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Hi Everyone!
Wow!  Can you believe it is already the end of March?!?
Just a quick update here on my end - Last Sunday, March 20th - I completed my first race of the season - Ironman Monterrey 70.3.  I was admittedly, pretty darn nervous. In the past I have taken my end-of-season break in November, and then ramped back in to be fit, strong and ready to race by this point in the season - sometimes even having a few races already under my belt!
This year, I took 5 weeks off after my last Ironman in December, and the progression into this season has been more moderate. The aim was to allow for recovery from a challenging 2015 race schedule and to build strength and speed for a few key races on my 2016 calendar.  In addition, I have been managing a small knee and achilles “niggle” so my run volume has been significantly reduced.  
Leading into this race I had only 2 run speed sessions in me (having just been cleared to ramp up my volume and intensity), mostly endurance riding and am still quite a ways away from the race weight and body composition that is ideal.
Psychologically that was tough for me. On the one hand I have huge expectations for myself, yet I knew physically I was not at a place to be able to execute at the level I would normally expect.  
Of course, I knew (and have known) for a long time, that the plan was not to be “race ready” and fit at this point in the season, and it is expected I would not be performing at my best.  Nevertheless, the idea of racing while not being at a top performing level was still difficult to swallow.

I ended up placing 4th in an incredibly strong field that included the runner up at the 2015 70.3 World Championships, the 3x Ironman World Champion, and the 2015 European 70.3 Champion. When asked how I felt about my race my response has been “it was good enough”. My goals for this season include strengthening my bike and run to a dominating place and on Sunday nothing about my performance was “dominating”. 
BUT, given what I have done training-wise, where I feel physically, and what I HAVEN’T yet done from a training and preparation perspective, I was very pleased with how I performed. It was a great start to the season and it left me motivated to get back to training and start pushing towards the form we expect.
I am now back in San Francisco and this week kicks off my official Ironman prep. I will race Ironman 70.3 New Orleans on April 17th, and then one of my key races for the year - Ironman Texas, on May 14th.  Ironman Texas is the North American Championships and myself and my team have our sights set high.

The team and I also have some exciting events coming up, including a talk on April 3rd with the Cal Berkeley Tri Team, a Q&A event at New Orleans 70.3 at Adam’s Bicycle World and a Charity bike ride, wine tasting and picnic with Boheme Wines on July 23rd (with all proceeds going to iTri). You can read about these all below!
Thanks for reading and until next time - Don’t Dream It. Be It!.



Sarah Piampiano Featured On

It was incredibly exciting to be featured by on March 8th about my 2015 season and my longstanding relationship with Purplepatch Fitness' Matt Dixon.  
Babbittville Radio Interview  

I feel so lucky to have had the honor to speak with Bob Babbitt on his podcast.  Bob is a legend in the sport of triathlon as well as a massive part of the Challenged Athletes Foundation - a cause and organization that inspires me every day.
Australian Triathlete Magazine (March 2016)

Featured with Paul Buick in an article centered on bike fit and their importance for triathlon performance. 


Pro Triathlon Union (PTU)
At the beginning of March, I was added to the Board of Directors for the Pro Triathlon Union (PTU), a global organization that represents and suports professional, non-drafting triathletes. The PTU was founded in late 2014 to provide a unified voice for professional triathletes in non-drafting racing as well as improve the sport for both athletes and stakeholders. It's important to me to stand up for my beliefs both in life and in my profession so I am excited to take an active role in the PTU and lend my voice to an organization focused on developing the sport. 
In 2015 I was feeling frustrated with my GPS device so explored my options.  I changed devices and began wearing a Polar watch in the hopes of finding something with more data reliability and an intuitive user interface.  I could not have been more impressed.  Needless to say, I was thrilled to formalize my partnership with the company in 2016. It's great to have them on board to keep me honest in training and racing and help push me to new levels!
In 2016, I have renewed my partnership with Bohème Wines, a small production winemaker located in Occidental, CA. Bohème produce flavorful Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays from grapes harvested in their own Sonoma County vineyards. A small glass of Bohème wine is a perfect recovery drink on date night, at dinner with friends or celebrating a great race result ;)
Little Red Racing Team
I am excited to announce that in 2016 Little Red Racing has partnered with Jordan Blanco (Avid Endurance LLC) and Laurence Delisle for assistance with business management, media and public relations. I’m thrilled to welcome Jordan and Laurence to the team!

