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President’s Column – June 2016

Jun 06, 2016 11:59 pm

Steve_StewartThe Newsletter deadline has come particularly early this month. The first thing to mention is that despite us choosing the rainiest day of the year so far, the Wings and Wheels event was great success. There were no fly-in aircraft, but we did have taxi-ins, a number of cars, and Ed’s electric bike. Ed has written up the event properly, and has probably thanked all of the people that helped make it a success, so all I wanted to mention was how well everything went, and that a large number of people attended, even though even before they left home in the morning, they knew that we would have to move inside. ‘Thank you, Ed’.

June is always a busy month. On Saturday June 4th, on behalf of the Club I already attended the annual 861 Squadron Air Cadet ceremonial review, and made our award, which this year went to Natasha Cummings. In September she will be starting at UFV and CPA.

This year the General Meeting comes about as early as it can do on Wednesday 8th. It is quickly followed by the Kid’s Flights event on the 11th , and I believe that Mark and Ron and many other volunteers have everything well organised already. Then the Airshow volunteer barbeque is on the 18th, which many of us will be at.

Next, a heads up about a new event that we expect in the evening of Wednesday July 6th. This is actually being organised by Fountain Tire, and will be a drive-in movie event of the grass adjacent to the club – the same area where we just filled in pot holes in expectation of the Wings and Wheels. This will coincide with a visit by the Goodyear blimp.

And finally, a reminder to contact Ken Funk with your suggestions, nominations, and declarations for Board positions for next year. The Nominating Committee has been meeting and has two months remaining for its work.

– Steve Stewart


Wings & Wheels 2016 Report

Jun 06, 2016 01:12 pm

We had our best set-up ever for the 2016 Wings ‘n’ Wheels event. Steve and I worked through Friday on it in mostly good weather to rope off and shovel gravel. Used the pile that Gerry Crapo supplied and filled most of the holes and ruts in the grass area. A considerable improvement.

Tom, Keith and others had also improved the gate cross over area so much better than previous. I found another hole in the grass since so still needs some more work, but generally is much better. Also we leveled up the new band platform that Keith built.

Sunday weather was even better than Friday’s. Sunny. Saturday, well not so much. It rained solid all day. Our brunch crew lead Bob Bryan along with Murray and Leanne adapted to Airshow mode using the meeting room for brunch with Courtney set at the corner.

Ken Wardstrom sent me this email Sunday and about sums up the event

Hi Ed
I just want to say thanks to you and the AFC crew for
putting on a wonderful event. I know it rained and all that
stuff but it was still a great event with a fantastic brunch
and the chance to talk to old friends and meet new ones.
Joan and I had a great time.
Thanks again.
Ken&Joan Wardstrom

We had quite a number of drive in guests from the airports around us including Langley, Boundry Bay and Chilliwack. So the inside program went well

Thank you to Bob Bryan and crew for the brunch, not just cooking but all the pot scrubbing and club house clean up. There were quite a number of members working both sides of the pass through window.

One thing we have to appreciate with this type of event, is how accommodating and adaptable our large clubhouse is. It really saved our event with everyone inside including Clark and the DC3. It went well especially with the live music.

Outside arrivals were slim. A black Corvette that was awarded Best Wheels was a man from Surrey. Turns out his wife had died that week and his friends were using our event to get him out of the house. Along with the Corvette, a collection of Japanese, German and British vehicles. Chris Palmer’s Land Rover and Chris Hibbert’s Jaguar.

Zero fly-in’s on the Wings side with solid IFR conditions. However Rene created a display on his own, with the Pacer squeezed between the trees, his black VW under wing one side and replica Porsche on the the other.

Rene received Best Wings for his aviation enthusiasm and contributions to the club. It occurred to me after that if he had brought out his pocket motorcycle that he could have filled all three classes. Devon Campbell with the KitFox, later in the day Chris with the Viking along with our two aircraft.

At 1PM there was $300 in fuel draws for participants, with Randy handling the draw. Steve spoke for the club then Mayor Braun for the City and making the engraved plaque Wings ‘n’ Wheels awards.

Our luck was the wettest day in an otherwise mostly dry May, possibly the wettest day of the year. That is the way it goes with dates. Considering the event we had in our clubhouse, some success.

Thanks to Heather on arrivals, Bob LeRoux air side and to all the members that helped.

Ed Boon
Fly-In coordinator



Jun 06, 2016 01:12 pm


Mother Nature continues to control the destinations  of the Sunday morning flyouts. Following a  successful and well attended trip to Powell River and return, the proposed Mother’s Day flight on May 8th  to Victoria had to be cancelled because of poor weather across the Strait of Georgia, however, good old Chilliwack was available instead.

On May 15th, Chilliwack became the destination again because  of weather but the following Sunday (May 22nd) Victoria was accessible with smooth conditions and light winds. A total of 3 aircraft and six people made the journey to the Spitfire Grill. Service there was extremely slow that day even in spite of not being that overly crowded,  mais,  “c’est la vie”.

