Shining brightly for the new year

It’s time for Sugarplum Sangha’s fifth annual New Year retreat!

December 30, 2020 - January 3, 2021

online with Sugarplum Sangha

suggested donation: $50 - $200

Looking back on the past year, gratitude overflows for the people, communities, and teachings that have been there through the challenges and hardships faced by the whole world. Thanks to the right mix of tradition and Beginner’s Mind, supported by the presence of teachers and friends on the path, this year has offered us an opportunity for spiritual growth unlike any other in recent memory.

Plum Village has preserved the ancient tradition of lamp transmission, a ceremonial expression of the light of wisdom being passed from one generation to the next. As we look ahead to next year and beyond, we know that we can be faced with even greater challenges that call us to stand together with dedication and grace. In those moments, it will be the light we shine today that future generations look to for hope and guidance.

In this retreat, we’ll enjoy:

  • Formal Transmission of the Five Mindfulness Trainings

  • Writing Insight Gathas

  • Teachings on the lineage of Plum Village lamp transmissions

  • Sitting Meditation

  • Dharma Sharing

  • Chanting

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What’s Ripening

New Interpreted Dharma Talk

Ugra(datta)pariccha sutra part 1

In the first half of the talk, Thay explained about the 3 waves of early Mahayana literature after the Buddha passed away, and the works of reknown Buddhist scholar-monks like Nagarjuna, Asanga and Vasubandhu in the 2nd and 5th centuries. Thay contrasted the idealized scenarios in the Vimalarkirtinidesa sutra and the Ugrapariccha sutra, both featured two well-learned virtuous laypersons and how they can practice as a Bodhisatva in their lay life, not needing to become monastics. The second half of the talk goes into the content of the sutra.

New Lessons Available for Sutra Study

For our 90 Day Rain Retreat, Sugarplum Sangha has been studying the satipatthana and anapanasati suttas using Thich Nhat Hanh’s commentary as our guide.

Now available on our online course, five weeks of:

  • Lectures on the Discourse on the Full Awareness of Breathing and the Discourse on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness

  • Guided meditations exploring techniques taught by the Buddha

  • Practice guides for bringing insights from the discourses into daily life

  • Suggested readings from Thich Nhat Hanh and other meditation teachers

The first five weeks cover the First Establishment of Mindfulness. So, you can start practicing today and be on your way to mastering mindfulness of the body! Next week, we move on to the Second Establishment, beginning with joy and happiness.

You can follow the online lessons by clicking the button below, and join our live sessions via Zoom on Wednesdays at 7PM by visiting

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