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Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all well. This is a quick check in from me with an update on all that is going on in the world of Little Red Racing!

Hawaii - In early February I spent two weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii, training on the Ironman World Championship course with the Purplepatch Fitness Pro Team. Typically I head into this annual camp with good fitness, but having taken 5 weeks off after Ironman Western Australia, I flew to camp with just 2 weeks of training under my belt. I wasn’t nervous, but I was interested to see how the camp would differ given a much different physical state than in past years.

The camp was WONDERFUL. Sure, I didn’t have the fitness I have had in past years - on one time trial I was several minutes slower (over a 1 hour effort) than last year, but I took the opportunity to work on form and gain strength, resilience as well as fitness. I learned new things and came away in a far better place than when I arrived. I was thrilled that the camp was still such a success for me, despite different circumstances. I think it also showed how - when managed properly - training camps and team environments can enhance performance and be a benefit no matter where you are in your season.

One other highlight of the camp was the team dynamic. Matt Dixon (our head coach) has assembled an absolutely amazing group of pro athletes this year. Everyone worked hard, had a positive attitude and supported the efforts of one another. There was a lot of respect and camaraderie, making the camp environment the most fun and positive I can remember.

Monterrey 70.3 - It is hard to believe that I have been back in California for 2 weeks but I am less than a month away from my first race of the season - Monterrey 70.3 in Mexico. I love to race more than anything, so I am beyond excited to get on the start line. Last year I was second at this race, so I’ll be working hard to put up another great showing!

2nd place, Ironman 70.3 Monterrey 2015

We have an exciting new announcement about a new business partnership in this newsletter as well as some cool info on new products from ROKA and Rudy Project - Check it out!

Until next time.

Don’t dream it.  Be it.



In 2014 I partnered with ROKA. At the time, this partnership was driven by the fact that their wetsuits fit me better than ANY I have ever tried and from the first use I never had any issues with shoulder or diaphragm restrictions. Since then, the company has continued to WOW me.  

They have been an industry innovator coming out with things like SIM Shorts that allow swimmers to get the feel of swimming in a wetsuit without wearing a full suit. They launched a line of goggles (the F2) with a vast array of tints for all types of open water conditions - fog, direct sun, low light, green backdrop, urban backdrop, ocean, lake, etc. In 2015 they launched a full line of swimwear and then cycling apparel, both of which have received rave reviews and are personally some of the best swim and cycling gear I have ever worn.  

As I like to say - they are market disruptors: they are changing the game for the triathlon and open water swimming industry.  Just when you thought things were AWESOME, they got even better.  In February, ROKA launched a NEW line of goggles - The R1. These goggles ROCK.
This is a goggle that has triathletes, rather than pool swimmers, in mind. It has angled lens' that allow a much larger line of sight and increased peripheral field of vision...Sighting no longer has to be the equivalent of putting on the brakes!

Try them out for yourself - you won't regret it.
I need three things in my sunglasses: stay in place, don’t bounce or slide down the bridge of your nose, and don’t fog! In October 2015 Rudy Project launched their newest innovation in sunglasses - The Tralyx. They are already my favorite. At the 2015 World Championships in KONA I wore them on the run and they were everything I had hoped for. My favorite points?
  1. Powerflow System: Vents in the lenses allow heat to escape and air to flow in which is crucial in the hot, humid KONA weather.
  2. Ultralight: The lightest sunglasses I've worn to date. You don't even feel like you're wearing glasses!
  3. Available with Photo chromatic lenses: the lenses adjust to the light so you don't have to.
Check out this great article from Sharon, a triathlete, cyclist, runner, and mountain biker who spells out the details of the glasses.
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LRR TIP: It's all about Egg Whites

