November 2020

A Prayer for the Election 

We are grateful, O Lord, for the establishment of our democracy. We come to you recalling the patriots who gave so selflessly of themselves and those who saw the vision of creating a form of government determined by the people. They have secured the liberties we enjoy today.

We thank you for all who have presented themselves as candidates in national, statewide and local elections. To those elected, we pray that they would accept their positions responsibly in service to all the people of our country. Inspire, counsel, support, console and guide them especially during these days of great division and pandemic crisis.

To those not elected, on national, state and local levels, move within their hearts to thank you and the people they have served these recent years. Grant us as a nation and in our communities, your healing, strength and renewal in the days ahead.
Rev. Ed Larson
Interfaith Chaplain, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

“Keep your eyes open, hold tight to your convictions, give it all you’ve got, be resolute,
and love without stopping.”  (I Corinthians 16:13-14)
“Hold tight to your convictions…”  “Give it all you’ve got…”  “Be resolute and love without stopping.”  These lines perfectly describe and also direct the Council’s work during this COVID-19 pandemic and period of social and racial unrest.  This is a time that challenges all.  This is a time that has increased suffering, isolation and need.  This is a time that requires us all to shelter in God’s grace and in one another’s love.  
During this challenge, the Council has been graced with staff, Board, volunteers, church and community partners and clients who have “held tight”,  “given it all they’ve got”, “been resolute” and who continue to “love without stopping.” 
Our Staff:  This is a remarkable group of people who act from deep and faithful commitment to serving others.  As the pandemic emerged, my colleagues stood up and stood firm in their mission to relieve suffering for others.  They dug deep, rearranged all manner of operations and went “all in” – never missing a day to figure out creative and safe ways to provide shelter, spiritual care, clothing, diapers, meals and groceries to our neighbors.  Despite working with a greatly reduced volunteer base, they managed a 71% increase in tangible assistance since March.  From April through June, they gave out more than double the quantity of diapers and wipes, a 600% increase in financial assistance for rent and utility payments, 30% more groceries and 2000 more meals than that same time period the year prior.  I give thanks for these amazing colleagues.
Our Board:  These leaders act from tremendous experience and faith, volunteering time and expertise to guide and support our mission through this time of transition.  It isn’t easy to rearrange operating systems.  Our Board stood with us every step of the way, despite the need for us all to learn new ways to communicate and be present yet “socially distancing” helpers.  Our President Nancy Lawrence’s investment in the well-being of each Council program, staff member, volunteer and client, is inspiring.  She is tireless, and we need that right now. 
Our Volunteers:  This intrepid group stood by us in two equally important ways.  Many stood with us by making the difficult decision to step aside from in person volunteer duties in order to assure health and safety for all.  An intentionally smaller group stood with us by continuing to serve - masked and gloved and hot and sweaty and distanced and working really hard.  We are so grateful to you all and we look forward to the time when we can welcome all back safely. 
Our Church and Community Partners:  Your generosity in prayer, shared mission and financial donations has enabled us to “double-down” and meet the greatly expanded levels of need, including the Family Table Collaborate initiative.
Our Clients:  We all understand that people who live on the margins suffer the most during any crisis.  So it is with this pandemic.  Despite this, I and my colleagues are constantly amazed by the good will, kindness and gratitude with which our clients and guests approach the Council’s ministries.  We are all in this together, and we are so grateful to work in partnership. 
I thank you all.
May we “give it all we’ve got”.  May we “be resolute”.  May we “love without stopping” in Christ’s name. 


    Edye Nesmith
    Executive Director


Council News

We are pleased to announce:

For tickets and further details, go to Hymns of Hope Cape Cod.

This issue of our E-newsletter focuses on the materials presented at our Annual Assembly in late September. We can safely say that this past fiscal year has been a year like no other for the Council! From adapting our programs to "To Go" formats, to learning to navigate working remotely and connecting through Zoom, these past eight months have been a challenge for us all. Our Assembly provided the perfect opportunity for us to look back on where we've been and to look forward to where we're going. We hope you enjoy reading some of the reflections of our Program Directors, and encourage you to watch the following video, which offers a great overview of the Council's ministries. Our special thanks to Rev. Jonathan Drury, Vice President of the Council's Board of Directors, for creating this video!


