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Justin Castellano one of the best guitarist to visit MCCC in years is bringing
his talents back for the opening of the pool and tee-ki bar.

Free admission for members and their guests!
Reservations are not needed.
Justin will be paying from 5:30 to 8:30.
Tee-ki bar staying open until 10:00.

Pool and tee-ki bar will be opening at 11:00 on Friday.
Come by and enjoy lunch outside.

Check out these drinks specials from Katie!

Cucumber mint vodka:  Made with Svedka, cucumber slices, mint, lemonade & soda water
Jungle bird:  Made with Captain Morgan, pineapple juice, lime juice, simpl syrup, garnish with pineapple & lime
Spike tea:  Made with Cruzan, Lipton diet green tea, like juice & mint

Johnny's Friday dinner special !

Shrimp and grits with an andouille sausage sauce.
Food & drink served from the tee-ki bar and inside.
Regular menu available.
Dine at the club or take your dinner home.
Extra tables will be set up at the pool.
Serving from 5:30 to 8.

Online reservations

Live entertainment by the pool starts with 3 of the best!!! 
Entertainment provided from 5:30 to 8
Friday, May 14th..........Justin Castellano
Friday, May 21st................Bryan Mayer
Friday, May28th.................Casey Cotton


Demo day
Friday, May 14th from 2 to 6
Cleveleand, Srixon, XXIO
Call the golf shop to book a fitting or 
come out and demo on the range.
Golf Shop 252.726.4917


This Wednesday!
9-hole best ball shootout at 5:00
Format:  Best 2 ball net for each team
Open to men and women.
All levels of skill are welcomed.
If you do not have a handicap the staff provide you with one.
Players under 50 years of age and under 5 index play green tees.
All other players can play their normal set of tees.
Entry:  $20 all money goes towards team prizes
Club puts in $100 for skins game!
Win $500 credit for a hole in one!
Limited to first 40 players

Shootout Online Sign Up


Flounder and shrimp this Wednesday $20
Serving from 5:30 to 8
Regular menu also available

Online Registration

Bingo on Wednesdays!
Playing from 6 to 7.  Play will be in the ballroom.
Play for free!
Club puts in $100 for winnings every week


Pizza, wings & drink specials
Regular menu also available


Sunday brunch served from 10 till 2.
Treat yourself to a mimosa or bloody mary!


Course will open each day at 3:30 for regular membership play.

Member/Member Golf Tournament
May 15th & 16th

Full Field for what is the largest participation in Member/Member history 168 players!

2020 Member Member Champions
Mike Bradshaw and Ethan Hall

$145 per player 
            $100 per player optional team buy in

Tournament Registration

With full flights of 6 teams per flight payout are as follows
1st place team $600
2nd place team $400
3rd place team $200

Tournament Formats:
Saturday ~ 1st Nine       Best Ball
           Saturday ~ 2nd Nine      Texas Scramble
 Sunday ~ 1st Nine         Superball
             Sunday ~ 2nd Nine       Alternate Shot 

Food each day:
Breakfast each day.
7:00-10:30  Bacon, egg & cheese or sausage biscuits with juice, coffee & tea

Lunch beginning at 11 serving until 2:
Saturday:  Cheeseburgers, chips, cookies, tea & water
Sunday:  Chicken filet sandwiches with chips, cookies, tea & water

Best Ball 
Each player will receive 100% of their adjusted course handicap. 
Players will play their own ball on each hole taking the best net score.  

Texas Scramble 
Both players tee off.  The best tee shot is chosen. 
Players then play their own ball until the ball is holed with the best score being used.
Tee shot can be moved 6 inches no closer to the hole without changing
terrain with the exception of the putting green. 

Best shot is used for each shot with each player playing from the
chosen ball until the ball is holed.  Ball can be moved 6 inches no closer to
the hole without changing terrain with the exception of the putting green. 
One ball rule applies.   

Alternate Shot
Players will make a decision who will tee off on either the odd or even holes.  
From the tee shot on players will alternate shots until the ball is holed.  
 If player A hits a ball out of bounds or in a
hazard player B will hit next from the spot player A hit from.  
Under no circumstance will a player hit two shots in a row.

Pairings and tee times subject to change with potential cancellations and additions.
When viewing on a mobile device scroll over to see entire spreadsheet.
Tee times will be reversed on Sunday with lower handicap flights going off last.


