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We Live in the Shelter

of One Another
-Irish Proverb
This year the best of the human spirit swept over our land and filled the spaces between our walls with gentleness, kindness and love. 
African-American children
helped care for
baby chicks on the farm.

Bhutanese refugee farmers walk
three blocks every evening
to harvest vegetables,after clearing the land
as a multigenerational family.

An African drummer
led our community
in a drumming circle.
Our neighbor crosses the street
every morning to feed and love our alpacas,
and patiently returns them to their correct paddocks
after visitors mix the boys and girls together!

My Guatemalan friend
introduced spicy flavor
and happy music
to our family dinner hour.

A 28 year old woman
committed to living in poverty for a year
to shape a healing place
for children living among violence
and veterans
recovering from trauma.

Two teenage boys
arrive on their bikes 5 days a week
and collect eggs, plant and water new apple trees,
and give special attention to Lucy,
a chicken recovering from a respiratory infection
A local beekeeper harvests honey from bees living in our orchard.
Guest chefs volunteer
to teach a child
to make bread in a crockpot.

Teens partnered with younger children
during “Food & Fiber Camp”
as they learn to chop vegetables
(and not fingers!).

We have been living with beautiful diversity in the shelter of each other  this year. It’s a sturdy shelter, built with respect, generosity, trust and radical hospitality. This is the only reliable way to construct a shelter for the heart that remains resilient in fearful seasons and transcends economic and political differences.  In the shelter of each other we experience the belovedness that heals and wholes us.
I believe Tikkun Farm offers an antidote to the disconnection and fear that hurts our communities. if you agree, please to support our work...
Click here to make a year end tax deductible donation or become a monthly contributor.
Click here to sign up as a guest chef or cooking assistant on a Monday afternoon or in our upcoming Veterans program.
A year ago these kinds of experiences swirled as dreams in my heart… hopes of what Tikkun Farm could be. Courageously, I offered them up, hoping for midwives to help birth them. And you responded! You donated crockpots, contributed funds to buy food and supplies, funded the salary for our AmeriCorp member, volunteered hours to care for the farm, showed up for farm dinners, taught a child how to chop a carrot. Thank you building a shelter where love grows and heals what hurts us.  

This year we’ve given away 20+ crockpots, welcomed 30 Bhutanese refugees to farm our land, taught 25 children living in poverty to make their own dinner and given away over 100 lbs of food to help them do so, taught 50 people the truths about trauma, healing and sustainable farming, hosted and supported 3 non-profits in their work to bless the world, offered both a summer camp and a weekly after school program, and invited an AmeriCorp member to work full time in support of Tikkun Farm’s vision. Wow!
In the coming year we will offer a weekly cooking fellowship for veterans transitioning from homelessness, welcome a youth group from Annapolis, MD who want to serve as counselors for our Food and Fiber Summer Camp, continue our weekly after school “Cincinnati Gives a Crock” cooking program And that’s just the dreams we’re aware of. Who knows what else God has in planned!? 

Thank you for being a part of the shelter we offer one another.
Pastor Mary
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