A Baby Center, Hyannis
A Baby Center, Nantucket

The beginning of the new year started rather quietly as we began to plan for our first ABC Fundraiser. There was to be dinner, dancing, and comedy but the universe had different plans. Once March hit the days really became a blur. I remember leaving my office on the 23rd of March thinking I would just be out for two weeks. How wrong I was. While many people hunkered down, my team and I went to work, planning and fundraising like crazy! I wrote so many grants in those first two months of being home that I lost count! Edye and I would meet weekly by phone to take the temperature of the wellness of our community and staff/volunteers while we navigated an uncertain future. One thing that was clear was that our clients and many new families still needed us and we had to make it work. We became immediate essential workers!

Our method has changed but our heart remains the same. The one piece we really miss is being able to sit and listen to our clients. Visits are short at the walk-up window and are meant just to pick up necessities but we do a lot of connecting by short emails and Facebook messages.

Zoom became our friend… It was very new but offered us all a great way to stay connected with each other, see each other smile, and strengthen us as a team while we kept serving the community during this Pandemic!

We are proud to announce that Governor Baker has once again supported our quest to raise awareness of diaper-need across the country! We joined hundreds of other diaper banks in the nation to educate the community regarding the need for financial assistance for diapering products. This year Diaper Need Awareness Week was September 20- 26. Please join us by collecting diapers and engaging friends and groups to deliver diapers to ABC! Every diaper counts!

We moved our diaper and wipe storage to Cape Air in the middle of a Pandemic! What a great welcome we have had and we are so thankful to have the support from these fabulous friends!

A Note from Kelly Lerch, Program Manager:
At A Baby Center we have such an amazing team of volunteers! Our diverse group, consisting of close to 50 individuals, is made up of all ages. On any given day, you will find ambitious teens acquiring community service hours, appreciative moms who utilize our services and want to give back, loving grandmothers who are overflowing with care and concern for those hurting in our community, or maturing young adults from local programs like Moving Forward, who are integrating job responsibility into their lives. We also have a “special event” group of volunteers, who also delight in helping our program when extra hands are needed, such as at our annual client Christmas party. Since COVID-19 hit, understandably, many of our volunteers have taken a temporary step back from the time they spend with us. We are slowly rebuilding our team and look forward to the day when we can safely welcome everyone back. We truly are blessed by the support of such a dedicated and compassionate group!
And again from Robin Hayward:
What I’ve learned this year is to remember what is important and to take an inventory regularly of those things. That you are important to someone. And You can make a difference. Speaking of everyone as a whole, as a Council I can say we make a HUGE difference in so many lives, young and old. The work we do is critical, lifesaving, comforting, and vital for so many!

Robin Hayward
Program Director, A Baby Center


Let’s talk toys: ABC has a toy wish list on Amazon! Think hand held this year and books so that each child gets a book and a toy! Click here to begin spreading joy - there are 300 children who are hoping for a gift of their own this Christmas!

We will be giving out Christmas gifts beginning Monday, November 30 through Thursday, December 17. You must call 508-771-8157 for an appointment and speak to an employee so that we can gather some information from you. You must also be a client of ABC.
Diapers size 6
Baby Shampoo
Baby Wash
Baby Lotion
When donating items please call for an appointment to drop off items! All donations are to be handled masked and gloved. THANK YOU!!


Christmas Cards are ready!:

Cards can be mailed to you from A Baby Center or are available at many of your favorite local gift stores.
  • 15 cards and 15 envelopes for $15
  • CERAMIC TILE in this design for $60 (available only by mail)
Email: or call: 508-771-8157 to order. Limited Supply!

