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Tikkun Farm’s Summer Harvest!
Our “Food and Fiber Camp” began with “The Great Crockpot Give-away” to twenty-one low-income children. Over three weeks they prepared pork cacciatore, bean soup and stuffed peppers for their families. Some participants, so excited about their meals, rushed home from camp to cook it in their crockpot that afternoon for a late dinner. At the end of camp, Tikkun Farm gave each child a chef’s knife, a cutting board, a vegetable peeler and a hand towel…tools to continue cooking at home.
In addition to “kitchen time”, campers also enjoyed “barn time”, where they met the alpacas and chickens, and created projects from alpaca fiber they dyed and felted themselves. A local police officer came to work early one afternoon to hang out with our kids in a positive environment and we sent him home with dinner and a crockpot.
Welcome to Tikkun Farm's "Food & Fiber Camp"...
Fiber Arts in the Barn...
Crockpot Cooking in the Kitchen...
Summer Camp flourished thanks to a diverse

community nourishing Tikkun Farm’s soil.

Adult volunteers served as chefs and shepherds. Grant money from local churches bought the knives and other kitchen tools. LaSoupe, a local non-profit donated 75 lbs of meat and vegetables rescued from grocery stores. Youth volunteers provided one-on-one assistance to campers. An AmeriCorp volunteer developed and directed the entire fiber arts portion of camp. And individuals from all over the country donated over twenty crockpots.
For the harvest to continue...

Tikkun Farm needs SOIL Farmers

“Soil farmers” focus on building healthy soil

Healthy soil captures rain, releasing it slowly during dry seasons.

“Soil famers” plant all year round to add nutrients to soil. 

SOIL Farmers
are Individuals and Groups who develop Tikkun Farm’s soil all year long with MONTHLY financial support.
 8 SOIL Famers contributing $100/month OR
16 SOIL Farmers contributing $50/month OR
32 SOIL Farmers contributing $25/ month
would support our AmeriCorp Volunteer for the year.
A SOIL Farmer Group of five could contribute $50/month if each member only gives $10/month. This could be a great project for a Discipleship Group!
Sign Up NOW
to become a Tikkun Farm SOIL Farmer!
nourishment, healing, growth and abundance begin in the soil.
SOIL Farmers will help this Summer’s momentum 
ushers us into bigger projects this Fall as…

Tikkun Farm welcomes

  First AmeriCorps Volunteer     &     Bhutanese Farming Families! 
 Alyssa Saathoff  
comes to Tikkun Farm from Chicago. At the age of 27 she’s taught cooking classes to young moms, art classes to seniors, supported fundraising efforts, and provided administrative support to non-profits.  She is so excited about Tikkun Farm’s mission she’s renting our small apartment in addition to working here.  We joyfully welcome Alyssa’s enthusiasm, gifts and energy to Tikkun Farm this year!
Dhan and Tikkun Farm’s Farmer Families moved from a refugee camp in Bhutan (a small country between India and China) four years ago with his wife and two children. They first settled in Maryland, and moved to Cincinnati in June. He and eight other families began farming our land the morning after visiting Tikkun Farm. On the day of his visit Dhan said he could feel the love on our land! They are excited to become part of Tikkun Farm’s community and share their garden with our After-School children and Veterans!
With a FULL TIME AmeriCorp Volunteer, Tikkun Farm will:

Continue the “Crockpot Dinner Project” as an After-school Series

Launch a weekly Veterans Farm and Food outreach program

Tutor children from the local after-school program Zone 231

Explore establishing a 4H program on the farm

Create a “Third Place” on the Farmhouse’s first floor so neighbors can drop in for coffee and conversation, and groups can gather for meetings

Develop “Volunteer Days” on the Farm
With NINE families farming our land, Tikkun Farm will:
Create a learning and healing garden for veterans and low –income children
Feed nine refugee families
Create a diverse community including our low-income, African-American youth, our middle class, Caucasian neighbors and Bhutanese refugee families
Offer a healing connection to the land for individuals recovering from war, domestic and refugee trauma
Farm Fundraising Dinners (and Breakfasts)!

Gather around the table on our farm for a meal of fellowship, fundraising and education. Once a month we host a meal and give you an in depth look into our mission to partner with God in healing, repair and restoration.

 This Month....

Labor of Love: The Healing Power of  “Meaningful Work”

“Work” sometimes gets a bad rap. While it puts food on table, a roof over our head, and sometimes provides health care, it can also suck the life out of us, make us weary and keep us from quality time with our families.
It’s easy to forget that after creating us, God placed us in the garden, to partner with God in the ongoing creation of the world. Tikkun Farm gets it’s name from a Hebrew phrase, “Tikkun Olam”, meaning “repair the world”. Our Jewish neighbors grow up knowing they participate with God in the ongoing “healing of the world” no matter what kind of paid work they do. Each of us has a unique contribution to make to the world born from our skills, talents, experiences and passions. We offer ourselves for our own wholeness, as well as the world’s, whether we are “paid” for this work or not. 
Meals are limited to 10 participants. 
Sign Up Here
September 9th- 6:30pm, $75

Pork Tenderloin with Pears & Apples
Roasted Cauliflower & Red Potatoes
Beet & Goat Cheese Salad
Key Lime Pie
September 10th- 9:30am,  $25

Goat Cheese Quiche with Carmelized Red Onions
Sausage & Roasted Pepper Quiche
Berries and Whipped Cream
Blueberry & Ginger Scones
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