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President's Report

President’s Column, July 2022

Dear AFC members,

August and September have been good months for the flying club, with lots of good weather days for flying and lots of scheduled and informal club activities.

We successfully conducted Campground for the airshow, from which the club will receive significant revenue through the tremendous efforts of a large number of very dedicated volunteers.

With IUK coming back online and the fine weather our aircraft flew a significant number of hours.

We had a successful wings and wheels in September from which the club donated proceeds of sales to the Abbotsford food bank.

With good weather holding I am hoping we will be able to continue to fly and to get together outdoors as
we move toward our October end of year activities.

My sincere thanks to those who have so generously and kindly volunteered and participated in club
activities this year. I will have one more report to you before year end in October.

Chris Palmer,

Messages from the Board

This is your chance to hear directly from each board member. This section will include messages from the directors about upcoming initiatives that they are working on but also news that they want you to know about.

Treasurer Devin Campbell

This year has seen many changes inside and outside of the club.  The world is opening up again but we are seeing supply chain issues and rapid inflation.  Many organizations are trying to do more with less and we are not any different.  

Some of the changes we have seen this year are:

  • Replacement of the flat roof section
  • Increase in all  Aircraft costs (hangar rates, insurance, maintenance, and fuel)
  • Replacement of IUK engine
  • Bookkeeping
  • Legal Fees
  • Opening of the Club

Replacement of the Flat Roof

This was the second biggest expense to the club this year and made up the biggest portion of Clubhouse expenses totaling 42,380. 

Replacement of IUK’s Engine

This was the largest cost that we had to deal with as a board this year.  Once the dust settled the overhaul cost was $58,500, $13,000 more than what was in the overhaul reserve account. 

Increase in All Aircraft Costs

Not only did we see an increase in the predicted costs of the Engine overhaul we also saw an increase in all the other costs.  From fuel going as high as 2.90 per litre to insurance increasing by $500 for each aircraft and hangar costs increasing by $1000 for each aircraft.  Many members feel that the aircraft should be charged at a lower rate than it costs to operate.  Currently the rates are $180 per hour (plus GST and PST) plus a $30 fuel surcharge (GST only).  The actual hourly cost for the aircraft in the last year was $218.85/hr for GGMA (a difference of 8.85/hr) and $439.43/hr for IUK (a difference of 229.43).

Opening of the Club

Over the last year we have seen a gradual re-opening of the club from the restart of TGIF and Dutch Lunch to 2 Wings and Wheels events. Even though the board has decided that it is still not time to open the club to in person meetings,  the club has seen a gradual  increase in use and we have seen a revenue of $300 in drink “donations”.  This means that we are donating more than we are drinking, thank you and keep up the good work on this one.

We have also had to change our garbage pick up as we have just recently found the contract was canceled in 2020.  We are now using the blue bin that is located in the back of the club house instead of the green one.

Bookkeeping and Legal Fees

Up until now I have talked about the increasing costs to operate the club and how this has affected us.  We had to dip into the Third Aircraft Acquisition fund to help cover many of the costs over the last year.  Now it is time to talk about some of the cost savings that have been found.

One of the cost savings is the sudden resignation of Janet for our Bookkeeping.  We have had to incur some cost associated with this transition and over the year we have had some delays in billing as well. But with these growing pains have come some cost savings as well.  We have saved over $4,000 in bookkeeping costs this year instead of increasing every year as has been the trend.  

This year has also seen some of the lowest years in Legal Fees. This year we only spent $1,500 in legal fees down from $6,000 last year and over $10,000 the previous year.

Relationship with YXX

Our relationship with YXX has also changed over the last year.  We have moved to a more collaborative approach.  We still understand the need to keep our relationship with YXX at an arm's length, but not at the expense of knowing what is going on. This collaborative approach will lead to a greater understanding of the goals of YXX and how we can work together to achieve those goals.


There have been many changes over the last year, and next year looks to be the same. Not only with the way the world is changing but how our local communities are changing.  Talking with other volunteer organizations around our communities indicates that they too are experiencing similar problems to us with a lack of volunteers and increasing costs of traditional items. We will have to look deeper next year not only for cost savings but possibly a different way to fund our organization (such as more volunteer hours) so that we do not see fees climb to a rate that is unsustainable. 

