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Hello Play Therapists!

Excitement is in the air for many kids and parents as the school year is just around the corner!  Excitement is usually a roller coaster of mixed emotions including curiosity, fear, happiness, anxiety, stress, hope, along with a host of other emotions.  There are the dreaded doctor’s visits for immunizations, the joy of picking out your new pencils and school supplies, the surprise of finding out who your new teacher will be or what friends you may have in classes.  For many parents, there is usually a mix of relief to be back on a schedule as well as some sadness to giving away the more leisure days of summertime.

Back to school time can be a stressful as well, as some kids don’t have a favorable perspective of school, where they may have had a difficult time with a past teacher or experienced bullying or loneliness.  For parents, this is also a time of stress financially, as there are so many needs for school as well as wanting to give some of the “wants” and feeling the pressure to do so.  

Stress can breed insecurity and anxiety, and it is not uncommon with the changes in the forecast to see some of the kids and families we work with begin to revert to “old” behaviors of acting out or showing some regressive behaviors.  Change is always hard- even if it is a good change!

One useful tip for parents and caregivers to help manage the stress and anxiety of back to school time is to use bedtime as a time to check in with their littles (and not so littles).  I was recently taught an awesome check in ritual at the International Play Therapy Study Group in England that I have loved as it strengthens the parent-child attachment, relieves anxiety, and offers touch, comfort, and soothing.  As the child lays in bed, the parent traces their hand and goes over each finger.  As they trace each finger, the parent tells the child one thing they love about them or something they are proud of.  This could also be an awesome intervention in the playroom!!!

I hope I will see you at some of my upcoming events this fall.  It has been a pleasure to cross paths with you and I look forward to the next time we do!

Keep Playing!

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I love presenting to groups of all types; professionals, families, teens and more. These events include topics about using attachment centered play therapy to heal trauma, and to treat OCD, anxiety, and disruptive behavior disorders. Click here for more information about each event, or to register!

9/1-3, Croatia
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Unlocking the Unspeakable: Accessing and Healing Trauma Through Attachment Centered Play Therapy

Join us on September 1-3 for a 3-day conference: 

Through the lens of attachment theory, participants will gain a new understanding of how children and families interact and bond to one another in healthy vs maladaptive ways. We will be exploring how trauma, abuse, and neglect impact the bonds of attachment within the family system and how the power of Attachment Centered Play Therapy can help to heal these wounds.

Participants will spend three days learning new and innovative play therapy techniques including hands on experiential activities, sand tray interventions, and expressive arts.  You will leave with a creative toolbox of tips, techniques, and a clear understanding of how attachment styles impact relationships.

Learning Objectives:

1- Participants will learn how attachment theory applies to play therapy and to view family systems through the lens of attachment.

2- Participants will be able to conceptualize attachment patterns that impact modern parent-child relationships.

3- Participant will learn skills in becoming more competent and confident in engaging parents in family play therapy.

4- Participants will learn effective evidence-based play therapy techniques that can be used immediately with their client populations.

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Bowling Emotions

Clair Mellenthin, LCSW, RPT-S shares a play therapy intervention, Bowling Emotions.

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