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President's Report

President’s Column, October 2022

Dear AFC members,

The AGM in October saw the re-election of the majority of the board of directors, confirming the approval of the board policies and general direction pursued by the previous board. This is heartening for your new board , as it confers a mandate to strengthen and build upon the measures that we think are crucial for the continued health and vigour of the club in future. We are threatened, like all similar non-profit organizations, by the financial pressures of inflation,  and fading enthusiasm for volunteering in the rank and file. Your Treasurer, aided by his Finance Committee, is exploring measures to keep flying affordable and the clubhouse and aircraft maintained in this climate of spiralling cost increases.

Meanwhile, the hangar corporation has been offered an opportunity for expansion of operations to meet the growing need for parking and hangarage, -opportunities to strengthen the financial foundations of the club. Exciting prospects, which must be explored cautiously, but if accomplished soon could open up options for further expansion.

With the Covid pandemic under some degree of control, we contemplate the option for opening up general meetings to “in person” gatherings. However, at the time of writing, on the verge of the influenza season, we hesitate to expose members to unnecessary risks. Members are reminded that there are no longer any Department of Health mandated health restrictions for meetings at the clubhouse. Those members who yearn for the camaraderie of social gatherings do not need to wait for the approval of management to arrange get togethers and parties using the facilities available. Meanwhile, we anticipate staging the usual events such as the Pool and Dart Tournaments, Wings and Wheels, St. Patrick’s Day and Robbie Burns Night, and the traditional TGIF parties and Dutch Lunch Wednesdays are now in full swing. Whatever your own personal convictions, I would exhort you to ponder the obligations  to society to maintain a high degree of immunity to flu and Covid; the freedoms we have regained have been won by the diligence and civic duty of members of societies such as ours. We cannot afford to be complacent, but must keep our guard up as far as possible. 

Further Education sessions are planned for the winter months so that members have the opportunity to keep up to date with the constantly changing aviation environment, to face the Spring better equipped to enjoy another year of safe flying.

If you are able to help in the running of the club, we would love to hear from you, and sincere thanks to those who have come forward to help keep this awesome club afloat. You are the backbone of the AFC, and we need you.

Thanks for reading this ramble,- my personal opinions are not necessarily those of the whole Board, and you are encouraged to respond courteously, and in the spirit of fellowship.

Chris Palmer,

Messages from the Board

This is your chance to hear directly from each board member. This section will include messages from the directors about upcoming initiatives that they are working on but also news that they want you to know about.

Treasurer Devin Campbell

I would like to start off by thanking everyone for their help last year and I look forward to working with you again this year.

Again, I am going to focus on not only keeping our costs down but also to find new ways to save money.  The more things that we can do in house with volunteers the more we can either reduce rates or look at upgrades to the aircraft or building. One of the areas that I am going to be looking at in the short term is our Moneris charges. We are currently paying 2% per every credit card transaction to Moneris. For the longer term I am going to be working with the membership, flight safety and aircraft maintenance to look at reforming our membership dues and flying rates.  More to come on this in the coming months.

Newsletter Devin Campbell and Laurens Bosman

I will be handing the newsletter torch over to Laurens this year and we both look forward to continuing the effort to get to know our membership and our club. We also look forward to sharing with you all of the events going on around the club.

This year we are adding a new section to the newsletter based on a members recommendation.  If you have anything you want to Buy or Sell we are going to now have a classifieds section.  Please let us know if you want to have anything added to this section and we will get it into the next newsletter

Building Maintenance Director Dan Renaud

As the fall rains finally arrived, the eve troughs let us know that they needed a little assistance. Devin braved the pouring rain and cleaned the down spouts, ensuring we did not have any damage to the inside of the building (see pic).

You will see a cabinet being assembled by the pool table. This will be installed to give a lockable area for games, darts and pool cues. This will also organize the games better and keep them all in one location for easy access.

One last thing, please rinse out your bottles and cans before placing them in the recycling trays at the bar. This will help cut down on fruit and black flies. :-)

Dan Renaud
Building Maintenance

Membership Director Adrian Renkers

The photo gallery has been updated again and currently shows pictures of 59 members. We have 65 paid up members to date. The gallery hasn’t been this current for a number of years.  Thanks Bevan for all your efforts.

The AFC board has approved the application of Lisa Robbie. Lisa is all paid up and is now officially a member of the AFC. Welcome aboard Lisa.

Fly-Out Devin Campbell

We managed to take advantage of the last few weeks of our extended Summer and got a couple of flights in to Chilliwack.  Due to the smoke Chilliwack was the best location and visibility was coming down to as little as 6 miles before we had to stop flying and start driving again.

With the onset of Winter, we are still continuing Sunday morning fly-out but most likely driving out for breakfast most mornings.  If you would like to join us for a fly-out or drive out, we meet at the clubhouse at 8:30 Sunday mornings and decide were we are going based on weather.  We always find seats so don't be afraid to come if you do not have a plane to fly.

Social Ledell Kendall

On the October 28 Friday TGIF we had a Halloween themed TGIF.  Good times were had by all with several members showing up in costumes. The clubhouse was decorated for Halloween with scary masks and pumpkins, and we had Halloween music playing thanks to Francis.

