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President’s Column – September 2016

Sep 13, 2016 07:30 am

Steve_StewartThis month I am writing two things. One of them isn’t shown here. It started as a briefing note for whoever takes over as President at the AGM in October. But it is something that would be useful reading for anyone interested in running for any position on the Board. So I hope it can be posted in the Member’s area on the website for any interested member to read. The other thing is this what you are reading, but I’ll stay with the Board Election theme to start with. The Nominating Committee did its job (thank you Ken et alias) and produced a list of nominations. All of the Members nominated are well qualified to serve on the Board. There are a number of new names. All the names appear in the minutes of the August Board meeting, and I want to thank everyone that agreed to let their name go forward as a candidate. But I also wish to remind everyone that nominations are not closed. Additional nominations can be made at the AGM. So if you wish to stand for election please arrange for someone to nominate you at the meeting. Or, if you plan to nominate someone, it’s a good idea to check with them first so that we don’t waste time at the meeting.

What else? Since our last meeting there have been two Board meetings and an airshow. The meetings went well, and so did the airshow. ‘Thank you’ to everyone that helped with the show, in whatever capacity. Please take that as from me as Chairman of the AIAS as well as President of the AFC. Everything that makes the airshow better is also good for the AFC. We also hosted the AGM of the BCGA Association. And there have been TGIFs every week.

As I write this it is two days to our re-scheduled First Flights for Kids event on September 10th. The weather hasn’t been great for the past week, and I do hope that it is good on Saturday. This event has been very successful every year. It benefits from excellent organization and able volunteers. It is also a fantastic community relations initiative for the club.

And now a new feature – a discussion topic. Does anyone else believe, like I do, that it is time that aviation navigation stopped using Magnetic headings, and simply used True? Back when the decisions were made to use Magnetic for some things the primary navigation instrument was indeed a Magnetic compass. So the world was adjusted to fit with what that compass said. But the Magnetic pole moves and variations change, so every so often things like runways have to be re-numbered – which is just plain silly. It may have been more sensible to adjust the compass to the real world rather than changing the world to fit the compass. If all compasses were fitted with a bezel calibrated in degrees of variation, that bezel could be turned to the right value and the compass would read True bearings. Now that the Magnetic compass is so much less important, and there are so many more accurate and precise and easy to use navigation devices out there, I don’t think there is any case for using Magnetic bearings or headings for anything. We have the situation where all these newer devices have to have adjustments built into them to be able to show Magnetic bearings, just because that is how runways are numbered and heading indicators set. If compasses had a ‘variation bezel’ they would read True and that would be good all round. Half of Canada already uses True because Magnetic is so unreliable. Maybe Canada should lead the world and assert its status as the True north strong and free.

Steve Stewart
President, AFC


First Flights for Kids 2016

Sep 11, 2016 06:20 pm

Our First Flights for Kids event on September 10th was a success with 109 kids flown.  After having to cancel the June event due to weather, we all were very thankful for getting the weather we needed for scenic flights.

We had 7 aircraft participating which included AFC’s Cessna 172N, AFC’s Piper Archer, Ken Funk’s Mooney Ovation, Chris Hibbert’s Bellanca Super Viking, Arvid Isaak’s Cessna 182, Rene Robertson’s Pacer and Gerry Visser’s Piper Saratoga.

Everything went very smoothly and the participants all enjoyed the experience according to reports as they departed and from feedback left on our Facebook and website pages.

Massive thanks to all the many volunteers and participants for helping us make this another special day.  Thanks as well to both Conair and Coastal Pacific Aviation for their continued support in allowing us to use their ramp space and classroom facilities respectively.

Here are links to the picture galleries from the event:



New Members!

Sep 09, 2016 03:04 pm

Here are a few words from our newest members.

