Be A Flower

in the Sangha Garden

Our recent 90 day retreat brought so much dharma rain, solidity and depth in our practice together. Now we have a bountiful and fragrant garden to enjoy this spring. Come take a stroll with us!

What’s Ripening

Thanks to the abundant Sangha energy cultivated over our 90-day rains retreat this past winter, we have the aspiration and support to offer Plum Village mindfulness practices online all week long. We invite you enjoy the fresh spring breezes and beautiful blossoms by joining us for public events and help our Sangha grow and be a refuge for all.

The following practices are offered to anyone, anywhere. Whether you’re curious and just learning about meditation, or want to support your practice by growing roots in a daily community, or want to deepen your practice by making a weekly commitment, you are welcome to drop in to the following sessions.

Online Practice Center

Intro to Sugarplum

Wednesdays, from 8pm - 9pm PST

A 20 minute intro meditation is offered followed by a reading from the Plum Village tradition and a sharing circle with deep listening and loving speech. Great for friends just learning about meditation and practicing in community.

A Day of Mindfulness

Sunday, March 28 from 9am - 4pm PST

A restful and restorative day for connecting with community and taking refuge in the core practices of Plum Village. A typical day can include: Morning sit, walking meditation, sitting, a dharma talk, deep relaxation meditation, sharing


Five Mindfulness Trainings Recitation

A formal ceremony that nourishes our aspiration to live each moment of daily life with dignity, integrity, and compassion. We have discussion on the trainings after the recitation.


Interpreted Talks

Saturdays, 7am - 8:30am PST

A live interpretation of Thay's dharma talks from Vietnamese into English. The talks are from past winter retreats, tours, core teachings, and history of Buddhism courses. Saturday mornings can be a time feel fresh and be immersed in Thay’s energy and wisdom. Currently we are studying the Heart of the Buddha’s teaching series.

Listening to a dharma talk is a pleasant practice. These talks water the seeds of understanding and love in our heart and grow our ability to accept, forgive and let go, so we can feel our body and mind lighter and at ease and we can know how to act in a way that can transform the state of our body and mind as well as the situation.

Morning Meditations

Mondays & Fridays, 7am - 8am PST

Chanting, silent or guided meditation and readings. On Monday, we set the intention for our practice and check in at the end of the week with the witness and support of the community.

Sangha Garden

The following practices are offered to members in gratitude to their ongoing support, to nourish our connection and friendship, and cultivate each other as solid sangha builders

Support your practice and build community with:

Morning Meditations
Tuesday - Thursday
7am - 8am PST

Evening Meditations
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8pm - 9pm PST

Facilitator Deepening Practice
7pm - 8pm PST

Playful Practice
4th Friday
7pm - 8pm PST

Plus Recorded Deep Relaxations, Recorded Guided Meditations,
Self Guided Course on the Satipatthana sutra and more to come!

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