May 1, 2020
Dear Beulah Family,
Last week we invited you to participate in our Live Stream Survey, and I’d like to share with you a few things that I found interesting:
  • 67% of those who responded prefer using Facebook (over Zoom) to view our Sunday Morning Live Stream. Facebook is favored because people are already familiar with it, making it the easiest platform to use AND viewers find the overall quality of the video (picture and sound) better on Facebook. Those who favored Zoom mentioned most not wanting to be distracted by the comments and reactions on Facebook, and sluggishness in the Facebook video feed.
  • 94% of respondents said they will use Facebook if we permanently make Zoom audio-only. We tried that for the first time last Sunday, and there were about one-third of the users on Zoom as there had been previously. It looked like those who left Zoom switched to Facebook.
  • About half of everyone who participated in the survey left comments when given the chance, and there were some very encouraging comments! Here is just one example: “I have really enjoyed the live stream. It would be great to continue it for folks who for some reason can't get out to come to the church.”
And continue we will! It has been our goal each week to make improvements so that we can continue on our Live Stream once we are back together in-person. To that end, we recently applied for a grant that will allow us to upgrade crucial technology that will allow us to continue improving our live stream, and we were awarded this grant! The new tech is ordered, and we are eager to see how it helps us improve our live stream!
Of course, our hope is to not be live stream-only for much longer. We are eager to be face-to-face again, soon. We are trusting God with that timetable, and our staff is beginning to plan for our return! There are many details to be fleshed out, but our big idea is to phase back to worshipping together in-person. Our first phase of in-person worship will be offering multiple, simultaneous on-campus venues on Sunday Morning at 10:15 AM. We don’t know on what date these will start, and we would appreciate your help in planning for our return to our church building.
So, would you please be willing to take this survey ( to help us know how to plan for our eventual return to our physical building. Also, would you please be willing to help us get as many BMCers to take the survey as possible? We know there are Beulah church family who do not have computers or who use them on a very limited basis. If you know of somebody in that position, would you please call them, read them the questions, and record their answers. One submission per family, please.
We are making plans to return, and we want to do that as safely as possible. We appreciate your help in the planning process! As soon as we have more specific plans, we will share them here, on Facebook, and via our Prayer Chain.
You are loved!
pastor earl

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