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Even if you're not in the tournament you can sign
up for the social with North Tower Band!

North Tower has been one of the south’s great party bands
for over 35 years, providing the best in Top 40, beach, funk and oldies.

July 27th & 28th
Member/Member Golf Tournament & Social

Social with the band North Tower on Friday, July 26th
124 Players competing
$145 per player 

            $100 per player optional team buy in

Non tournament players can also attend social on Friday
Social Registration

Format:  Tee times with 6 Teams per flight with full field.  
Flighting based on team handicap.  
60% of A player combined with 40% of B player.

Entry fee includes:  
Practice round and 2 tournament rounds
Friday night appetizer bar for player and guest

Breakfast served Saturday & Sunday from 7 to 10
Lunch served Saturday & Sunday from 11:30 to 2
Appetizers on Friday begin at 6:30
North Tower Band plays from 7 to 10 

Tournament Formats:
Saturday ~ 1st Nine       Best Ball
           Saturday ~ 2nd Nine      Texas Scramble
 Sunday ~ 1st Nine         Superball
             Sunday ~ 2nd Nine       Alternate Shot 
Best Ball 
Each player will receive 100% of their adjusted course handicap. 
Players will play their own ball on each hole taking the best net score.  
Ball to be played down.

Texas Scramble 
Both players tee off.  The best tee shot is chosen. 
Players then play their own ball until the ball is holed with the best score being used.
Tee shot can be moved 6 inches no closer to the hole without changing
terrain with the exception of the putting green.  All other shots are to be played down.

Best shot is used for each shot with each player playing from the
chosen ball until the ball is holed.  Ball can be moved 6 inches no closer to
the hole without changing terrain with the exception of the putting green. 
One ball rule applies.   

Alternate Shot
Players will make a decision who will tee off on either the odd or even holes.  
From the tee shot on players will alternate shots until the ball is holed.  
Ball to be played down.  If player A hits a ball out of bounds or in a
hazard player B will hit next from the spot player A hit from.  
Under no circumstance will a player hit two shots in a row.

Tee times:

(G) for male players indicates green tees
(B) indicates blue tees
(W) indicates white tees

(G) for female players indicates gold tees
(R) indicates red tees

Play is based from blue tees.
Handicaps from other tees will be adjusted in accordance to USGA.

From the USGA:
Set the baseline at the middle and add strokes to higher-rated tee
player(s) and subtract two from the lower-rated tee player(s).
From the USGA:  Please note that a golf club may not ignore Section 3-5/9-3c
when players are competing from a different USGA Course Rating
as doing so would be waiving a Rule of Golf.  The Committee in charge
of a competition does not have the authority to waive a Rule of Golf (see Decision 3-5/2).

Tee ratings:  Green 71.3, Blue 69.3, White, 65.9, Gold (W) 68.1, Red (W) 64.2

If you plan on playing a different set of tees from those shown below please let staff know.
If you have an asterisk by your name staff needs to update your handicap.
To reach staff call 252.726.4917