Marieluise Hutchinson titled this painting “Comfort and Joy,” and  we can see why! Can’t you just smell the fire in the fireplace and see your breath as you make that snowman? Cards are printed and ready to ship, so plan ahead and order now so you don't miss out (They sell out early every year!). The sole purpose of this card fundraiser is to provide diapers for needy babies! We are forever grateful to Marieluise. Thank you in advance for supporting A Baby Center! 
This year's Card is sponsored by:


Faith Family Kitchen

Our goal, under normal circumstances, is to provide hot, nutritious dinners, 3 nights a week, to those who deal with food security, including the homeless, low income, unemployed, or those who may be “living on the edge,” but this year has been anything but normal...and the need so much greater. Due to COVID-19, the “who we serve” expanded significantly - mostly to families and seniors.

By serving nutritious and delicious meals with passion and compassion, with kindness and love, with empathy and integrity – we impact both those we serve, as well as each other. Along with providing essential nutrition, we also connect our guests with other appropriate agencies for further assistance, all in a caring manner.
COVID has completely changed how Faith Family Kitchen has to operate. We are now all takeout, no one is allowed to enter the building, tighter volunteer hours, a shift in serving later, and we currently have no path back to bringing people back inside. But we dedicate ourselves to being steadfast about serving the highest quality of food, offering choice and nutrition to each who seeks our assistance.

The impact we have reaches far further than just food – we offer love, however and whenever, we can. We offer nutritious and delicious meals that leave people truly satisfied. We offer warm eyes, kind ears and open hearts to those in great need. Anyone that works with me knows I love people, and hugs, but in these unusual times, we do what we can do. So my food has become my, and my whole team’s hug to each person who comes to us. I say that love is always my secret ingredient, and there has never been a time when that is more necessary.
It is my honor and pleasure to play a small role in this most humbling endeavor. It truly feeds my soul.
Forever grateful for the opportunity to serve,

Jeni Wheeler
Executive Chef and Program Director, Faith Family Kitchen


Hands of Hope Food Pantry and Outreach Center

The first part of Fiscal Year 19/20 was very busy with all programs proceeding as usual at Hands of Hope. The Food Pantry was gearing up for the winter months and our busiest time for food requests; the shop was winding down with summer visitors; we had a successful golf tournament fund raiser; and a wonderful Christmas program full of happy parents and kids.
And then there was COVID, and everything changed. We had to regroup and reassess. Luckily, using all safety precautions and limiting contact, we have been able to continue with all our programs, including limited fundraising through the Thrift Shop. Social distancing in such a small space has been the biggest factor in deciding the safest option for volunteers and shoppers.

The Food Pantry is currently open 16 hours per week for walk-up service and delivery. Currently no one is allowed in the building; we are speaking to clients  through the screen door and food is distributed outside twice per month per household. We help working families, children, handicapped, seniors, single parents, veterans, and the homeless. The amount of food needed to achieve this assistance can be overwhelming and we appreciate the many donations we have received. Even though our member Churches have been unable to hold in-person services, church members have still collected food and gift cards. Local civic groups and faithful individual community donors stepped up as well. The Greater Boston Food Bank did a fantastic job of continuing with food deliveries.
We have gained many new volunteers to distribute and deliver food, the latter being a new service of Hands of Hope during the pandemic. We understand that many folks who are out of work are unable to keep their vehicles running, and those who do not have personal transportation are reluctant to take public. Delivery has been much appreciated.
Requests for Financial Assistance have doubled since March. We have received many donations to help with these requests. Hands of Hope will continue to assist families facing eviction, termination of utilities including water, and heat assistance as funds allow during this financially trying time.

Blessings to all from everyone volunteering and receiving food at Hands of Hope.

Catherine Driscoll
Program Director, Hands of Hope Food Pantry and Outreach Center


Due to measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Hands of Hope will be implementing some changes to our usual Thanksgiving and Christmas programs this year. Stay tuned for more details! But in the meantime, if you'd like to contribute, we are looking for donations of gift cards in the amount of $25. These can be dropped off or mailed to the Pantry: 49 Route 28 / PO Box 387, West Harwich MA 02671. If you'd like to add a small card containing a special greeting, our patrons would be so touched and grateful. Thank you for your support!