LRR TIP: Powering Down

In the age of electronic EVERYTHING, I, like most people, am pretty consumed by devices. Often when I am not training, I am on my computer uploading and analyzing data from my training sessions, or posting to social media, or checking e-mail.
And because my full-time job is training, I have to work my personal branding/marketing/sponsor commitments around those hours. This often means that when I am eating, I am on the computer, and I am using a device right up until the time the lights go off at night.
A few weeks ago I was speaking with a sports psychologist that I work with from time to time and I mentioned I was having a hard time going to sleep. He asked about my routine and I told him - I am usually in bed at 8, with the intent of having the lights go out at 8:30.  The reality is that most nights I get sucked into looking at social media or responding to e-mails and I don’t turn the lights out until 9:30 or 10.  Often then my mind is racing and thinking about things I need to get done or my schedule for the next day.
He suggested I implement a “no electronics” rule for a full hour before I go to bed. That means no computer, no phones (except to set my alarm), no social media, no TV - nothing.
For the last few weeks (3 to be exact) I have been doing just that.  I’ve still be getting into bed at 7:45 or 8, and for 20-30 minutes I’ve been reading. And I’ll tell you what - I have been falling asleep with no issues. There hasn’t been one night when there has been a huge gap in time between when I have turned the lights off and when I’ve actually fallen asleep. And my sleep has been higher quality.  
Try it out - avoid electronics in the hour before bed and try implementing a “no electronics in the bedroom” rule. Yes - I do have my phone in the room, but only to act as an alarm. I am no longer checking e-mail, social media or browsing the web.
Sleep is the most important recovery tool - it repairs muscles, relaxes the mind, improves our focus during the day when we are well rested and can even impact things like weight.
Good luck!
April 17th: Ironman 70.3 New Orleans

May 14th: Ironman Texas 
As Matt Dixon of purplepatch fitness preaches: real food is the best food. During my long endurance rides I love Clif Bar's new Organic Energy Food line.
Inspired by the home recipes of Clif Bar athletes, each pouch has real food ingredients. When you read the nutrition panel you can actually understand what is in each pouch...revolutionary!
I'm super excited to be working with Polar this year. I am in love with their Fitness Tracker. Not only does it do 24/7 activity tracking but it has a built in heart rate monitor, smart notifications, and a color touchscreen.
My favorite feature is the sleep monitor. Sleep is the most essential tool for recovery and I am using it to learn about my sleep patterns. Now I know how long I sleep, how much was deep and light, and how many times I woke up. I can use this data to help me learn what activities I do before bed help me maximize my recovery.
Here's an example of the data I see at the end of the day!
We are excited to announce a number of events over the coming months:

Ironman New Orleans 70.3
Q & A at Bicycle World
April 14th, 6:30 PM
Sponsored by: Clif Bar, Shimano, Saucony
Ride & Wine Tasting in Napa
i-tri girls Charity Event
Expected Date: July 23rd
Sponsored by: Bohème Winery

UC Berkeley Tri Team
Date: April 3rd
Subject: Training, Recovery & Mental Preparation
Sponsored by: Beyond Aero
Sunday Funday Runday! Love going out to explore new trails. I wore my Saucony Zealots - heavier shoes but great support for those longer runs.
I LOVE my Inside Line Equipment bag. With all the work outs I do (sometimes 4 in a row!) I need a bag that can fit everything and is sturdy/reliable. 
The Saucony Kinvara 7 came out March 1st. Get yourself a pair. 
I love biking after a big rain. Excited to kick off the season and happy to have my bike ready to go thanks to Beyond Aero.
4th Place at Ironman 70.3 Monterrey. Great to get the first race out of the way and excited for the work to come!
The calm before the storm at Ironman 70.3 Monterrey! A beautiful backdrop for transition.
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