Bradshaw, Michael (G) Cook, David (G) 8:00
Oliver, John (G) Hall, Ethan (G) 8:00
Parker, Vann (G) King, Brad (G) 8:10
Lewis, Corey (G) Lewis, Dick (W) 8:10
Burnette, Andy (G) Burton, Doug (G) 8:20
Minton, Wes (B) Andrews, Andy (G) 8:20
Wooten, Reid (G) Creech, Hardy (G) 8:30
East, James (B) Roberts, Marvin (B) 8:30
Johnson, Mike (B) Rennwald, DeWayne (G) 8:40
Forguites, Troy (B) Panzerella, Phil (B)  8:40
Beaird, Carol (R King, Sue (R 8:50
Warren, Sholar (G) Rappa, Darlene (G) 8:50
Ogburn, Steve (B) Armistead, Robbie (G) 9:00
Howe, Joe (B) Coalter, Paxton (G) 9:00
Gann, John (G) Donnelly, Jim (W) 9:10
White, Terry (W) Koontz, Quinn (W) 9:10
Willis, Randy (W) Coyte, Steve (W) 9:20
Kelly, Pat (W) Camnitz, Paul (W) 9:20
Shearin, Coye (B) Schultz, Bobby (B) 9:30
Yopp, David (B) Elvers, John (B) 9:30
Small, Mike (W) Guthrie, Sammy (B) 9:40
Blewett, Bob (W) Miller, Pete (W) 9:40
Olsen, Joyce (R) Creech, Joyce (R) 9:50
Weil, Sissy (R Barrus, Juliet (R 9:50
Davis, Chuck (G) Bennett, Tom (W) 10:00
Perry, Ron (W) Ham, Bobby (W) 10:00
Jernigan, Brooks (B) Chisenhall, Lonnie (B) 10:10
Domintrovitz, LeAnne (G) Cates, Julie (G) 10:10
Reed, Leon (W) Winstead, Bill (W)* 10:20
Amerson, Robert (W) Gaskins, Charles (W) 10:20
Knorr, Chuck (B) Ellingsworth, Jason (B) 10:30
Brown, Elmer (B) Barefoot, Hayden (B) 10:30
Nowell, Ted (W) Starling, Sandy (W) 10:40
LaFrance, Marc (W) LaFrance, Maureen (R) 10:40
Marsh, Carl (W) Asmar, George (W) 10:50
Pearce, Bert (B) Smith, Charlie (B) 10:50
Geltz, Norman (W) Campbell, Ben (W) 11:00
Fann, Darrell (W) Fann, Kent (B) 11:00
Mercer, Jimmy (B) Gainey, Frank (B) 11:10
Norris, Jeff (B) Cook, Steve (W) 11:10
Schultz, Brian (W) Hollister, Don (W) 11:20
McDonald, Jim (W) Dillard, Wayne (W)* 11:20
Davis, Randy (B) Rowland, Mitch (B) 11:30
Moore, Bryan (B) Williams, Brian (B) 11:30
Giblin, Tom (B) Brasfield, Hunt (W) 11:40
Hickman, Curtis (B) Whitmoyer, Dane (B) 11:40
Jergsuson, Jeff (B) Ethridge, Jim (B) 11:50
Davis, Edsel (W) Southern, Wic (W) 11:50
Julian, Johns (B) Morel, Matt (B) 12:00
Thomas, Randy (W) Warren, Woody (W) 12:00
Goodman, Helen (R) Ericksen, Dell (R) 12:20
Bolt, JoAnne (R Chambers, Barb (R 12:20
Harris, John (B) Varner, Danny (B) 12:30
Thomas, Matt (B) Renfrow, Jim (B) 12:30
Hinson, Donnie (W) Evans, Rod (W) 12:40
Dobbins, Gary (W) Yurko, John (W) 12:40
Bossard, Miles (W) Bossard, Chris (B) 12:50
Welsh, Brad (B) Welsh, Gordon (W) 12:50
Ritter, Bull (W) Mayer, Mike (W) 1:00
Wohlfert, John (B) Sloan, Temple (B) 1:00
Turnage, Mike (B) Horne, Tim (B) 1:10
Kass, Bob (B) Murphy, Terry (W) 1:10

Friday, August 9th 
Rahn Hortman!
Rahn has performed across the country along with
making several television appearances.
This is a Complimentary Member Event!
Optional surf & turf dinner with prime rib ~ $25
Regular menu also available

Register quickly as this will be a sellout!
Online Registration


Play with the best club professionals in North & South Carolina!
MCCC is hosting a 2 day pro-am August 5th & 6th

Entry $180.  Tee off 11:00 Monday & 10:00 Tuesday. 
Includes lunch & dinner Monday, breakfast & lunch Tuesday. 
Drinks during play, select open bar Monday night. 
There will be a shootout with the low
6 pro's and low 6 ams following play on Monday.

Optional skins game $20 a day.

Member may request to play with other members.

Men under age 65 will play a combination of blue & green tees.
Men over 65 have the option to play the white tees.
Ladies under age 65 will play gold tees, ladies over 65 to play red tees.

Online  Registration


The club has changed to paperless billing.
Those wishing to receive a paper statement
can do so, but must contact the business office by phone
at (252) 726-4917 ex. 2

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Reminder anyone paying by credit card for
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a 2.5% processing fee

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