P.D. The current rate for the Aircraft are $180/hr plus GST and PST and the current fuel surchagre is $30/hr plus GST

Newsletter Devin Campbell 

Thank you everyone for the positive feedback about the newsletter.

This year we commenced with a format change with the newsletter.  Instead of focusing on stories from the internet, we focused on the club and our membership. This has helped reintroduce us to each other again.

We look forward to continuing this effort next year.

Building Maintenance Director Devin Campbell

This year has seen us opening the club up more and learning what has been done and what needs to be done.  Over the last year we held several work parties cleaning up the inside and outside of the club. We have also done a walk around and have started setting up a plan to continue upgrading the clubhouse

The most major undertaking that was done this year was the flat roof replacement over the storage and stage area. This was not without controversy as is normal for the club.  The roof was deemed needing to be replaced approximately 5 years ago by a building inspection.  The board at the time received 3 quotes with an average cost of approximately $10,000.  5 years later, last year's board decided that this could not wait any longer and went ahead and obtained 3 quotes and settled on Penfolds roofing due to their previous experience dealing with this company. Last year a deposit was made and this year's board finished the project and inspected the roof.

Hangar Repair

On Sept 10 you could have caught Bevan and Ken McKeen  doing a repair to the Door Tracks in front of GGMA.

Fly-Out Devin and Ken Campbell

Regrettably flyouts were not as successful as we would have liked to be. With the Atmospheric Rivers in November followed by the cold snap from the end of December to mid January followed by the never ending spring rains that lasted into the end of June. Not only has the weather been difficult but COVID still has not allowed us to do many of the flyouts that have been requested.

Ken's Safety Corner

For the months of August and September we have had a significant number of hours flown in club aircraft with no reported incidents or safety issues.

The three flight incidents we had earlier in the summer were all resolved appropriately with two pilots having their flight privileges restored ad one still working on his flight skills.

Eight pilots have had, or are in the process of having their flight privileges renewed through either flight instruction or a flight review. All but one have been successful to date.

All pilots flying club planes have reviewed and signed off on the club SOPs put in place earlier this year.

Safe flights to all club pilots as we move towards our seasons of lesser flying hours.

Ken McKeen
AFC Flight Safety Chair

Clark's Maintenance Corner

Hello Fellow AFC Members,

The Journey Log

Numerous times in the past the AFC Maintenance directors and Flight Safety Directors have made members aware of mistakes in our aircraft journey logs. It seems to have little effect as pilots continue making mistakes. It doesn’t seem to matter when we say that the journey log is a legal document and the basis for aircraft safety and maintenance programs. The latest mistake was a reversal of numbers that made a difference of thousands of hours. Below a photo shows how the journey log of GMA has been corrected by a substantial amount to compensate for previous errors.

Let’s start with a few definitions that we are all a little confused about. First, my basic understanding of the different "times" is as follows.

Flight Time: "True" time, starts when plane moves under its own power, ends when plane stops. Used for pilot logbooks.

Air Time: starts when aircraft leaves the ground, ends when it touches down. Used for maintenance purposes. Written in the journey log and the tech logs and recorded as “time up” and “time down”. Used to count airframe hours. Used to count engine hours.

Tach Time: Not a "true" time. It's actually a way to count the number of revolutions the engine has done, but presented as the equivalent number of hours at cruise RPM.

Here are the researched, broader definitions:

Tach time is measured via the tachometer and can be compared to a car’s odometer. However, instead of measuring tire revolutions, the tachometer measures the number of propeller revolutions. The tachometer’s primary use is to measure engine hours, which are recorded in your airplane’s engine logbooks. This is what we use for billing the AFC aircraft.

Flight time means means the total time from the moment an aircraft first moves for the purpose of taking off until the moment it finally comes to rest at the end of flight. All maintenance (airframe & engine & else) is based on flight time, not engine run time. For single engine aircraft (and many twins) both airframe and engine (and all other components) times are measured by tach time. Hobbs time starts ticking when the engine is started.