Also...we are Looking for Volunteer Help in the Food Pantry.
Pack and distribute food bags. General clean up and stocking. Speaking with pantry patrons through screen door and placing food outside. No direct contact with the public. Working with only one other volunteer for adequate social distancing. Masks and gloves worn throughout the shift. Some physical stamina needed. Pantry shifts are Monday and Friday 10-12:30 and 12:30 to 3, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 1-3. Any specific day anyone is available is fine. We are flexible. Also anyone interested in volunteering but available only occasionally, we are happy to use as subs. Please call us at 508-432-1312 if you can help!

Youth StreetReach, Homeless Ministries

Youth StreetReach Mission Statement
“To integrate education, worship, and outreach in order to
make youth more aware of injustice and to respect the dignity of all people,
especially the lonely, lost, and disenfranchised.”

Our year started off extremely well with our first five breakfasts for the homeless going exactly as planned from September to February.  We again had an average of 75 guests with at least 25 youth (sometimes as many as 50) working to provide hospitality.  Adult Volunteers accompanied the youth with an average of 15-20 for each breakfast.  Clothing was collected all year and each breakfast saw our guests leaving with bags of warm clothing.
Our March breakfast was scheduled to have a large group of youth from all over Massachusetts from the United Church of Christ combining Youth StreetReach with a retreat at Craigville Conference Center. We also were looking forward to welcoming back Sanctuary Church from Marshfield for the second time.  But the COVID 19 pandemic forced us to cancel that event and eventually the scheduled April Breakfast as well.  We anticipated being able to hold our Annual Cookout at Sea Street Beach but we were forced to cancel that as well as our August Thanksgiving Celebration for volunteers.
At this time, we have hopes to resume programming next year, but that is still to be determined.  We have been able to continue our support for our homeless friends through supporting the Duffy Health Center Shower Program.  We were able to help with purchasing new underwear, sweatshirts, t-shirts and sweat pants.  Putting out Duffy’s specific needs to our volunteer list has resulted in individuals dropping off sunscreen, socks, bug spray, and other needs.
We also were able to subsidize financially the cookout that Duffy held for volunteers and staff.
We also realized that our volunteer email list of over 100 people wanted to stay connected.  Rev. Pam Wannie suggested that we stay in prayer together.  So with help from women who had worked on our Creative Expressions Group at Duffy, we have established a daily prayer connection.  This particular endeavor has taken on a life of its own and almost turned into a blog.  Other folks have asked to be included and it is one way to stay connected while being socially distant.  Each day is different and reflects different styles of prayer. Thanks to Carol for today’s prayer:
Lord, a new day is here. I’ve never lived this day before. It’s full of unknown. It’s full of possibility. It’s full of moments no one but You can see. Thank You for seeing ahead of me on my path and being there to catch me when I fall. I can only live one moment at a time. Help me to live in each moment, knowing You are there. Your Holy Spirit dwells in me each moment, giving me comfort, and guiding and directing me. Thank You for Your grace and presence. Give me guidance and grace to walk in Your light today. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Have a Blessed day.

Marilyn Lariviere
Youth StreetReach Director


Hospital Chaplaincy, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

During the latter part of March, all Volunteers and Non-Essential Personnel were asked to refrain from our regular service at Spaulding and remain home as COVID-19 began to spread.  Since that time, I’ve awaited word when I might resume my presence on site.  Prior to the virus I was present two days per week, four hours per day.

Through the months of April and May, I remained inactive. We re-assessed the situation in June. While we understood that it was premature for me to return to Spaulding, we thought of creative ways I might still be of service to patients and staff.  The following was suggested:

On Mondays and Thursdays, I would be available for virtual visits from 3-5PM.  The hospital census was reviewed and it was determined which patients desire, or would benefit from, a pastoral visit.  I remain “on call” on those days to respond as needs arise.  In addition we thought it helpful to promote the availability of pastoral care, using the daily one page newsletter the Director of Therapeutic Activities produces.  It was also agreed that I would write a weekly article, “From the Chaplain’s Desk.” I'm including here one of these articles:

The Big Picture
In 1996, world renowned astronomer and astrophysicist, Carl Sagan, died at the age of 62.  I remember his TV specials about the cosmos.  Most of all, I recall him saying more than once, “space is endless.”  These three words still intrigue me.  In addition, he’s credited with expressing an insight into the value of human life when he wrote, “For small creatures such as we, the vastness is only bearable through love.“

This great scientist affirmed what the people of Judaism, Christianity and Islam state as one of their tenets of faith.  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”  Such a foundation of faith prioritizes the order of love as threefold: God, neighbor and self.
Sometimes I try to visualize how different our world would be if love was the driving force in all our relationships.
Maybe nations would unite together to address the continuing crises of hunger, homelessness, the environment and disease. 
Maybe governments would strive to “meet in the middle,” rather than insist on extreme positions.
Maybe we’d all be less anxious If we were able to separate persons from positions.  God, for one, is able to love the sinner despite the sin.
Somehow I find it amazing that an astronomer like Carl Sagan recognized that the essence of life for us resides in the relationships we have with each other.  I find it also amazing that so many astrophysicists are united in perceiving that we are created by a Being and power far greater than ourselves.  We’re also probably the only life form capable of understanding compassion for each other and relationships motivated by love.
Thanks be to God for our ability to care, support and respond to those around us.  We do so for spouse, family and friends, and others around us.  Today, as much as ever, let love remain the driving force of our lives.  It’s really what the world needs now.

As of this writing I remain “off site” and continue to function as Spaulding’s Chaplain contributing in the ways stated above.  God grant that in due time we all may return to offering the level of care we’ve known through the years in service to God’s people in need.

Rev. Ed Larson
Interfaith Chaplain, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Covenant to Care for Foster Families

With gratitude for her many years of service, we are sending best wishes to Miriam Erickson as she begins a new phase in her life: retirement! We thank her for all her work to support local foster families, and will miss her warm and caring manner. Fare well, Miriam! The following is excerpted from her report to the Annual Assembly:

Why do foster families need support and help? No child wants to be taken away from their family. However, in cases of abuse or neglect it may be necessary.  Many wonderful families open their homes to children in need. The children usually go through a grief process, often displaying behaviors of acting out with anger, or withdrawing into sadness and depression.  This provides a tough challenge. Not everyone is able to be a foster parent, but we as faith communities have an opportunity to help. Covenant to Care works with local faith communities to nurture an individual family with telephone calls, and practical support such as home cooked meals, a night out for pizza, and Christmas and birthday gifts.

The past couple of years I served on a Working group representing the Cape Cod Council of Churches through the Barnstable County Department of Human Services. A foster parent identified a gap in behavioral health services for children ages 0-18. Many of those children are in foster care.  There are not enough providers to care for these children who have experienced trauma. The wait time can be several months, and their insurance may not provide coverage.  Our group was able to connect with Karen Spilka, the President of the Senate of our Commonwealth. She appointed Senator Julian Cyr from the Cape and Islands and others to address this need. A bill was passed that insurance companies must provide coverage for behavioral health. Our group is still meeting to find ways to encourage newer therapists to enter the field and to provide incentives for them to provide services on the Cape and Islands.
It has been my honor and privilege to provide assistance to this very vulnerable population. Please encourage others to help out.
With a grateful heart to God and to those who love and serve,

Miriam Erickson
Program Director, Covenant to Care


During this COVID-19 crisis, you may be depending on Amazon for some essentials. Consider adding the Council as your preferred charity on AmazonSmile. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. Click on the button below to get started, and thank you!


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Cape Cod Council of Churches is a charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

Community News

from Here Now Ministries:

I wanted to let you know that the outdoor worship services that work to bridge the housed and unsheltered persons in Hyannis started up again on Sunday, September 27 at 2:00 on the lawn of the Baptist Church.  As you may know, Here Now Ministries has also turned into a food ministry, offering breakfast daily on Monday through Friday mornings from the Federated Church, Hyannis.  We serve between 20-30 people daily and have a chance to connect with them around housing, case management and spiritual needs.  This has been such a blessing and we are so grateful to the Federated Church for offering their space and their ongoing support.