8:00 Paul Simson Green +1 Chuck Parker Blue 3 1.2
8:00 Vann Parker Green 1 Lance Waggener Green 4 2.2
8:10 Mike Bradshaw Green 6 Reid Wooten Green +1 2.4
8:10 Dewayne Rennwald Blue 1 Jeff Jones Blue 6 3
8:20 Mike Weaver White +1 Robert Amerson White 8 3.2
8:20 Bryan Carithers Blue 2 Sean Lewis Blue 5 3.2
8:30 Joanne Harrell Red 4 Carol Beaird Red 3 3.4
8:30 Corey Lewis Green 0 Dick Lewis White 9 3.6
8:40 Mike Johnson Blue 9 Jeremy Milton Green 0 3.6
8:40 Brandon Taylor Green 5 Matt Tynes Blue 3 3.8
8:50 Bill Hall White 3 Dan Novey White 5 3.8
8:50 Terry White Gold 4 Quinn Koontz White 4 4
9:00 Randy Davis Blue 6 Mitch Rowland Blue 17 10.4
9:10 George Asmar White 8 David Henderson Blue 14 10.4
9:20 Bobby Cieslak Blue 10 Karson Cieslak Gold 12 10.8
9:20 Ike Stein Blue 8 Brian Moore Blue 15 10.8
9:30 Bob Buttermore White 10 Paul Brosnan White 12 10.8
9:30 Pam Tysor Red 10 Joy Bell Red 13 11.2
9:40 Phil Stewart White 6 Jerry Brinson Gold 3 4.2
9:40 Chuck Davis  Blue 3 Tom Bennett Gold 6 4.2
9:50 Jenna Rutledge Gold 4 Sholar Warren Gold 6 4.8
9:50 Mike Walton  Blue 5 Robbie Webb Blue 5 5
10:00 Joe Howe Blue 8 Coalter Paxton III Blue 3 5
10:00 Brian Schultz Blue 7 Chuck McDanal Gold 4 5.2
10:10 Donnie Hinson White 7 Jimmy Jones White 4 5.2
10:10 Robert Gowen Green 4 Jackson Gowen Green 8 5.6
10:20 Wil Wynn Green 4 Browning Sanderson Green 8 5.6
10:20 Steve Darnell White 4 Leon Woodruff White 8 5.6
10:30 Mitch Oakley Gold 1 Betsy Oakley Red 13 5.8
10:30 Charles Doss Green 6 Brandon Taylor  Green 6 6
10:40 Penn Shore Blue 8 Stuart James Blue 5 6.2
10:40 Ryan Guthrie Blue 6 Elmer Brown Blue 7 6.4
10:50 Don Waters Blue 6 Darrell Waters White 9 7.2
10:50 Jay Davis Green 6 John Harris White 9 7.2
11:00 Jill Whatley Red 18 Nina Foust Gold +2 7.2
11:00 DK Fann Gold 5 Kent Fann Blue 9 7.2
11:10 John Gann Green 7 Andrew Foster Green 8 7.4
11:10 Doug Burton Green 7 Cliff Stephens Green 8 7.4
11:20 Chuck Knorr Blue 7 Jason Ellingsworth Blue 8 7.4
11:20 Lonnie Chisenhall Green 6 Kyle Mayer Blue 10 7.6
11:30 Bob Kass White 11 Mike Kinney White 6 8
11:30 James East Green 8 Marvin Roberts Green 8 8
11:40 Bert Pearce Blue 7 Charlie Smith Blue 10 8.2
11:40 Bobby Ham White 8 Miles Bossard White 9 8.4
11:50 Roger Taylor Blue 9 Jeff Jurgenson Blue 8 8.4
11:50 Ron Perry White 6 Carl Marsh  White 12 8.4
12:00 Mary Lee Cuthrell Red 13 Wayne Cuthrell White 6 8.8
12:00 Lyn Turner White 11 David Brody White 8 9.2
12:10 Norm Geltz White 9 Rich Lackman White 10 9.4
12:10 Frank Holcombe White 9 Frank Gainey Blue 10 9.4
12:20 Bull Ritter White 7 Mike Mayer White 13 9.4
12:20 Pat McLaughlin Blue 7 Shawn McLaughlin Blue 13 9.4
12:30 Kirby Sloan Blue 10 Nick Townsend Blue 10 10
12:30 Barry Dillehay White 10 James Tuck White 7 10.2
12:40 Barb Chambers Red 14 Joanne Bolt Red 10 11.6
12:40 Tom Giblin  White 10 Curtis Hickman Blue 14 11.6
12:50 Mike Small  White 12 Sammy Guthrie  White 12 12
12:50 Sue King Red 11 Kathy Waters Gold 14 12.2
1:00 Wic Southern White 13 Edsel Davis White 12 12.4
1:00 Mike Turnage Blue 11 Tim Horne Blue 15 12.6
1:10 Ed Distefano Blue 13 Tom Moore Blue 13 13
1:10 Randy Thomas White 14 Woody Warren White 13 13.4
1:20 Jeff Calamos White 13 Michael Blount Blue 14 13.4
1:20 Scott Evans  White 18 Matt Corey Blue 11 13.8
1:30 Julian Johns Blue 14 Matt Morel  Blue 14 14
1:30 Matt Thomas Blue 15 John Rickabaugh Blue 14 14.4
1:40 Dillon Hughes Blue 23 Barry Evans White 9 14.6
1:40 Jon Wohlfert Blue 14 Temple Sloan Blue 16 14.8
1:50 Winslow Goins Gold 14 Martin Sceeny White 17 15.2
1:50 Bob Blewett Gold 19 Pete Miller White 13 15.4
2:00 John Elvers Blue 13 David Yopp Blue 21 16.2
2:00 Troy Forguites  Green 4 Mike Coyle Blue 30 16.2
2:10 Joyce Olsen Red 13 Dan O'Korn Blue 21 16.2
2:10 Jessica Moore Gold 32 Peggy Stallworth Red 7 17
2:20 Chris Moore Blue 19 Jordon Moore Blue 17 17.8
2:20 Doug Brady Blue 30 Cas Cader Blue 10 18
2:30 Michael Turner Blue 19 Matt Johnson Blue 19 19
2:30 Ryan Johnson Blue 12 Brayden Turner Blue 30 19.2
2:40 Rick McCall Blue 18 Doug Weaver Blue 21 19.2
2:40 Rich Porter Blue 23 Mark Kangas Blue 18 20
2:50 Diane Ellington Red 24 Russell Alexander Blue 18 20.4
2:50 Justin Smith Blue 20 George Smith White 22 20.8
3:00 Karen Waggener Gold 25 Sheri Colquitt Gold 20 22
3:00 Bill Nicholson Blue 25 Sharon Nicholson Gold 22 23.2