After my last race of the 2015 season (Ironman Western Australia on December 6) I took a few days to indulge and celebrate my first Ironman win, and then promptly dove into a strict elimination diet under the guidance of my nutritionist, Phil Goglia from Performance Fitness Concepts.  
I know! Who diets in the off-season? And during the holidays!?! I love cookies and all the wonderfully indulgent foods that come along with that time of year... But it had to be done for a couple of reasons.
The first is that I suffer from an underactive thyroid, more specifically I have Hashimoto’s disease (side note! See my recent blog about my issues with hypothyroidism here). In order to manage the negative impacts on the thyroid gland, people with this genetic disorder are required to dramatically change their diets - an overhaul I made over the course of last year. Secondly, I sometimes suffer from inflammation, bloating and swelling. As I look to take the next step in my progression as an athlete, diet optimization and understanding how my body reacts to certain kinds of food is key. By doing the elimination diet we were able to remove all inflammatory foods, let my body reset, and then slowly add foods back in and monitor the response.
What I couldn’t eat: grains, sugar, alcohol, legumes and dairy
What I could eat: protein, fruit, nuts and seeds, vegetables and potatoes  
During this period, I had to be creative, and THAT is where I discovered the power of egg whites. I had no idea that they were a wonderful binding agent for things like bars, nut blends and protein pancakes.  After doing a little research, I found some other great benefits:

  • Protein packed! One egg has more than 6 grams of protein - one of the highest quality proteins of any food
  • A great source of riboflavin (helps red blood cell production), selenium (fights cellular damage) and potassium (sodium-potassium pump people!!!...not to mention heart health, bone health and overall cell and organ function)
  • No saturated fat
So… if you are looking for a quick and easy way to bake up some homemade goodness and keep things healthy, consider removing the flour and using egg whites as an option.  Check out the two recipes that I love in the side bar!
March 20th: Ironman 70.3 Monterrey

April 17th: Ironman 70.3 New Orleans

May 14th: Ironman Texas 
Babbittville: February Interview
Beyond Aero Partnership
In 2016 I have partnered with Beyond Aero, a full-service bicycle retail store and fit studio, based in Berkeley, CA and serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 2014, Beyond Aero focuses primarily on road and time-trial bikes.

As one of the Bay Area’s premier Cervélo dealers, Beyond Aero is a natural fit for me. In my experience, working with a bike shop is not just about the product they sell, but the quality and level of experience they provide and Beyond Aero is all about the customer experience and it makes me proud to be working with the store and to be an ambassador for the brand.

“We're thrilled to be working with Sarah in 2016”, says Beyond Aero founder, Andres Douzoglou. “We feel Sarah is a great ambassador of triathlon, and one of the top talents in the sport. Sarah's background is quite inspirational, and her ties to the Bay Area make this partnership a natural fit for Beyond Aero.”
Team Little Red Racing
I am excited to announce that in 2016 Little Red Racing has partnered with Jordan Blanco (Avid Endurance LLC) and Laurence Delisle for assistance with business management, media and public relations.

Jordan brings a wealth of business experience with two decades of experience in financial services and marketing. She is also a passionate and dedicated amateur triathlete, having participated in the sport for over 15 years. Laurence is an elite amateur triathlete and recent graduate of UCLA.

I’m thrilled to welcome Jordan and Laurence to the team!
Dialing in my position in Hawaii. With Paul Buick's guidance we raised the front end 30mm!
7,000 yard swim with the purplepatch crew: the best atmo-sphere to work hard and have fun
My favorite Saucony kicks- the Kineta Relay Boot! Comfy style.
Purplepatch bike trainer session at Shift-SF. A great way to improve fitness and strength.
I always turn to Clif Bar to fuel me. This got me through a tough bike and run in Hawaii.
ScionBags makes traveling easy! Take the wheels off and go!
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Protein pancakes (Thanks Holly Lawrence for the recipe):

4 ripe bananas (easily mashed)
4 egg whites
1/2 cup oats (but you can put in as many oats as your want to your preference)
1/4 cup chia seeds (again - adjust to your preference)
2 tbsp almond butter
ground flax seed
(You can also add things like chopped nuts!)


1. Mash the bananas and then add the egg white and mix into a batter-like consistency; add oats, chia seeds, almond butter, ground flax seed and anything else you would like; mix well
2. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
3. On wax paper over a cookie sheet, place cookie-sized dollops of the mixture.  Cook for ~20 minutes/until golden brown on top

Sugar Free Fruit and Nut Bars:

2 cups Pecans chopped
1 cup walnuts chopped
1 cup almonds chopped
20 dates finely chopped
¾ cup of eggs whites
2 tbsp cinnamon
a dash of vanilla.
(I also add unsweetened cranberries and a few scoops of almond butter)


1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
2. Mix well, place into a baking pan; cook 15-20 mins
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