Brett Rueff:

“I have been flying for about 20 years and hold a CPL with approximately 500 hours of flight time – all recreational flying.  I also fly a powered paraglider which is registered as a basic ultralight, and occasionally fly a paraglider from Mt Woodside or Bridal Falls.  Besides aviation my hobbies are mostly outdoor related – hiking, biking, camping with the family, travel (mostly to Australia to see family) kayaking and occasionally rock climbing. My wife Michelle, 3 year old girl Charlie, 1 year old son Campbell and I live in Fort Langley. I look forward to meeting the members of the AFC in the coming year.”

Garreth Lavery:

“Gareth Lavery (my friends call me G). A native of Manchester, England, I moved permanently (insert love story here) to Canada in 2013. I follow a Paleo diet and lifestyle (for Paleo, read “caveman”) which seems completely at odds with my passion for everything that can propel itself with an engine. I’m as likely to jump up and film a passing train as I am an interesting aeroplane. Am I the only person who enjoys getting stuck at a rail crossing? Formerly a 3D designer of exhibition booths around the world, I am now a commercial pilot in training. I took my first flight on the 15th of January 2016, soloed in February and passed my PPL flight test in May. I am loving every moment of this adventure!”

Thanks for sharing guys! Welcome to the Abbotsford Flying Club.


Members visit Pemberton

Sep 09, 2016 08:49 am

We flew to Pemberton in Warren’s Seneca. A truly meticulous cared for aircraft.

From CYCW our routing took us over Harrison lake, Lilloet lake and inbound to Pemberton. We had a great lunch offered by Warren. Very generous of him to provide his aircraft and lunch.

It was interesting to be aware of ridge lift and apply this technique when shuttling out of Pemberton for the west bound departure.

Having a Turbo charged aircraft makes all the difference.

The westbound routing from 8500′ took us on a profile decent over Stave lake at 250 fpm for the 5 mile offset to our direct track for CYCW.

From 5 miles west on profile we entered for a mid-field crossing for the downwind to R-25.

All in all what a beautiful flight on a perfect day.

Thanks Warren.


Andy Halychuk


GMA getting some well-deserved attention before First Flights

Sep 07, 2016 08:39 pm

Getting the airplanes ready for AFC First Flights for Kids by giving them a well-deserved wash before the event on September 10.

Hard at work here cleaning the belly of GMA are Keith Wilson, Jim Hendriks and Augie Rinz (behind the camera).  Thanks guys!  Well done!


Fly-In’s Wrap-Up – 2016

Sep 06, 2016 01:31 pm

Click here to read a Fly-In’s Wrap-Up report by Ed Boon.


Vimy Flight Tribute

Sep 05, 2016 08:22 pm

An interesting report from AvWeb about the tribute that includes replica WWI-era aircraft from the Canadian Museum of Flight.


A New Fly-out, Drive-in Destination

Sep 05, 2016 01:23 pm

The Chilliwack Airport Coffee Shop has opened a second location at the Langley Airport.

As most are aware, there have been some issues at the Chilliwack Airport so regardless of the outcome, it is nice to see there will still be an outlet for their delicious pies, excellent meals and friendly service.

On Wednesday, August 24th ten folks from the “Dutch Lunch” group got together at the Langley Airport location. Everyone chipped in and we presented Judy with a bouquet of flowers from the “AFC Dutch Lunch Gang” along with a card wishing her good luck with her new satellite location.

Judy pointed out there is plenty of airplane parking across the taxiway next to the Conair Tracker on display. Their hours are from 8 AM to 3:00 PM and the restaurant is located just north of the Museum for anyone driving in.

– Bob Robertson


Solar Impulse 2: Around The World On Sunshine And Guts

Sep 04, 2016 11:24 am

An interesting article from Tested about the solar-powered airplane that circumnavigated the world, Solar Impulse 2.


NORAD Interception Procedures

Sep 01, 2016 03:25 pm

Click here to visit the General Aviation section of NORAD’s website.  It contains links to aircraft interception procedures and other useful information.

Click here for an information card on interception procedures in Canadian Airspace.

Click here for an information card on interception procedures in US airspace.




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