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Arendell engineers working to complete elevations
and drainage plans for parking lot.
Site plan is difficult to read, but gives a good
snap shot of suggested locations for parking, clubhouse, patio & cart barn.
Club is working to begin work on the site within the next 2 months.


  Friday, October 16th
Dinner from 5 to 8, show begins at 8

Comedy that’s real, without being vulgar or “cringey”

          “A fresh, original, comic voice." "The wittiest comic working today.”- NY Post
TV shows he helped write: Seinfeld Politically Incorrect Jimmy Kimmel Live ▪Emmys
Comedy Headliner on 9 Overseas Military tours!

 ►Vegas/Atlantic City Casinos: 
▪The Stardust             ▪Trumps          ▪The Claridge             ▪Excalibur
▪Caesar’s Palace         ▪Tropicana      ▪Resorts International
►Some of the stars he’s appeared with:
             ▪Bob Hope               ▪Jerry Seinfeld                    ▪Joan Rivers                        ▪Ray Romano
    ▪Jon Stewart       ▪Lewis Black    ▪Ray Charles  and many, many more stars
Come see what the fuss is all about…
REALLY funny, content-appropriate, and NOT AT ALL ‘corny’

Show will be held outside under the tent.

Serving flounder & shrimp for $20
Regular menu also available
Serving from 5 to 8.

Click here to reserve your dinner



 October 17th-18th
Seafood tournament

Member receive complimentary practice round.  Guest pay $16 cart fee.
Dinner and a show with comedian Keith Barany for player and one guest.
Comedy night Friday, October 16th serving flounder & shrimp for dinner
Additional guest $20.

Click here to indicate if you will be bringing additional guest or will not be attending comedy night.


  Seafood Tournament Saturday Tee Times    
  Corey Lewis Green   Vann Parker Green 8:00
  Thomas Riley Green   Ben Riley Green 8:00
  Mike Bradshaw Green   Cameron Guthrie Green 8:11
  Wil Wynn Green   Jamie Wilson Green 8:11
  Brandon Taylor Green   Daniel Faulkner Green 8:22
  Lance Waggener Green   Kent Malzi Green 8:22
  George Whiting Green   Will Townsend Green 8:33
  Chad Jackson Green   Brian Hepler Green 8:33
  David Horne Green   Justin Ivy Green 8:44
  Brooks Jernigan Green   Jimmy Paylor Blue 8:44
  Mitch Oakley Gold   Betsy Oakley Red 8:55
  Randy Willis White   Steve Coyte White 8:55
  Don Waters Blue   Darrell Waters White 9:06
  Bill Hall Blue   Dan Novey White 9:06
  Brian Schultz White   Donald Hollister White 9:17
  James Tuck White   Bob Compton White 9:17
  Donnie Hinson White   Jimmy Jones White 9:28
  Doug Burton Green   Bill Cooper Green 9:28
  Tom Giblin White   Frank Gainey Blue 9:39
  Jeff Jurgenson Blue   Joe Howe Blue 9:39
  Jon Wohlfert Blue   Wes Bartlett Green 9:50
  Matt Corey Green   Andy Machek Green 9:50
  Win Walker Blue   Bruce Crockett Blue 10:01
  Curtis Hickman Blue   Alan Leary Blue 10:01
  Dave Neville Green   Mike Hines Green 10:12
  John Burton Green   Parker Allen Green 10:12
  Joy Bell Red   Pam Tysor Red 10:23
  Andrew Foster Green   Doug Foster White 10:23
  Bob Blewett Gold   Pete Miller White 10:34
  Chuck Caldwell Blue   Ronnie Albritton Blue 10:34
  Doug Burton Jr. Green   John Kirkland Green 10:45
  Dave Henderson Blue   Tim Harris Blue 10:45


Soaring past original goal of $5,000
Donations nearing $10,000!
Thank you!!!!

Monday, October 19th,
There will be a beverage cart following
Nick & John on Monday afternoon.
All are welcomed to come and see if Nick & John can make 100 holes!!!
Course will remain open for regular play.

For those who would like to donate anonymously click here.
All donations are tax deductible.

Click here for information on Nick & John's 100 hole golf marathon and donation opportunities.
Donate as little as $10 and have a chance to win 3 hours of lessons!

Special thanks to Carteret News Times & JJ Smith for helping to promote the event.

Click here for Carteret News Times article.

Nick & John want to thank the following for their donations.
Here is the latest list of donations:

Gordon Welsh $5 hole & $10 per birdie
Doug Townsend $250 & $250 if John & Nick play 100 holes
JoAnn & Duncan MacLane $300
Budget Blinds $250
Peggy Stallworth $1 hole, $2.50 per birdie, $5 eagle
Mike Spissu $50
James Tuck $50
James East .50 per hole, .50 per birdie
Carol Beaird .50 per hole, .50 per birdie
Chuck & Jean McDanal $1 per hole, $1 per birdie
Alan Leary $1 per hole, $1 per birdie
Martin Sceeny .50 per hole, .50 per birdie
Richard Lackman $25
JoAnne Harrell $50
Penn Shore $1 per birdie, $1 per birdie
Tom Copeland $100
Richard & Marilyn Bingmann $100
Jack Winchester $1 per hole $1 per birdie
John Fountain $100
Richard Porter $1 per hole
Steve Chalk $100
Matt & Kim Tynes $50
Richard Parker $100
David & Sheri Colquitt $50
Lance Waggener $100
Barry Dillehay $50
Marc & Maureen LaFrance $1 hole
Steve Proctor $1 hole, $1 birdie
Andrew Foster .50 hole, .50 birdie
Doug Burton $100
Joy Bell $1 hole $1 birdie
Bert Pearce $100
Benson Campbell $1 hole $1 birdie
Joe Mikrut $2 hole $1 birdie
Ron Pearson .50 hole, .50 birdie
Whitney Bullock $1 hole
Bill & Kathy Eatmon $100
Doug Rosier .75 hole .25 birdie
Joe & Betsy Decampo $50
Jane Domer $25
Sandi Woods $50
Vic & Joyce Olsen $50
Jim & Diane Ellington $150
Dell Ericksen $30
Randy Miller $100
Chic & Sue McMahon $.50 hole
Richard Tuttle $25
Don Kirkman $100
Randal Parker $50
Bob & Grace Marshall $100
Phil & Anna Stewart $100 & $1 birdie
Pete Huffey $100
Jim & Myra Harris $50
John Fountain $100
Bill Coulter $1 hole $1 birdie
Fletcher Poulk $100
Curtis Hickman / Port City Motors  $50
Lee & Sally Lumpkin $100 & $500 hole in one
Anonymous $650
Anonymous $500
Anonymous $50

Nick Eatmon & John Trujillo also plan on donating  $1 hole & $1 birdie


Local fish special will be flounder & shrimp.  $20
Dine in, take out or enjoy comedy night by the pool
Regular menu also available.
Serving from 5 to 8.  

Online Registration


Saturday, October 10th

Championship Flight
1st Low Gross ~ JoAnne Harrell   78     $65
2nd Low Gross ~ Scholar Warren   79     $35

First Flight
1st Low Gross ~ Pam Tysor   84     $50
T2nd Low Net ~ Joy Bell   75   $25
T2nd Low net ~ Joyce Olsen   75   $25

Second Flight
1st Low Gross ~ Anna Stewart   86   $50
1st Low Net ~ Diane Ellington   66   $50


No more pond on #1

To assist the staff, ensure safety, protect course conditions 
and assist with proper pace of play you are asked to abide by the following guidelines:

Check in with the golf shop before play.
Abide by cart rules for the day.
No fivesomes before 2:00.

Any tee time with less than 4 players may have players added to the tee time by staff to total a foursome.
No one under the age of 16 is to drive a cart anywhere on site.
Golfers are not to tee off on their second nine before 9:00.

All handicap golfer are to present handicap tag or doctors note to staff.

Be mindful of pace of play
Pace of play is to be 3 hours & 45 minutes or less. 
Allocations allowed for cart path only days & tournaments.
If you have an open hole in front of your group at any time you are to let faster players through.

Please take note:
Violations of the rules above will result in a warning.
Additional violation to result in a $100 fine.
Next violation to result in temporary suspension of club.
Further violations will result in actions determined by Board of Directors.

Club has reached membership capacity.
To be on the wait list please turn in an
application to the business office as soon as possible. 

Membership options include full membership & social/afternoon golf memberships.
Social/afternoon golf includes membership rates for golf after 12:30.
Both full and social/afternoon membership categories have options including:

junior (under age of 40), non-resident & resident memberships
No initiation options also available.
All memberships are family memberships.

Full membership pricing shown at the end of this newsletter.

For more information call Nick Eatmon at 252.342.0951

or email

Click here for membership application

Full Membership Rates:

With $1,000 Initiation  
Resident Membership (Carteret County and Havelock): 
Stock Certificate (One Time Fee)            $100.00 
One (1) Quarter Dues                                $665.00 
TOTAL:                                                       $1,765.00 

Non-Resident Membership: 
Stock Certificate (One Time Fee)           $100.00 
One (1) Quarter Dues                               $608.75 
TOTAL:                                                        $1,708.75


No Initiation Options:

Resident Membership (Carteret County and Havelock): 
Stock Certificate (One Time Fee)            $100.00 
One (1) Quarter Dues                                $750.00 
TOTAL:                                                        $850.00

Non-Resident Membership: 
Stock Certificate (One Time Fee)         $100.00
One (1) Quarter Dues                                $650.00 
TOTAL:                                                       $750.00

Junior Membership, Under 40 
Stock Certificate (One Time Fee)        $100.00 
(1) Quarter Dues                                    $550.00
TOTAL:                                                     $650.00

Social/Afternoon golf membership rates
Includes full use of the golf course after 12:30
Full use of pool and clubhouse throughout the day

With $1,000 Initiation
Resident Membership (Carteret County and Havelock): 
One (1) Quarter Dues                              $490.00 
   TOTAL:                                                      $1,490.00 

Non-Resident Membership:
One (1) Quarter Dues                              $433.75 
TOTAL:                                                      $1,433.75

No Initiation Options
Resident Membership (Carteret County and Havelock): 
One (1) Quarter Dues                             $575.00

Non-Resident Membership:
One (1) Quarter Dues                           $475.00

Junior Membership, Under 40 
(1) Quarter Dues                                      $375.00 




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