It was interesting departing the parking area near the Spitfire Grill because Runway 27 was the active and departures from 03 (close by) couldn’t be accommodated, so it was long convoluted taxi from the parking area to the active.

The taxi clearance went something like this.

“Lima Charlie Romeo, taxi Charlie, cleared across Runway 03, to taxiway Bravo, then  Alpha, cleared across Runway 32 to taxiway  Sierra, Sierra to Echo, right turn Echo to taxiway Whiskey, holding short Runway 27 at Whiskey”.   Yikes!

In my case I had four  things going for me. On my Garmin 796 GPS, the taxi routing popped up on the “Safe Taxi” screen and was all laid out in front of me, Richard Bauch had the CFS opened to the airport diagram page and most importantly he pointed out that the two airplanes I was following  were given the same clearance.   ;~)

Attached to this article is an outline of the Victoria (CYYJ) Arrival/Departure Procedures for Runway 09 and 27. Review these, but remember to look in the current CFS for any changes before proceeding. If at any time one gets confused,  does not understand or cannot comply with ATC’s request, be sure to advise ATC immediately.

It is also noteworthy to remember, as pointed out at the Wings & Wheels breakfast by COPA  Director  Joe Hessberger, that one should be on a flight plan when flying in the U. S. for any period of time because of the recent dictates of the F.A.A . and/or Border/Homeland Security.

Since transiting to Victoria requires overflying portions of the U. S. it might be worthwhile to  take the time to file a flight plan. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be intercepted by a Blackhawk helicopter and/or go through the rigorous process of having to explain to U. S. Authorities  what I was doing in their Airspace without a flight plan.

Guantanamo Cuba is not on my  list of vacation destinations and waterboarding  there shouldn’t be considered a  beach or surfing event…..

Fly smart, fly safe.

– Bob Robertson


Victoria (CYYJ) VFR Arrival & Departure Procedures

Jun 04, 2016 08:59 pm

BCGA Member and COPA Director, Tim Cole posted (via BC General Aviation Association) a good summary of arrival & departure procedures at Victoria.  Thanks, Tim!


How The Military Hid The Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant

Jun 04, 2016 03:39 pm

Interesting article on how Lockheed camouflaged their aircraft plant in World War 2.


50 Cent Hotdogs

Jun 04, 2016 03:14 pm

If you ran a hotdogs stand and sold your dogs and cokes for only a fraction of what they cost you, you wouldn’t be in business very long. Similarly, running a Flying Club and selling flying and bar drinks at a subsidized rate, doesn’t seem to make sense either. And yet when we dig deeper into the history of the Abbotsford Flying Club, we find that we have done just that AND, not only survived for 55 years, but prospered. How, you may ask yourself? Well, it’s because of the hard work and dedication of some, not all, members. Only through hard-working volunteer members can these subsidies exist. And we are not a business. Take a closer look at how the Club functions. Members stand for election to the Board of Directors; they volunteer to Airshow; they get involved in Wings and Wheels; First Flight for Kids; Broken Prop: Clubhouse repair and renovation projects; Friday TGIF’s; countless committees and projects. Through money earned AND money saved the Club benefits. For members, (new and old) to simply fly the airplanes at subsidized rates and enjoy the cheap drinks in our lounge, is not helping the Club. If you’re a member and not contributing in some meaningful way to the Club, it’s time to ask yourself why you joined. And while you contemplate your answer, take the time to thank one or all of these individuals who are contributing to your enjoyment of the AFC. Come out on a Friday night and meet the members and find out what’s going on with the Club. Join the crowd on Sunday morning for the weekly flyout. Say thanks to Ed Boon for organizing Wings and Wheels; thank Deryn and Keith for the new roof on the patio; to Bob Bryan and his crew for the great breakfast at W & W; to Mark and Ron for First Flights for Kids; Murray and Leanne Webb for TGIF; to your executive for looking after the Club’s business, and our precious assets, our planes. And I know I’ve left people off this list who also deserve our thanks and for that I apologize, but I think you get the idea. Find out who’s doing what and help them out. We’re all in this together. Which bring me to the point of this rant; don’t simply be an eater of cheap hotdogs. Get involved and when the Nominating Committee contacts you over the next few weeks and asks you to serve on the executive, say “YES”, I will become an active part of this amazing AFC.

Clark Closkey


From Empty Nester To Private Pilot

May 25, 2016 08:25 am

An inspirational article from Plane & Pilot magazine about learning to fly at an older age.  It’s never too late to pursue your dreams.


Conair’s RJ-85 Air Tanker

May 22, 2016 11:40 am

Some cool videos of Conair’s RJ85 tanker.

Watch the Video

Watch the Video


What’s all the flap about?

May 19, 2016 09:27 pm

An interesting article from Plane & Pilot magazine on flaps and how they are used.


Risk Management

May 19, 2016 09:24 pm

Good article from Plane & Pilot magazine on risk management and being a safer pilot.



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