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Years ago, one of the young adults who came in for therapy at Pediatric Therapeutics candidly asked if a child had to be cute to be treated at our center! She may have been on to something!

More seriously, there are, in fact, likenesses among the children we know; family support is one of them. They’ve each got it, and at the heart of it stands devoted parents! With Mothers’ Day this month, we truly honor every mother (grandmothers included)! We want you to know that all of us at Pediatric Therapeutics deeply acknowledge your presence and effort.

If someone walked into our center and observed that all the mothers she saw were beautiful, we’d surely agree! Inside and out, make-up or none, tired or energetic, happy or worried, dressed up or not, new to all this or experienced, you moms are indeed beautiful! We thank you for bringing us into your families and for helping us help you.
Sheila and Anne
Each month, the staff of Pediatric Therapeutics will answer a
question asked by parents, professionals or patients.

This month’s query is: “Why do Speech-Language Pathologists use the sensory gym as part of their treatment sessions?”

You might be surprised to know that SLPs use movement in a multitude of ways. Sometimes, it is very simply used as a motivator or a reinforcer. Most often, however, there is a specific plan or hierarchy of tasks and goals which we are attempting to achieve. Swinging, climbing, throwing bean bags, jumping and catching all assist in gaining and sustaining attention, improving listening skills and direction following, sequential processing of information and carryover of skills accomplished in one of the private treatment rooms. Goals also frequently involve one’s ability to tease out the therapist’s voice from all the other sounds present and to participate in small group activities with peers, further developing social pragmatic language skills. These are just a few of the myriad ways we love to include space, movement and language. Next time you are in our sensory gym, please see for yourself!
On May 1 Pediatric Therapeutics hosted an inTime training course taught by our co-director Sheila Allen and we've got a short video for you so you can take a peak. With courses for Advanced Brain Technologies' inTime, a core music-based listening method within The Listening Program,  offered around the world, a class at our clinic feels like home...and there's no place like it!  Sheila created and produced inTime with composer and instrumentalist Nacho Arimany and Alex Doman of Advanced Brain Technologies; many children at Pediatric Therapeutics were among the earliest listeners as the rhythmic music of inTime was being developed. The method's progression of music listening, self awareness, beat and rhythm activities also took shape at Pediatric Therapeutics.   
May is Better Hearing and Speech Month! To us, that is another great reason to raise awareness about exactly what Speech-Language Pathologists do and why. Our field encompasses so many diverse and intriguing areas from how a child produces speech sounds, to the fluency and resonance of one’s voice, to identifying challenges in understanding or processing, to how one shares thoughts, ideas, and feelings-- -either verbally or in written form, to concerns regarding eating and swallowing. Speech-Language Pathologists work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that everyone receives the services they need to help them communicate in the most effective way possible. Happy BHSM from each of us!!
Another Zones of Regulation group has just begun and there's still time to join.  Zones of Regulation is an 8 week program designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control.  At Pediatric Therapeutics, occupational therapists Missy Briody and Liz Duffy lead sessions for varied age groups throughout the year. The current group is intended for children ages 6-8; it will run through June 29, meeting Wednesdays 5:30-6:30. Click here to read about the group on our website or email Missy Briody or Liz Duffy to sign up! 

Dear Pediatric Therapeutics,
I want to thank all of you and my clients for your support while I am working in Thailand during April and May. I spent the morning with a 2nd grader looking at life through a different perspective and doing an oral narrative story: 

Together we worked on a narrative story about our elephant, Pudee, who wanted to stop and eat all along the trek.  Pudee was a rescue elephant who had been abused and was rescued and nursed back to health at the elephant reserve.  We fed him then took him on a trek- but as you can see, that was a bit of a joke as he was obviously the one who took us on the trek.  After the trek we gave him a bath in the pond.  It was 108 F degrees, but Pudee's skin was cool to the touch. We all enjoyed the bath.

It never hurts to look at life and therapy through a different perspective. 
Be observant and seize the teaching moments, wherever you are.  Some of the best learning happens in an informal setting.
-Maureen Harper
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