Series #1 : Following the SIT rule. 

To achieve anything all you need is the mind. 
Good morning!! 
Today is Wednesday.... and that's still the beginning of the week. Blah...
I used to hate waking early in the week and knowing I had to re-do a whole new week. 

The "week-end" was my gate-away. 
I felt others around me would feel the same way as me, talking about the party next week getting "wasted". 

Now there's nothing wrong with enjoying the weekend, but if you were like me (or are right now) waiting every five days to enjoy only two days??? I think that's a waste. 
SUNDAY, more partying....
After graduation I changed my WHOLE life around. I was gaining weight and started feeling depressed. Than... I read a book called, Body for life
My friend told me she noticed I was going in the wrong direction and I knew she was right. I read that book and I changed not only my body, but my mind. 
I had everyone asking what I did, and yes the workouts worked. But I also kept going, with a lot of people struggle with. The biggest factor was that I believed in myself. I followed the exercises that made myself literally believe I could do anything. :)

Every book I read, with all new knowledge and material; I realized material is just material. To make it come alive, you need to believe it works. AND know you can do it too.

BUT, I noticed there was a trend too. With everything I read; I found a pattern. A very simple rule that you can apply too.

If you are here to be apart of the active artist lifestyle, you need to put this in action; especially if you want to achieve anything.  

Please note, this are my ways. Information that I have understood. There are many ways. 
I call this pattern....SIT

Sit, because when you are trying to fgure out anything, you are sitting down. When you sit down you have the choice to procastinate or do something. Sitting down is also a test to see if you want to push yourself or not. Sitting is the number one step that creates most dreams happen. 

Now, with sit; there's a little formula you can follow. 
  • Situation
  • Initiate 
  • Time
When you are sitting, you need analyze your situation. When you read every book; there all addressing some sort of scenery or occasion. In order to get passed any part, you need to understand everything that is happening right now. 

An exercise you can do: 
If you are unsure if you are happy in your current state, try this. 
  • Close your eyes and think of what you love; are you getting your needs?
  • Pretend you are an consultant and you are interviewing "you". From a consultant point of view,  what advice would you give and suggestions to improve with what you have now?
  • Ask a friend or family member. Ask them what they think of your current lifestyle. 
In order to change your mind, you need to asses your lifestyle. You will notice what you are lacking and what you have lots of. After you will see if you have a positive or negative mind. 
After knowing your situation, you got to apply an action plan. I think this is important. Anything you learn: you need to apply. If you feel like you are struggling, you need to add some morning practices to make sure you can learn to enjoy your current situation and then make it better.

Another exercise you can apply: 
  • Write down the events you want to change in your life and keep it
  • Write down 10 things you are grateful for. Many people take gratitude for granted. Don't. It does wonders. Seeing what you have compared to others shows you how much you have now. 
  • Make a vision board. Add your grateful list in the middle and around it, add all the pictures that make you happy. 
Look at this every morning. When you get into this habit, you are training your mind to look for the good and you will be willing and wanting to pursue more. With all the books I read, I've noticed this is the hardest part to master. Learn to apply everything!
When you continue small practices, it will take time to see a different. But, making a choice now will change your future. Little steps add up. Think of a baby growing up. Takes them a few months and years until they actually start doing much, especially walking. When you result back to you, be thankful how far you made it every day. One day you will achieve what you are striving for. However, it takes persistent and time. 

An activity you can do:

  • Find something you want to change. Make small action plans to make your big goal.
  • Journal everyday and every few months see where you are at. You will know what is worth keeping in your life and what isn't.
For example: Weight loss: believe- plan- eat right- workout- consistence- monitor- push yourself. 
Here's how I put the SIT rule in play.  This is my one year picture. I'm only showing all of you this for motivation. When you ever first met me, you wouldn't think how I was then. Please use this as a a reminder anything is possible.
  • Please note, I was very happy before with my body image. Thus, my body did represent for me my current lifestyle. 
THANKS FOR READING :) Make sure to comment on my site!
Next week is series #2. 

Thank you for all my readers who are committed. This would not be possible without your support :)
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