April 25
online Day of
Rest and Meditation

A restful and restorative day for connecting with community and taking refuge in the core practices of Plum Village. A typical day can include: Morning sit, walking meditation, sitting A dharma talk, deep relaxation meditation, sharing


Join the Sugarplum Sangha from the comfort of your own home for a day long practice of sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, total relaxation, dharma teachings, and deep listening and loving speech. Guided by the practices of the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism facilitated by experienced community members, we'll dwell deeply in the present moment cultivating peace and freedom and touching the wonders of life in the here and now.

Formal practice will be begin at 9am. Please plan on arriving by 8:55 am to get settled before the first session of sitting. If you're new to Sugarplum Sangha, please login at 8:30am for introductions, and please vist our page on practicing with resilience.

Sugarplum members are sangha builders, actively participating in an intentional and reciprocal relationship with the community. Sugarplum Sangha is sustained by the love, creativity, and generosity of its members - manifested in meaningful investments of time, energy, and resources. We are a community of people practicing to live in the present, transform our own suffering, and help awaken others.

Join us for a few public practictes and then consider becoming a member!

Just as members nourish the sangha by practicing the four core committments, the sangha nourishes its members by offering many opportunities for mindfulness practice, learning the teachings of Buddhism, and playful and enriching community refuge. To nourish our members' and support their aspirations of sangha buidling, Sugarplum offers many online and in person opportunities to practice.

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Live online meditations every weekday morning and evening

Weekly facilitator practice

Monthly Be-In

Live and Self Guided Courses in meditation and Dharma

Guided Meditations

Discounts and advanced registration for in person retreats

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