Tournament Schedule
Member Member.......... May 15th & 16th  
Member Guest.......... July 16th-18th
Pro Am.......... August 2nd & 3rd
Club Championship..........September 18th & 19th
Seafood..........October 16th & 17th
Event registration will open 2 months prior to each event.


PGA Jr. League brings family and friends together around fun, team golf.
Play on teams with friends, wear numbered jerseys and compete in a two-person scramble format.
Open to boys and girls, ages 13 and under, of all skill levels and backgrounds.

Morehead City Country Club is happy to announce that this summer the club will be offering programming for PGA Junior League.
Instruction/practices will be held on Thursdays at 4pm.

Two registrations.

First registration is through PGA Junior League.
Access code for registration is:  Morehead City CC

Click here for registration
At sign up you will be charged $75.00
With this fee your child will receive their jersey's and hat's.

Second registration is through the club.
Morehead City Country Club complete programming fee is $120.00.
Click here for registration
This fee will pay for instruction/practices, as well as the matches and party that will be thrown for the children at the end of the season.
PGA Junior League will start in June 3rd and run through the summer.
A minimum of 10 instruction/practices plus matches.
Signups for junior league will run through May.

Those looking to sign up for individual practices will have the opportunity to do so for $10.
To participate in matches children must register through PGA.
Fee for matches $15.

If you have any questions regarding signing up or price’s please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Collins by email at 
Or call the golf shop and ask for Andrew at 252.726.4917.
Coaches:  Andrew Collins, Nick Eatmon, John Trujillo, Dave Davis & Jackson Soska

For more information on PGA Junior league click here 


Over 100 families on the waiting list!
Don't miss out on the summer, put your name on the waiting list today!

Membership options include full membership & social/afternoon golf memberships.
Social/afternoon golf includes membership rates for golf after 12:30.
Both full and social/afternoon membership categories have options including:
junior (under age of 40), non-resident & resident memberships
All memberships are family memberships and include unlimited use of the driving range.

For more information call Nick Eatmon at 252.342.0951

or email

All memberships are subject to a one time $5,000 initiation.

Initiation can be paid over two years at $625 a quarter.
Full Membership Quarterly Rates:

Resident Membership $625.00
Non- Resident Membership $575.00
Junior Membership $525.00

All Memberships subject to $75 per quarter Future Capital Fund fee.
All Full Memberships are subject to a one time $100.00 Stock Certificate Fee.

Social/Afternoon Golf Membership Rates:
 Resident Membership $450.00
 Non-Resident Membership: $400.00
 Junior Membership $350.00

All Social/Afternoon Memberships subject to $75 per quarter Future Capital Fund fee


Click here to conceptual video of the new clubhouse!
For best viewing make sure your settings are on HD

Reaching 50 foot in height the clubhouse will have a grand feel.
The low country style design with wrap around porches will surely catch your eye.

The clubhouse will provide ample views of the golf course.
Holes 9 & 18 will be located in close proximity.
From the roof area holes 8 & 16 will also be within view.

Speaking of views there will be no better place to watch those Newport River sunsets.

