April 17, 2020
Dear Beulah Family,
Have you ever taken a picture of a picture? I don’t know about you, but rarely have I been able to do that well. Those who are more skilled at photography tell me, though, that there are a few things I could do to take better pictures of pictures.
If you think about it, our Sunday Worship Gatherings are a picture of what is to come in eternity when we will forever worship God in perfect relationship with Him and each other.
If our regular Sunday Worship Gatherings are a picture of heaven, then our more recent Live Stream Worship Gatherings are a picture of a picture. Until recently we haven’t needed to offer a picture of a picture, so as our staff and production team has been wading into these waters, we have been asking how we can provide a better picture of a picture. We’ve been working to upgrade the technology we are using, and now we would like to upgrade a more important ingredient of our worship: the relational connection between the worshippers. We are inviting you into a more relational Live Stream Worship Gathering in two specific ways:
  1. Ask the Pastor – Beginning this week we invite you to join us for a brief Q&A time following the sermon. This will be an opportunity to ask any questions that come to mind or other insights you may have after hearing the morning sermon. As we have been doing, Pastor Greg will share some announcements and reminders after Pastor Earl preaches, and while he is doing that, we invite you to use either Zoom chat or Facebook comments to ask your questions. When announcements are over, Pastor Earl will join Pastor Greg to answer your questions and respond to your insights. We will start small with a short time allotment, and if this seems like something that helps us feel more interactive with each other, we will expand that time.
  2. Zoom Groups – These aren’t actually part of our Sunday Live Stream, BUT what happens in these groups enlivens our worship in significant ways. Pastor Greg is offering a variety of times for you to participate in a Zoom Groups ( A Zoom Group is a small group held electronically using the Zoom web conference platform. A typical Zoom Group session lasts about 70 minutes. The group spends 30-40 minutes catching up with each other, 15-20 minutes sharing in a devotional, and 10-20 minutes praying together.
If you’ve ever noticed how church seemed much more enjoyable when you were involved with a small group, an active Sunday School class, or some other group of people who enjoyed being together, then you have seen first-hand how investing in something like a Zoom Group can help to increase your joy in Sunday Worship.
One last thing – If you are not familiar with the Zoom platform we have been using, we would like to help. Both Pastor Greg and Pastor Earl would be glad to help you become familiar with Zoom and its features so that you are more comfortable with using it on Sundays or to participate in a Zoom Group. If you would like help with that, please eMail Pastor Greg or Pastor Earl directly so they can help!
Beloved, I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday, and I hope you will engage with these two opportunities to help us remain and feel more connected even as we are socially-distanced!
You are loved!
pastor earl
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