We are delighted to be able to continue the Breakfast Ministry while re-engaging in outdoor ministry.  Click here for a flyer for upcoming worship services.

Deep Peace and Abundant Blessings
Rev. Pam Wannie

the Housing Assistance Corporation on Cape Cod wants you to know...

Are you or someone you know having trouble paying your rent or mortgage because of COVID? Don't delay! The state eviction moratorium ended October 17, but you may be eligible for funds to get your housing payments caught up. Click here for more details.

The Cape Cod Council of Churches is delighted to be one of 24 selected charitable organizations to receive proceeds from a creative online fund-raising event, the upcoming Alternative Gift Market of Cape Cod in November. You may well ask:  what is an alternative gift market?  Simply put, it’s an opportunity for kind-hearted “shoppers” to donate to designated worthy causes on behalf of their friends and family members. For example, instead of giving your neighbors a box of chocolates, you could make a donation on their behalf to help a nearby food pantry provide freshly grown produce or to provide a basic cookstove to a family in Honduras.  And, because the Council’s own Covenant to Care for Foster Families initiative is one of the menú choices this year, you can direct your donations to support our “Fostering a Dream Fund”!

Fifteen faith communities on Cape Cod sponsor and support this year's Alternative Gift Market. In prior years the Market has been organized as a spirited two-day in-person event.  This year it will be a virtual event, featuring nonprofit organizations that are addressing the needs of those impacted by COVID-19 or are meeting other critical needs in our community or beyond.  Because the sponsoring congregations cover the expenses of the event, all donations will go entirely to the local, national, and international charities!  

The 2020 Alternative Gift Market will take place online during November 7-15. The event website is: Starting on November 7, please go online to check out the market, support our Covenant to Care program with a donation, and learn about the 23 other incredible charities.  Together we can all make such a difference in our local and global communities. 

Thanks for caring!

Thursday, November 12, 5:00 PM:
The coronavirus will push the number of severely hungry and malnourished people on planet Earth to 270 million people this winter. The World Food Program USA works in affiliation with the U.N., U.S. policymakers, corporations, foundations, and individuals to help provide financial and in-kind resources and develop policies needed to alleviate global hunger. Join us in this virtual talk to learn more about the U. N.’s work on the front lines fighting hunger and famine since 1962, reaching up to 138 million of the world’s most vulnerable people every year. Find out about the challenge hunger poses today as well as about a variety of their COVID-19 response programs including emergency relief, school meals, and small holder farming and how all of this has been affected by the coronavirus.
WFP USA believes that hunger is the world’s most solvable problem. Join the Cape and Island libraries for this important conversation with Amanda DelGiudice of WFP USA.
Email to sign up and get the Zoom invite.
Free. The Public Libraries of CLAMS. 508-645-3360 for more information.

Good news about Bay to Sound Neighbors

We are still here for you. The first week in Oct volunteers delivered “Treat Bags” to all our members as a way of saying thanks for sticking with us. 

B2SN is restarting medically necessary rides only for B2SN members. We have a small pool of volunteers willing to offer transportation Members will be expected to wear masks and adhere to B2SN COVID protocol. 

Stay well everyone. 

News from the Cape Cod Family Resource Center
Here is our November calendar! We have added new interactive programming including Imagination Time, Family Talk, Dads’ Talk, Afterschool Line, Resource Table Talk, Holiday Resource Table talk, Sweet Creations, Dad’s Squad, Family Fun DIY Kit, and Anger Management Support Group.

If interested in registering please contact us at 508-815-5100. Take care and be well!