Prizes were given away for best costumes with Clark Closkey winning Best Costume, Francis winning best young person dressed as a Milk Carton, and Ken and Jeanette Campbell were best couple with their handmade thanksgiving costumes.


Safety Corner

Even though this section is for the Safety Committee to talk about upcoming initiatives or past events we are still in transition and do not have anything to add.  

I thought I would take the opportunity though to talk about a recent incident that I experienced and the CADOR that resulted from it.  

When we are in flight training we all hear several important messages:
  • Plan your flight before you start
  • always conduct a pre-take off briefing (even if you are by yourself)
  • Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.
Well a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity not only to practice all of these lessons but to show an aspiring pilot the importance of all of these messages.

Myself and a passenger were on our way to Chilliwack for Sunday morning breakfast and everything was going well.  I was explaining the importance of the "Walk Around" and what we are looking for.  As soon as we got onboard we went over the emergency procedures (Fuel Shutoffs, Opening and Closing Doors, Fire Extinguisher).  We then proceeded to the run-up area uneventfully and went through our standard checklists and why we do this on every flight.  

Again everything was proceeding normally with not a concern in the world.  The weather was looking good and we can hear on the radio that there is not a lot of traffic in the area.  Again, nothing to be concerned about.  

We pulled up to the hold short line and announced ready for departure. The tower cleared us for immediate departure and we pulled onto Runway 19 and began our take-off role. The moment we got airborne suddenly all of our electronics went black.

Oh no we have an electrical failure!

A quick check of the switches and a quick check of the breaker is not showing any problems but a lack of power is showing us there is a problem.  At this point we are no more than 300 ft above the runway and haven't passed Bravo intersection yet.  That's when I decided that we can land straight ahead on the same runway.  Unable to contact anyone other than my passenger I let them know what was happening, quickly pulled the power and proceeded to land the plane and pull off at Charlie.  

Once cleared of the runway I called up some friends in another plane who had just started up to get them to let the Tower know what happened and then watched for the light signal from the Tower clearing me to taxi back to the compound.  Once at the compound we called the Tower and let them know what happened.  They were pleased to know that we were safe and all fine and were happy that we had contacted them to let them know what happened.

Some of the learnings that I took away from this and wish to tell you about are these:
  • Even after the walk-around and run-up things can still go wrong and always be prepared
  • Always remember to have a way out when things do go wrong
  • Always fly the plane and do not panic when things go wrong
  • And don't be afraid to talk to the tower and let them know what is going on.
I have attached a screenshot of the CADOR as well.

Devin Campbell
Kitfox C-GUFA


Clark's Maintenance Corner

Greetings to all AFC members and interested parties. Welcome to a new year of the Abbotsford Flying Club aircraft maintenance reports and information. Thank you for electing me and my team of professionally minded people in my committee who will be open and transparent as the year progresses.

Both GMA and IUK are on line and in the air as weather permits. Both are going up for night flights and GMA has brand new LED taxi light to match its LED landing light. GMA now meets our SOP requirements for all lights to be illuminated for nights flying. In addition, GMA had her 50 hours inspection which cured some of the nagging issues of seat locks and baggage door lock-cylinder replacement.

Log book errors continue to plague us so we’ve now taken to emailing the culprits with photos of their mistakes. Please, take your time and use a calculator or cell phone to do the math. Our maintenance routine depends on accurate record keeping.

Safe flights,
Clark, AFC Aircraft Maintenance

Stories from our Member


Adrian's Good and Welfare

As some of you may be aware, Joy Wilson, wife of 56 years of former member Keith Wilson passed away recently. If you would like more information please reach out to Adrian.

Spotlight on our Membership

Ever wondered who just walked into the club, or wondering how to break the ice with a member. This is the place. Every month we will be focusing on 2 or 3 members a month to write a little about themselves so that we can get to know who our membership is and break down walls. We will set-up a random selector and will notify the members as soon as possible to get them in the newsletter.


Member's Projects

You come to the airport to fly one of the planes and you see a hangar door open and see someone working on something. Ever wondered who that is and what they are working on. We will shine the spotlight here on projects that are being worked on by your fellow members. This will be an opportunity for you to learn what we are working on and maybe lend some expertise or hand if needed or just to learn some interesting tips and tricks.

Member's Classifieds

You have something you want to sell or are looking for something and want to reach out to the members? This is the area for you.  Please reach out to the Newsletter Editors (Devin Campbell, Laurens Bosman) and we can add it to the monthly newsletter.

Upcoming Events

What is happening at TGIF? Where is the Sunday Morning Fly-out group heading this month? Are there any upcoming social or volunteer activities coming? If you have an event you want to advertise to the membership, or you are wondering the answer to the questions about, this is the spot to it.


Ongoing Events

Wednesdays: Dutch Lunch
12:00 - 13:00
Fridays: TGIF
18:00 - 
Sundays: Breakfast Fly-out
08:30 - 12:00
General Meetings: 19:30 Second Wednesday of the Month
Executive Meetings:  19:30 Fourth Wednesday of the Month

Upcoming Events


AFC 2021 Executive

Chris Palmer - President
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Bevan Tomm - Secretary
Devin Campbell - Treasurer
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Adrian Renkers - Membership
Clark Closkey - Aircraft Maintenance
Ledell Kendall - Social Director
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Laurens Boseman - Webmaster
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AFC Airshow Directors

Steve Stewart
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