through cash flow in 2019. 
The club was able to push payments to 2019 by utilizing the clubs
credit line in 2018.  By bank stipulations the credit line must be
paid off in 2019.  With losses from Florence along with the need
to pay off the credit line the club is in a cash pinch for club
improvements in 2019.  Improvements may be delayed  such
as netting on the driving range, cart path construction by the 9th
tee along with additional cart path work, graveling the parking
by the pool and a planned tree nourishment program.  It is not out
of the question for a portion or all of these projects to be completed in
2019.  For this to occur the club will need to have a successful
winter while membership continues to rise. 
Please no hurricanes in 2019!


10.  New staff will help take the club to its highest levels:

Each department acquired outstanding staff members in 2018. 

In the office Caitlin Billingsley has brought enthusiasm, a can
do attitude along with incredible efficiency to the job.  Caitlin
came to the club after managing a high-end fitness center in
Houston Texas.  While managing the fitness center she used the
same point of sale system MCCC utilizes.  This allowed her to
hit the ground running and become a huge asset to all
departments.  In 2019 she will become more active
assisting in advertising, website development and
event planning.    

Food & beverage staff has realized unheard of growth in
recent years.  All the credit should go to Jennifer Trujillo
as she helped to manage through recent growing pains. 
Did you know food & beverage sales are expected to triple from
just a few years back?  Now Jen, Ashley, Colleen and the rest
of the staff have the help they’ve needed.  Johnny Chaanine
was brought on as the full time chef.  Johnny brings experience
of running the #1 bar restaurant in Morehead City for 19 years. 
Eli Henckler was hired towards the end of the year.  Eli has
over 15 years of cooking experience.  Katie Pittas comes to the
club with over 10 years of restaurant experience with the past
3 years serving as manager of a Leesburg, VA hotspot for food &
drink.  Chasity Lobard & Autumn Hansen round out the new
full time  staff for f & b.  This staff is poised to make
2019 one to remember!

Golf operations added a much-needed assistant for John Trujillo
in Andrew Collins.  The gentle giant, played college basketball
and served in the police force following college.  Andrew fell in
love with golf after college and is currently working his way through
the PGA program.  Andrew has been in the golf industry for the last
6 years.  Andrew is enthusiastic about leading junior golf development
in 2019.

Grounds crew has had to work through a tremendous amount
of change.  William Toms and crew have navigated the course
through a course renovation along with maintaining new grasses.
 MCCC has a history of operating with two managers on the grounds
crew who have earned their turf grass degree.  Willy has been
working as the sole holder of a turf grass degree for over 5 years. 
Towards the end of the season Sean Hug was brought on board to
work alongside Willy.  Sean comes to the club after serving as
superintendent of Raspberry Falls for over 10 years.  Raspberry
Falls has been ranked as a top course in Virginia for years. 
In recent years Sean also served as regional superintendent
over 3 additional course.  Sean earned his turf grass degree from
Ohio State University.  Willy and Sean have worked beautifully
together.  The crew has been strong for a number of years, but the
addition of Sean rounded out the crew to where it needs to be.  
Those of you playing regularly could see the improvements
in the course over the year.  Without question the hurricane was 
huge step back.  However, the crew has said they are ready to kick
a** this year.  So expect to see a lot of butt kicking in 2019!


As you can see the themes for 2019 include
continued improvement while planning for the future.

This can't be stressed enough,
we want to hear your thoughts.  If you have ideas, 
concerns, complaints or compliments please let 
myself and the Board of Directors know.

I personally can't wait for an outstanding 2019
and taking another step towards being the 
undisputed champion in country club 
membership value!


Current social/limited golf members 
please take note of your new benefits listed below.

If you currently have full membership
privileges and would like to transfer over to
social/limited golf membership call
Nick Eatmon at 252-342-0951.
Or send an email to 

Purchase a Social/Limited golf membership
in December and have the opportunity to decide
your activation date.  Activation date can
be effective immediately or any time in 2019.

Join the fastest growing club in the Carolinas
with over 300 new members in the last 2 years!
Find out why Morehead City Country Club is known
as the #1 Private Country Club in membership value.

Social / Limited Golf Membership

-Full access to clubhouse, pool & events
-3 Day priority tee time accessibility
-Optional range club membership, $100 a year
-$40 to play golf before 12:30, includes cart fee

Full membership golf privileges after 12:30 
-$8 ~ Nine hole cart fees from 12:30 to 3:00
-$3 ~ Nine hole cart fees after 3:00
Families under the age of 40
$375 quarter dues ($125 month)

Resident membership
$575 quarterly dues ($191.66 month)

Non-resident membership
$475 quarterly dues ($158.33 month)


Resident membership
$490 quarterly dues ($163.33 month)

Non-resident membership
$433.75 quarterly dues ($144.58 month)

No additional fees

Full membership currently has a waitlist of 45. 
For full membership rates click here.

Morehead City Country Club’s value
keeps getting better & better!
Recent improvements include a renovated
golf course in 2017 & a new pool facility in 2018.
MCCC is currently working towards
a new multipurpose clubhouse.

Membership benefits include but not limited to:
Unbeatable food & beverage pricing
Year long social calendar
Local & national golf reciprocal opportunities
Complete practice facilities
PGA professional on staff to provide lessons

For more information on
Morehead City Country Club
membership options and
benefits or to take a tour
contact Nick Eatmon at 252-342-0951. 
Or by email at


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