October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month...but let us continue our awareness into November and beyond

October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month and offered a great opportunity to learn more about domestic violence. For example, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men experience domestic violence in their lifetimes.  In Massachusetts, since September, 2019, there have been twenty-two deaths as a result of domestic violence. See,

We’d like to think it doesn’t happen in our congregation, but the truth is that domestic violence happens in every congregation. We all have a critical role to play in supporting survivors of abuse, so we all need to learn more about how to help.  Some options for faith communities are relatively simple:

A vigil is a way for congregations to honor and remember victims and their children who lost their lives due to domestic violence as well as to remember all those whose lives are touched by domestic violence. Typically, congregations host a vigil for their community, involving schools, local government, businesses, law enforcement, the health care community and other local institutions. 

An in-person vigil like those in the past is unlikely to be held on Cape Cod this year due to concerns about the pandemic.  Nevertheless, a virtual candlelight vigil by individual congregations could be held on the platform currently used by the congregation, but shared on a social media posting for others to see.  This link shows an inspiring vigil held in Australia earlier this year that was live streamed on FaceBook:  

Other faith communities have taken a less technical approach by: 1) hanging purple ribbons on outside bushes with a sign about Domestic Violence Awareness, information about abuse, and hotline numbers, 2) shining purple lights on the (white) church front with a sign (as above), or 3) putting up posters around the building. This website, displayed as the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence's #PowerUp Toolkit  provides a lot of helpful information: 
For resources about faith and domestic violence, visit

Most importantly, please be aware that if you, or anyone you know,  are in need of support, resources, and a safe place for yourself and your children, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and elder abuse services are open.  Please contact: the Massachusetts hotline (SafeLink: 877-785-2020/877-521-2601 TTY), or locally, Independence House’s 24 hour hotline (800-439-6507);

Hon. J. Thomas Kirkman (Ret.), Member, Governor’s Council to Address Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence;  Advisory Board Member, Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse

About the Council
The Cape Cod Council of Churches serves people of all ages from Cape Cod and the Islands who are facing some of life's most difficult challenges.  We have been privileged to serve our neighbors for 60 years, meeting people at their points of critical need and helping them move forward to greater stability.  We are able to impact the lives of over 7,500 residents each year through the Council's six different programs and the work of over 400 volunteers.  With the help of churches and our community our mission comes to life, "Serving God by Serving Others," as we offer practical assistance, spiritual support and hope - all without regard for religious affiliation.
A BABY CENTER, Nantucket

Provides critical basic baby needs to income eligible families (WIC) for infants up to age four on Cape Cod and the Islands. The Hyannis Center serves over 500 babies each month.  Families receive diapers, wipes, formula, gently-used clothing and other baby necessities.

Matches a Cape & Islands congregation with Foster Care Families, supporting those families and the foster children in their care.  This program works in partnership with the MA Dept. of Children & Families.

Provides hot, nutritious meals to our food insecure neighbors three evenings a week in Hyannis.  Volunteer congregations and community groups help to prepare and serve free meals each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Offers emergency assistance to low-income families in the mid-Cape area (Mashpee to Harwich).  Assistance includes: food, clothing, small household goods and financial relief to prevent evictions.

Homeless Ministries Services
Offers short term emergency shelter for families and individuals facing homelessness.
Youth StreetReach
Enables teens to interact with our homeless neighbors by serving a meal and hearing firsthand how a life's path can lead to unexpected circumstances.

Sponsors a Chaplain at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital who offers prayers, hope and comfort to patients and families in their time of illness and recovery.
Leave Your Legacy on the Cape! Did you know that you can support The Cape Cod Council of Churches through a gift bequest in your will or living trust? A simple charitable bequest can provide very meaningful support to our mission as well as reduce the amount of estate and inheritance taxes paid. Bequests may be specific dollar amount or a percentage. It’s an easy and wonderful way to support the work of the Council.

You can also designate a portion or your entire required minimum distribution from your IRA to a charity and avoid paying taxes. Donors over age 72 are permitted to transfer to charity up to $100,000 per year directly from an IRA without counting it as income on their Federal Income Tax. If you would like bequest language or more information on making a gift from your IRA, please contact Laurie Goddard at Laurie is a professional financial advisor and serves on the Council's Development and Finance Committee.

Our mailing address is:
320 Main St
Hyannis MA 02601

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Donate to help your neighbors

Cape Cod Council of Churches is a charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

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