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February is typically one of those cold months that may just warm your heart. With a scheduled intimation of love exactly in the middle of the month (Valentine’s Day!), this is a time to emphasize and celebrate the wonder of  “heart” – connecting with our own, giving ours, and receiving others’.

Those of us who have or ever had pets in our lives know that the deeply heartfelt relationship between pets and their people is among life’s greatest gifts.  This month’s newsletter highlights special pets who give their hearts to some very fortunate therapists here at Pediatric Therapeutics, who are filled with love for & from their dear four-legged sweethearts.  

A touching letter written by Bob Fliegel to Efram, his devoted Canine Companion, who passed away earlier this month, is also featured.   In case you’re considering a pet and you're interested finding out more about assistance and therapy pets, check out the question of the month below.

As therapists, we believe in the power of the connections we each share with the children, parents and professionals with whom we work.  Pediatric Therapeutics physical therapist Miriam Cohen, PT, DPT, PCS discusses her recent volunteer experience in Haiti.  She will also give a talk about her experience on February 28th.

Recognizing the need to attend to and care for ourselves in order to be fit to tune into and care for others has been a known self-help topic for years.  Yet, how to successfully do it, while still managing all life’s other responsibilities, remains somewhat of an enigma for many of us, especially parents.   The newest member of our group, counselor and life coach Cara Maksimow, LCSW, CPC (Maximize- ) focuses on how to connect with and nurture ourselves with finely tuned self-care and parenting strategies. She’ll present her ideas and “how-to”s on March 7th.

We hope you enjoy our February issue!

Sheila & Anne

Honest-to-goodness sweethearts, every day of the year…

When Efram, Bob Fliegel's assistance dog passed away recently, family members found it inexpressibly difficult to convey their feelings about how much this exceptional dog's life with them has meant. They agreed that the following letter, which Bob wrote to his beloved friend said it best. Thank you Bob, for allowing us to feature you and your beautiful tribute.
Miriam's reflections on her time in Haiti as a volunteer with STAND The Haiti Project. Come learn more about Miriam's trip Tuesday, February 28th 7-8:30pm at Pediatric Therapeutics.
Call 973-635-0202 to RSVP.

Haiti Thoughts
"How is it possible that I can be blessed with a roof over my head, relatively healthy children, parents and siblings? Why was I so lucky to come into this world never worrying that I’d have shoes on my feet and clean water to drink? What did I do to deserve to be able to make simple choices all day long based on what I WANT not on what I may or may not NEED? These are some of the many questions that ran through my head during my time volunteering in Haiti with STAND (Sustainable Therapy and New Development) The Haiti Project, a nonprofit organization, dedicated to establishing permanent access to orthopedic rehabilitative services for Haitian adults and children in need through direct patient care and clinical training of its citizens." - Read MORE from Miriam Cohen on her time volunteering in Haiti.
Join us at Pediatric Therapeutics March 7,
7-8:30 pm
, for Cara Maksimow's talk,
"Lose That Mommy Guilt"
, an enlightening and practical talk for both moms and dads that corresponds with her book of the same title.  Cara, a licensed clinical social worker who is a counselor, life coach and mother, is also an insightful speaker and workshop leader who'll provide tools for confidence, calm and positivity in parenting.

973-635-0202 to sign up for this free workshop.  Learn more about Cara and her services HERE.

Each month, the staff of Pediatric Therapeutics will answer a
question asked by parents, professionals or patients.

Question: We’ve decided it’s time to get a pet. What can you tell me about assistance dogs?

You’ve made the decision to get a pet! As if it’s not hard enough to decide upon what kind of animal would be the best pet for your child and your family, whether you want a specific breed or mix, and whether you want to establish a relationship with a breeder or go the rescue route, you also have the consideration of the specific role the pet will play in your child’s and family’s life and how official you’d like that role to be. Read Sheila's blog on assistance pets and more HERE.

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