May 15, 2020

Dear Beulah Family,

In Wednesday’s Special Edition, I told you I would be announcing today about when and how we return to worship. Without further ado:

When: May 24!

How: VERY CAREFULLY. We are taking precautions to safeguard those who gather in our building to worship. I walk through some of those below. Here are a few things we need you to know up-front:
•    We WILL be continuing our live stream. So, if you cannot or do not want to join us in the building, then you can still engage at home!
•    We are doing all that we can to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but our best efforts will not eliminate the potential; they will only decrease the potential.
•    IF YOU HAVE HAD A FEVER IN THE LAST WEEK, STAY HOME (and seek medical attention).
•    If you are 65+, Governor Holcomb advises that you stay home for now. Because we love you, we advise the same.
•    We have chosen to NOT require face masks, but we encourage you to wear one. We will have a small number of cloth masks available.

To give you a glimpse of how we intend to re-open and to ask for your assistance, here is what Sunday could look like as you come to the building to join us in worship:
•    As you enter the parking lot, you will want to park closest to the venue where you will worship. If in the Sanctuary then park near the C doors; if in the Small Gym, then park near the A doors.
•    As you enter the building, please use only the A or C doors, which will be propped open for touchless entry. All others will be locked.
•    When you enter the building, you will be given hand sanitizer. Please accept it and rub it into both hands.
•    As you look around the lobby, you will see tables with hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, individually-packaged face covers, and packets with activities for children. Please help yourself to whatever you will use while in the building. The face mask is yours to keep – please do NOT leave it behind.
•    You will notice that the Nursery hallway is blocked in the middle. You will also notice other hallways blocked off. We would prefer that you stay in the venue and lobby where you entered.
•    You will see that the Nursery is open, but not staffed. Should you need to use that space, you are welcome to, but you must remain with your child.
•    You will see room dividers creating a wall at the restroom entrances. Behind the temporary walls, the doors will be propped open. We advise that you do your best to NOT use the restrooms, but if you need to, please use paper towels or sanitizing wipes on everything you touch. And please wash your hands before you exit.
•    As you prepare to enter the worship space (sanctuary or small gym) you will see the doors propped open.
•    Seating in the worship venue will be set up/roped off to promote social distancing. Please sit one family/row, table, or group of chairs. In the sanctuary, if you have fewer people in your family, please select a shorter row to sit in.
•    We will not pass the offering plates to receive the offering. In the lobby there will be locked offering boxes where you can deposit your offerings.
•    During the worship service, we will not be singing together.
•    If I can figure out how to preach a shorter sermon, you will be surprised at how soon you are leaving again. ;-) 
•    When it comes time to dismiss, we will do that in stages, encouraging each group dismissed to proceed immediately to the parking lot. We would prefer that groups NOT congregate in the lobby to talk. If you would like to do that, please do that outside, and at a safe distance.

Beloved, this is an overview of how we intend to return to in-person worship at Beulah’s building, and how all of us can work together to make it work. We are sure you have questions, and we would like to hear them. You may eMail me directly ( with your questions or ask them in our Q&A time this Sunday.

You are loved!
pastor earl

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