Members will be able to enjoy a  large patio between the clubhouse and 18th green.
Patio will be available for use daily.
Patio will also allow for overflow for large parties.
This area will be constructed to allow easy access to be tented.

Members welcome to your grand entrance.
As soon as you walk into the foyer you will see through the clubhouse to the Newport River.
The ballroom located through the double doors.
The golf shop will be located to the right of the stairs.

The ballroom/event space will allow for up to 250 participants.
The first floor formal ballroom will allow the club to hold and host a number of events from weddings to band parties.

The second floor members lounge will have a large bar area with multiple surrounding tables.
This bar expected use is to be predominantly used as an adults only lounge.

Sit at the bar or in your favorite rocking chair on the porch and watch your friends finish the 18th!
The member's lounge is meant to have a casual feel, no need for a sport jacket and dress shirt.

Locker rooms will have a number of half lockers along with showers.
Locker rooms are available for both men and women.
The locker rooms are located on the second floor.
Conceptually the new cart building will allow an area for members to store their bag and or pull/push cart.

Second floor multipurpose restaurant and seating area.
The restaurant is to be open daily.
Conceptually a large pocket door will be able to divide the room.
By dividing the room the club will have options for smaller member bookings.
At the same time this gives those wanting to hold a meeting or to play cards a place to convene.

Rooftop lounge will be the place to be!
The rooftop lounge is destined to be a spot talked about throughout the county and state!
Three sets of stairs and two elevators will be available for the rooftop area.
Members will primarily use a large elevator to go to the rooftop area. 
The primary passenger elevator has the ability to transport 15 or more members at a time.
An additional service elevator will assist the staff in providing daily food and for special events.

Outside of the rooftop bar, sit by the fire with your favorite drink and enjoy the sunset.
Enjoy a meal outdoors on a summer evening.
Listen to your favorite local artist play live music.
Watch your friends try to navigate the 9th & 18th holes.

So many opportunities to enjoy, this will be a spot like no other!

Can you imagine the views while 40+ feet above the Newport River?


From the beginning of the pandemic, MCCC has been monitoring all Federal, State and local guidance
on maintaining a safe workplace for our employees and members and have been following such guidance diligently.  
Employees must maintain social distance, wear masks, wash their hands and monitor their health on a daily basis.  
Capacity at the club has been reduced to a level below the guidelines required by the State of North Carolina.
Cleaning of public areas within the club occur on a regular basis in accordance with CDC recommended guidelines.  
Members are notified and encouraged to wear masks at all times while on the premises
and to maintain social distance between other members and staff and to frequently wash their hands.
  Such notices are posted throughout the club as required by all regulatory guidelines.
  The notices also inform the members that they should NOT enter the club premises should they have a fever,
or exhibit other symptoms that may indicate they have COVID.  Members should also not enter the club if
they believe they may have been in close contact with anyone suspected of being infected with COVID-19.
Close contact is spending 15 cumulative minutes or more within 6 feet of an infectious person,
regardless of if they are wearing a mask. Close contact is also any physical contact for any length of time.
As of May 11th no staff member of MCCC is currently positive for COVID nor are any exhibiting symptoms of it.
  As with any business, church, restaurant, retail store or other operation in Carteret County, it is almost a certainty
that someone has entered the facility that may have had COVID.  CDC and regulatory agencies advise that once an individual
knows they are infected, they should notify individuals that they have been in close contact with and quarantine. 
Recently, MCCC has been notified that a member(s) may have had COVID while at the club and this was
investigated with staff and appropriate actions were taken by the club in accordance with all regulatory guidelines.
MCCC is prohibited by law from disclosing any health information on a member and will rely upon the affected
member(s) to notify possible contacts as set out in the CDC guidelines.
We recommend that if a member has questions about our procedures or possible COVID exposure,
that they call and speak with the General Manager to avoid unintentional and inaccurate misinformation.
  Social Media or hearsay can often cause the dissemination of inaccurate or completely false information.
  Also remember that MCCC is prohibited by law from revealing specific medical information about staff or members
to other members but we will strive to provide the most accurate information we can in accordance with
current regulation on this serious issue.   
Unfortunately, we are still dealing with the pandemic and ultimately
each member has to decide for themselves whether they feel safe spending time at the club. 

As a small business and as a golf course, MCCC is one of the few allowable locations members can socially
distance to get away from the uncertainties of today’s events and enjoy the fellowship of other members.
  Hopefully, if the membership will follow the guidelines, and we as a club, diligently follow all mandated requirements,
we will be able to continue to offer a safe place for our membership to relax in these uncertain times. 
And be advised that if circumstances warrant, we will adjust our operations and policies to ensure all staff and members are protected.


Copyright © 2021 Morehead City Country Club, All rights reserved.

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