The Hobbs meter measures the hours the aircraft is being operated, and it was invented in 1938 by John Weston Hobbs. The switch controlling the Hobbs meter can be set to turn on when the Master switch is turned on, via oil pressure after the engine is started, or multiple other methods. The Hobbs meter records time as hours and tenths of hours, and it is a true measurement of how long the airplane is being operated. In other words, when an hour passes on your watch, an hour has passed on the Hobbs meter. Pilots should use Hobbs meter time when logging flight hours. Bob Robertson maintains that the AFC should us this to bill aircraft usage. It amounts to generally 15 to 20% more than tach time but probably more accurately represents the true cost of operation.

Air time means, with respect to keeping technical records, the time from the moment an aircraft leaves the surface until it comes into contact with the surface at the next point of landing. When we go flying we record as “time up” and “time down” on our knee boards. Maintenance inspections will be completed every 50 or 100 hours of airtime.

All defects in any part of the aircraft or its equipment are to be entered in the aircraft Journey Log, before further flight, by the Pilot in Command or an AME. In addition to entries in the journey log book, all defects shall be recorded in the PRM’s (person responsible for maintenance).

It is the sole responsibility of PRM (person responsible for maintenance) and/or the AMO (approved maintenance organization) to determine if the defect can be deferred without affecting the airworthiness of the aircraft. All defects shall be rectified by an appropriately rated AMO, before further flight of the aircraft, except as provided in this section.

Where permitted by CAR 605.10, aircraft having outstanding defects may be operated subject to the following procedures:
a) No defect rectification shall be deferred for longer than the next scheduled inspection following discovery of the defect. If parts are not available, the AMO will inspect the defect to the degree necessary to ensure that the deferral may continue to the next inspection. Only those defects which do not affect the Airworthiness of the aircraft shall be deferred. All Snags (defects) are to be recorded, ie. written, in the Log and repaired before next flight or deferred, again by writing in the log. Those defects have to be repaired, usually, within 30 days.

So, to review, as carefully and accurately as possible make your entries in the journey logs. Time up and time down are recorded as airtime and this is important as it is the basis for maintenance. Tach time is calculated by the billing person but requires accurate recording of readings from the tachometer. When adding airtime flown to existing total, use the calculator provided or your cell phone for accuracy.

To rectify the problem with journey log entries, the committee has discussed a good-natured fine system. A case of beer donated to the Friday TGIF for every mistake. What do you think? Will that work?

Safe flights,
Clark, AFC Aircraft Maintenance

Stories from our Member


Wings and Wheels

In spite of the smoke a good number of airplanes, cars, 4 motorcycles and many wings and wheels enthusiasts, braved the elements and came out to the back lawn of our clubhouse to enjoy the exhibition. The car club people brought their bean bags toss equipment again and we had a great competition between the gear heads and the prop enthusiasts. The gear heads defeated us. It’s a good game and I think the club should invest in a set.


Reno Air Races North

About 20 members and spouses attended the virtual Reno Air Races on Sunday September 18 at our clubhouse.  Devin found a YouTube channel that streamed it live on our big screen TV and Dan Renaud hooked up a powerful sound system that gave the audience the feel of the big radials and V12-s of the unlimited class.

I texted Roy Hafeli a picture of 4 of us sitting on the John Spronk bench in our Section 3 outfits (orange T-shirts). Roy not only announces the Abbotsford airshow, but also the Reno air races.

He mentioned on the race P/A system that the Abbotsford flying club was watching the races at the clubhouse and that he had received a picture of some of us sitting on the John Spronk bench and thanked Adrian for that. Mike Dunlap made us his traditional Reno breakfast (Caesars complete with celery sticks).

Unfortunately the races were cut short due to an accident in the jet final gold race and our thoughts and prayers go out to the pilot and his family

Adrian's Good and Welfare

Ever wondered why someone hasn't been around the club lately. Are there any milestones in careers or birthdays that you wish to celebrate with someone. Welcome to Adrian's Good and Welfare. This is where Adrian will inform us of upcoming milestones in our membership and let you know if someone needs some well wishes. If you would like Adrian to make an announcement here or at the General meeting please reach out to him and he will add it.

