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Announcements generally feel important.  They have a way of getting our attention that's a bit more compelling than other exchanges of information.  Perhaps it's because we're usually prepared for them.  So, here's the prep...

I'd like to make an announcement....

The occupational therapists who work at Pediatric Therapeutics are among the most knowledgeable, talented, caring, creative, energetic and dedicated professionals I have ever known!  As we close out April (aka National Occupational Therapy Month), I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Carrie Beiter, Missy Briody, Elizabeth Duffy and Anne Bentley Fell and their excellence.  An OT myself, I recognize how these therapists value occupation in their own lives and in the lives of their clients and families; if anyone can help a person live life to its fullest, it's Carrie, Missy, Liz and Anne.  I'm proud to have them join me in providing OT at our center!

More prep...Read on...Anne and I have a lot to announce this month!

Mic drop!

All the therapists at Pediatric Therapeutics work in both the Big Room (our sensory gym) and their little rooms.  In honor of OT month, we asked our OTs to name their favorite piece of Big Room equipment.  Interestingly enough, each therapist chose a swing!  Their favorites:
the glider swing, the hammock swing and the bolster swing.  
Since 1970, April has been a month dedicated to raising awareness about autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Now, in 2017, when 1:68 children is identified as being on the autism spectrum, the ASD community needs our support all year long.  As suggested by Lamar Hardwick, a church pastor who was 36 years old when he was diagnosed with autism, there are four ways to offer support when April has come and gone - becoming more aware and accepting, becoming an advocate, and becoming active. For as much as this straightforward advice applies to autism, it goes well beyond autism and is a call to action for all. 
Real Parenting, a 4 week parent support group led by Cara Maksimow, LCSW, CPC at Pediatric Therapeutics, is scheduled for Tuesdays 12-1pm,  5/16-6/06.  Whether your child is a newborn, teen, or anywhere in between, parenting challenges come along, given the unique sets of circumstances, characteristics, and needs of both your child and you!   Real Parenting is designed to provide education and support for moms and dads who are experiencing stress, anxiety and challenges around day to day parenting. This supportive group will focus on group members' needs and challenges, and provide therapeutic tools on managing anxiety, stress and challenges around self-care. Cost: $150 for 4 sessions. To register for the group or get more information, call Cara at 908-337-3710 and to read her bio, CLICK HERE.
It may be springtime, but for many of us it's the time to think about activities to help soon-to-be preschool grads get ready for kindergarten.  OTs Liz Duffy and Missy Briody are planning to offer "Get Set for Kindergarten" again this summer. "Get Set for Kindergarten" will begin in late June and run 6-8 weeks, meeting weekly on Wednesdays from 3-4:30.  It's a group for kids who may need some summer support to develop, reinforce or maintain skills and behaviors conducive to learning & being a member of a kindergarten classroom community.  Watch for more information about this upcoming group, or contact Liz Duffy at 973-635-0202 to learn more.   
Want some help with moving, performing and feeling better?  Sign up for MELT, a 4 week class, taught by MELT Method instructor Patrice Dlugos, that will meet Tuesdays,May 9, 16, 23 and 30, 7-8:15PM at Pediatric Therapeutics.  Daily living, with its physical, emotional, mental and environmental stressors,  creates stress and tension within the body, especially within the network of fascia (connective tissue) that supports our musculoskeletal system and our organs.  When fasica is hydrated and free of stuck stress, our bodies function more efficiently and naturally.  MELT is a self-treatment system that uses specific body positions & movements, little balls for the hands & feet, and a soft form roller to help release stuck stress and tension, support fascial lengthening and rehydration, rebalance the nervous system, decompress joints, and improve overall alignment and movement. You'll not only feel differences within yourselves, you'll be able to use some of these techniques to help your children.  $100/4 week class.  Materials for class provided.  Advanced registration needed. To sign up contact Pediatric Therapeutics, 973-365-0202, or Patrice Dlugos, 
Each month, the staff of Pediatric Therapeutics will answer a
question asked by parents, professionals or patients.

This month's query is: Why are swings used in therapy?
1. Swings provide an opportunity for shared steady beat/rhythm that helps therapist and child, or one child and others, sync up with one another.
2. Swings are a way of enhancing positional and movement stimulation.
3. Swings can be easily adapted to meet sensory processing patterns and needs.
4. Swing movement can help activate muscles and muscle groups.
5. The rhythms of swing movement can be used to affect internal rhythms.
6. Swings can be used to work on timing.
7. Swings can be used to support the working relationships of midline, and the right and left sides of the body
8. Swing choice/use can be graded for working on balance.
9. Swings lend themselves to imaginative play and creative processes.
10.Movement stimulates vocalizing/speech and language.

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