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Last week, German authorities arrested over 20 people accused of plotting a coup to overthrow the German government. They were part of a movement similar to 'sovereign citizens' called the Reichsbürger. In light of these arrests, ISD's Senior Manager of Policy & Research Jakob Guhl and Research Manager Dominik Hammer wrote an Explainer of the movement, their beliefs and how they overlap with QAnon and other conspiracy theories and extremist ideologies.

Jakob, along with Senior Fellow Julia Ebner, has provided expert commentary in the aftermath of these arrests, which saw concerning numbers of individuals with military backgrounds involved in a plot to overthrow the German government. His commentary appears in Vice News, The Independent, and Newsweek, to name a few, while Julia appeared on The News Agents podcast.
Tim Pool and YouTube profit from antisemitic Super Chats posted during Pool’s Ye Interview
Controversial YouTuber Tim Pool hosted Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, on his livestream. Ye repeatedly made antisemitic remarks throughout the broadcast. Analysis by ISD found that the YouTube video received $7,258.66 via 583 paid Super Chat comments, many of which were antisemitic.As ISD has previously reported, YouTube profits from these hateful comments, splitting the revenues with creators.
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Prevention Practitioners Network launches training materials to prevent targeted violence and terrorism among communities
ISD, the McCain institute and a committee of experts have come together under the Prevention Practitioners Network to create guides for practitioners, all of which are available on ISD's website now.  Topics covered include how to staff multi-disciplinary interventions, legal considerations, behavioral assessment and management, and a comprehensive framework for targeted violence and terrorism. 
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How does online extremism on Twitter compare since Elon Musk’s takeover? ISD found a 69% increase in Islamic State accounts in just the first 12 days. Read about it in the Washington Post
In November, a far-right French group infiltrated a feminist demonstration in Paris. Known as Collectif Nemisis, the group promotes nationalist rhetoric under the cloak of feminism. ISD's Zoé Fourel spoke to Franceinfo.
How have far-right groups responded to census data showing the UK is no longer a majority Christian country? Our Head of Communications and Editorial, Tim Squirrell, and Head of Policy & Research, Milo Comerford, spoke to Euronews about the rise in 'Great Replacement' narratives.

Tim Squirrell also spoke to i News about incels, the signs an individual might exhibit when being drawn into this subculture, and how concerned family and loved ones can help bring them out again.

Celebrity deaths have always been the target of conspiracies, but since the pandemic, this has gone into overdrive, including the deaths of the Queen, Bob Saget and Coolio this last year.
ISD Analyst Aoife Gallagher explained why to Insider
The plot to overthrow the German government had ties to the QAnon conspiracy movement. How has a US-based conspiracy made it across continents? Jakob Guhl speaks to VICE News.
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