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Dear Friends,

Who would have known that we could be so connected even while social distancing? The Sugarplum Residents have really banded together to nurture our practice and living space, following a daily sitting routine, and expanding online offerings for our community to practice together. We are also energized by seeing how so many sanghas are reaching out to each other and creating connections that we never knew were there until causes and conditions became ripe for them to manifest. 

This is a time for embodying Thay's teachings on coming home and tending to our garden, weeding and recognizing and establishing strong roots of mindfulness and stability. We now have the chance to bring the practice solidly into our lives and transform our everyday living spaces into meditation halls - places for deep healing, rest, and contemplation.

We are very happy  to share this practice with you. Read below about the ways we can start practicing together right away.

What's Ripening

Homeward Bound
an online Retreat with Sugarplum Sangha

May 22 - 25
online and at home
suggested donation: $25 -$100

Co-creating a retreat at home over Memorial Weekend and connecting with friends on the path in new and creative ways. In this online retreat, we'll enjoy​​:

  • Core Plum Village practices including: sitting, walking, working and eating meditation.

  • Live dharma talks on bringing meditation to life at home and cultivating resilience to adversity

  • Dharma Sharing to learn from and support each other

  • Chanting and songs to enjoy voices in unison and touch deep aspiration

  • Interplay and art to share our insight creatively and spontaneously

  • Beginning Anew Bingo - a fun game to nourish relationships
  • Five Mindfulness Trainings Adventure to explore and embody the Bodhisattva path

The retreat will be a combination of practicing together online and going forth right away into our homes to apply what we learn to living with kindness and freedom during this time of social distancing. The practices are facilitated by Plum Village Dharma Teachers, Order of Interbeing members, and experienced Sugarplum Sangha practitioners.

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Online Practice Center

Now you can join Sugarplum Sangha practices throughout the week by Zooming in from home.
Morning Meditation
7am - 8am

Morning Chant
45 minute silent meditation
Sutra Service
Evening Meditation
7pm - 8:30pm

Evening Chant
45 minute guided meditation
Dharma Sharing
Afternoon Meditation
4pm - 6pm

30 minute sitting meditation
30 walking  meditation
Dharma Sharing
Five Mindfulness Trainings
May 30
7pm - 8:30pm

12 minute silent meditation
Touching the Earth
Five Mindfulness Trainings
Dharma Sharing
A Day of Mindfulness
May 31
9am - 4pm

Sugarplum Sangha invites the local and extended community for a day to dwell deeply in the present moment. Days of Mindfulness are opportunities to linger with the peace and freedom of nothing to do and nowhere to go.

About The Event

Join the Sugarplum Sangha from the comfort of your own home for a day long practice of sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, total relaxation, dharma teachings, and deep listening and loving speech. Guided by the practices of the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism facilitated by experienced community members, we'll dwell deeply in the present moment cultivating peace and freedom and touching the wonders of life in the here and now.

Below is the schedule(ish) for the day. For a full day of rest and meditation, we recommend you follow the whole schedule, logging in to join communally for any of the online components and practice the at home components individually or with anyone you are sheltering with. A zoom link will be sent to those who RSVP to join online. 

9:00 am Guided Sitting Meditation (online)

9:50 am Walking Meditation (at home)

11:00 am Sitting Meditation (online)

12:00 pm Mindful Lunch (at home)

1:30 pm Total Relaxation (online)

2:15 pm Personal Time (at home)

2:45 pm Dharma Talk (online)

3:30 pm Deep Listening and Loving Speech (online)

*please plan on arriving by 8:55 am to get settled before the first session of sitting
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