Spotlight on our Membership

Ever wondered who just walked into the club, or wondering how to break the ice with a member. This is the place. Every month we will be focusing on 2 or 3 members a month to write a little about themselves so that we can get to know who our membership is and break down walls. We will set-up a random selector and will notify the members as soon as possible to get them in the newsletter.

Feliciano Choi

During wings and wheels our most recent member Feliciano Choi received his name tag from president Chris Palmer.

From the Nominating Committee

Hello Members,  It seems like just yesterday we were meeting at our AGM to elect a new board for the AFC. Well, it's time to do it again. I would just like to take a moment to thank the 2021/2022 board for all their hard work in these trying times. One year is hardly enough time to accomplish many of the things we collectively set out to do but as you are aware we are constrained by the BC Society's Act. I would also like to thank those individuals who came forward to stand for election for the coming years board.

For the benefit of the new members I've elected to provide an out line of how our AGM usually goes.
  1. AGM is the October General Meeting of the AFC which occurs on the second Wednesday of October at 19:30 hrs.  
  2. A brief bit of outstanding business is taken care of (if necessary) and then the meeting is adjourned and the chairman calls the election.
  3. The chairman will have received from the recording secretary a list of eligible voters and he is bound by that list. If there is any question as to your eligibility now is the time to deal  with it by contacting the recording secretary as the chairman will not enter into a debate on eligibility at the last second. DO IT NOW! ( at least one week before the election).
  4. To vote you must be a member in "Good Standing". This means your flying bill is paid up to date(no more than 30 days in arrears), Your dues are paid as of August 31st and you have attended at least 4 meetings in the last calendar year. Members may contact the recording secretary(Bevan Tomm) if they are not sure.
  5. The election this year will be carried out with the assistance of "Election Buddy" which we have used successfully in the past.
  6. The President are entitled to a maximum of five minutes to speak on their election platform, while the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and directors will have two minutes.
  7. As each position is announced the floor will be open for nominations and each nominee from the floor will be allowed 2 minutes to speak.
When nominations are closed members will be asked to vote via election buddy and results will be immediately and electronically tabulated. When the last vote is taken and the results announced (approximately 2200 hrs.) the election will be declared over.

The nominations from the nominating committee this year are
President- Chris Palmer
Vice President - George Elder
Treasurer - Devin Campbell
Secretary - Bevan Tomm
Directors - Richard Bauch
               - Laurens Bosman
               - Ken Campbell
               - Clark Closkey
               - Ledell Kendall
               - Adrian Renkers
               - Pat Ulicki


Member's Projects

You come to the airport to fly on of the planes and you see a hangar door open and see someone working on something. Ever wondered who that is and what they are working on. We will shine the spotlight here on projects that are being worked on by your fellow members. This will be an opportunity for you to learn what we are working on and maybe lend some expertise or hand if needed or just to learn some interesting tips and tricks.

Upcoming Events

What is happening at TGIF? Where is the Sunday Morning Flyout group heading this month? Are there any upcoming social or volunteer activities coming? If you have an event you want to advertise to the membership, or you are wondering the answer to the questions about, this is the spot to it.

Ongoing Events

Wednesdays: Dutch Lunch
12:00 - 13:00
Fridays: TGIF
18:00 - 
Sundays: Breakfast Fly-out
08:30 - 12:00
General Meetings: 19:30 Second Wednesday of the Month
Executive Meetings:  19:30 Fourth Wednesday of the Month

Upcoming Events

October  12 - Annual General Meeting


AFC 2021 Executive

Chris Palmer - President
Ken McKeen - Vice President
                      - Flight Safety
Bevan Tomm - Secretary
Devin Campbell - Treasurer
                     - Building Maintenance
                     - Newsletter
                     - Flyout
Adrian Renkers - Membership
Clark Closkey - Aircraft Maintenance
Ken Campbell - Director
Duncan Poynton - Director

AFC Airshow Directors

Steve Stewart
Tom Timm
Ruth Wiebe
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